Jermichael Finley is Doing Some Groveling Today

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Courtney Finley

Courtney Finley

Don’t be a deadbeat dad. That’s probably the lesson here, among other things. So, here we’ve got Chelsie Bellisle, who’s apparently the mother of one of Jermichael Finley’s kids. She’s not his wife. That would be Courtney Finley, who she addresses in several of the tweets you’re about to read.

What was our favorite Green Bay Packers tight end doing last night? A little boozing, a little philandering and a little acting like a dumbass, at least if you believe all of this.

It will surely make you love Jermichael even more than you already do. He better get to work on that documentary. And also, he better get to some groveling.

You get all that? It’s a good bet there’s going to be more tweets like these in case you want to keep following along.

All I have to say is…



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20 Comments on "Jermichael Finley is Doing Some Groveling Today"

  1. