Let’s All Admire New Minnesota Vikings Uniforms

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new Minnesota Vikings uniform

The Minnesota Vikings will look extra fearful in their purple duds this year because, well, they have some new extra-fearful purple uniforms.

Although they’re not supposed to be unveiled until draft night, Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas has confirmed that these will be the Vikings’ new duds.

new Minnesota Vikings uniform

Are you frightened? Are you scared?

Oh my, the Minnesota Vikings! If one of these guys were positioned behind the back end of a sheep, this photo might look right.

From what we can see, the helmets are more of a matte purple. Matte… appropriate for the Vikings, don’t you think?

And there have been some adjustments to the jerseys — the collar, the arms and the side panels.

This surely signals a new era for the Vikings. One where they’ll average six wins a year and their fans will raise the bar even further on douchebaggery.

Consider us impressed.

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36 Comments on "Let’s All Admire New Minnesota Vikings Uniforms"

  1. PackAttack

    yuck, yuck, yuck….some teams establish greatness by never changing their ways (i.e. Packers, 49ers, Cowboys) others like the Vikings feel the need to change something every year because they have no tradition to fall back on.

    Losers, absolute losers.

  2. justin

    Really. This is the best insults you cry baby bunch of sons of pig soughs can come up with. See your words might be considered insulting if you had anything orginal to say. Why dont you guys stick to the cow tipping or better yet do as your parents always intended. Being good little catholics spreading the joy and words or god, all over his back side you filthy little inbred bitches

    • Savage57

      Hey, bitch. We save brainshare for something that’s worth it, so that automatically eliminates anything to do with the VIkings. All the comments made on this site by Packer fans that has anything to do with the fucktard team from Minneshithole requires .00452 percent of our brainpower. The rest of it we use thinking about how fucked up the Bears are.

      Now go the fuck away you irrelevant piece of shit.

  3. Don Q

    Justin, you sound a little butt-hurt. How do your little feelings hold up during those four long months of football? Clearly it does’nt take much to offend Viking fans. You do realize that your insults are a reflection of yourself.

  4. Carl with a "C"

    Justin’s just pissed about the anal rapes his daddy gabe him after vikes losses growing up (weekly)

  5. justin

    Don it is you who are butt hurt so little to cheer for that all you can do is put up unorginal half assed articles. You are pathetic

  6. Don Q

    So far nothing you have posted is original Justin. It must eat you up inside being so unoriginal. Your new name is Unoriginal Justin.

  7. Iltarion

    Don, you unoriginal basturd and your half-assed articles- HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    I am watching the Brewer game, and I can now confirm that the blonde is the hottest Fox Sports Wisconsin girl.

  8. Tucson Packer

    Haha, Welcome to a Packer’s website, Unoriginal Justin! Too bad Vikings “websites” don’t have enough “news” and crossword puzzles/color by number pages to keep you occupied. Thats probably why Skol county is so happy to get new uniforms; your fan base’s attention spans are comparative with that of goldfish (cant blame ya though, who would want to pay attention?) You say we have so little to cheer for? Yea, guess lately we expect more as Packer fans than just making the playoffs. I mean, we already have a stadium named the “cathedral” of the League, not to mention that one name of that Super Bowl Trophy. We also have that one nick-name for Green Bay, Title-Town I believe. Speaking of, how many titles/trophies do your Skol boys have? It literally, like you, has become a joke.

  9. Viking fan

    It’s funny that I as a Vikings fan, I never have anything bad to say about the (meat)packers yet you queers always have something to say about my Vikings, it’s a stupid how the border battle works, I love my Vikings, I wish packers fans could shut the fuck up and realize we can in fact live in harmony, at its core it is just a game, by the way the Vikings will win the Super Bowl this year. Your so fucking welcome it makes me sick, by the way cut your hair Matthews you look like a hippie who can’t tackle just ask kapernick

    • therealChuckywasCecil

      “by the way the Vikings will win the Super Bowl this year”

      That’s beautiful, keep telling yourself that.

  10. I live in wisconsin, right on the border of minnesota there viking fan. And let me tell u, vikings fans constantly talk shit about the pack. More then even rooting for their own team. Biggest pricks for a fan base i have ever encountered.

  11. RelampagoBlanco

    Wait a minute.. Did we just have our very first “Vikings will win the Super Bowl this year” claim of the year? I usually just skim though the Vikings fans thoughtless comments, but that stuck out.

  12. Don Q

    Don’t try reasoning with Daft Justin. He must have been so insecure by my “Unoriginal Justin” comment that he unoriginally changed his name to “Viking Fan”. In essence he should have changed it to Unoriginal Viking fan due to the unoriginal content of his unoriginal post. That being said I’m going to change his name to “Unoriginal Justin the Insecure Viking Fan”

    Oh and FYI, Don Q is a Puerto Rican Rum.

  13. justin

    Do I havent changed my name. I simply have a life beyond posting in an unoriginal cow fuckers blog. You guys are the truest and lowest form of complete and utter waste of human flesh. You do nothing but troll around all day. And then throw the most unoriginal insults in the history of football.

    Suck it junk cronies. Packers fall
    Vikings rise

    • Savage57

      Well now, that’s a new development. For having such a big, full life, you have five posts here just for this one little article. And since you’re an illiterate Minneshithole salad-tossing fucktard, we all know that those five posts took up most of your day. So, that pretty much discredits your ‘scathing’ rejoinder, eh? Next time come up with something plausible, you scat-munching POS.

      And even if anyone here was even somehow remotely compelled to “suck it” as you suggest (that leading pasttime for Minneshithole men) no one could purse their lips that small.

      And since you asked, here’s your “original” insult. The only reason you’re even alive is because the pig that was fucking your momma blew its nuts before the jackass that was next in line got his.

      Must really suck being you and always being owned. Y’all come back now, heah?

      But first, Go. Fuck. Yourself.

    • Packer Bob

      Suck it junk cronies. Packers fall
      Vikings rise


  14. Don Q

    Hoops24, I too live in Mefirstsota. I’ve lived in the MSP metro area for a decade and found that there is no reasoning with these simpletons. Twin City dwellers are ignorant as well as pretentious ( must be from ingesting too much floride infested water). I’ve also discovered the abundance of Packer fans in the metro. We are EVERYWHERE and it pisses the native hormel chili eaters off to no end. I’ve found that by ignoring a Viking fan’s brain-stem comments it pisses them off even more. Don’t take shit from these inferior life forms that wear purple, Hoops24, just piss them off to the point that hormel chili runs out of their ears. Go Pack Go!

  15. Don Q

    Silly Unoriginal Justin the Insecure Viking Fan. Looks like we’ve successfully got underneath your thin skin. Go Pack Go!

  16. kristine restivo's mom

    I will bet our friend from batimore kristine restivo is having an orgasm in his pants over these new uniforms. remember kris. he is the girl who would kick the ass of anyone who went to baltimore to fight her. Hey Krstine where are you? I miss your fag stupidity on this forum.

  17. Chris Restivo

    Fuck you fudge packers. I’m a real man. I’d kick all your asses but I’m busy fedora shopping today. I’ll kick your classless asses tomorrow after my cucumber facial and mani pedi. Pussies.

  18. E. Wolf

    First, these are an improvement from the weird arean league flame-strip pattern they had, as far as I can see.
    As for the Vikigns, its Green Bay 4–or actually 13, Minnesota ZER-0!. We have the hardware, you don’t. As for talking about a SuperBowl Championships for the Vikings, Silly Vikings fans, rings are for Packers.

  19. Packers 4 life

    Who gives a fuck about the past. Yeah we won a super bowl but who gives a fuck. One of the reasons I watch football is for this rivalry. Without the Vikings, life as a packers fan would suck and I’m sure Vikings fans would say the same

  20. do you even lift

    Meh not the best uniform upgrade but I can still see AP making the pack look like phaggots again in these Uniforms

  21. Steve

    Wow, allot of hatred. Am I a vikes fan? Yes, does this mean I hate the Packers? No… However, its time for Packer fans to have some humility. Yes, the Pack have a history of success, pre-AFL/NFL merger (1970) aside, because who cares… you have 2 superbowl wins. This is obviuously more Super Bowls then us. But wow, how about the pre-Farve and Rodgers eras? There was many years a average football at best in Greenbay, so lets pump the breaks. I remember my Packer fan friends dogging on they’re team then, now that Favre and Rodgers have brought your franchise back relivance all I hear is a bunch a loud mouths. Don’t think you’re special packer fans. You have to love the rivalry. A lucky QB draft pick either way for the Vikes and we have a couple of Super Bowls. The matte helmets are legit, stop living in the past Packer fans… AP is the shit, best back ever… ran all over you last year… Peace out cheese head, red nech, drunks…

  22. Don Q

    Green Bay won 4 Superbowls Steve. Get the facts right and work on your grammar while you’re at it. Rodgers is a stud and will torch the Vikings twice this year. How’s that for living in the now. The Vikings don’t have a QB, the Packers do. BTW outstate Minnesota is teeming with “drunk rednecks” namely towns like Big Lake and Becker. If you had any sort of logic you would realize that rural Minnesota and rural Wisconsin are six in one and half a dozen in the other. Generalizing makes you look ignorant. Time to get your shit straight Steve, you’re making your fanbase look bad. Go Pack Go!

  23. Steve

    Hey Donny boy, if you read correctly I said, “Pre-AFL/NFL Merger in 1970. Because, who cares about Championships when the dinasaurs still roamed the earth. So that leaves 2 Superbowls that I was talking about Einstein, 1996 and 2010. Rodgers is a stud, I wish he was our QB over Ponder, I was even glad to get your Favre left overs! All I was saying is that Packer fans are so high and mighty like you’re the Patriots or something. Why feel the need bash the Vikes and there new bad ass uniforms? Inferiority complex perhaps? Grammar? It’s a blog bud, and it was a joke about drunk rednecks, who doesn’t like a beer or two before some sunday football? I’m also from Minneapolis, one of the most well educated cities in the United States… Not sure about Becker… Sure there very nice rednecks. Notice I have nothing bad to say about you’re team, just you’re jack ass, loud mouth fans.

  24. cristian guevara

    Well they finally took those stripes from the sides. Pakers still will dominate NFC North even if they took Jennings.

  25. Sean

    The fact packers fans find themselves superior to the rest of the human race because of the football team they support is just pathetic. Grow up.

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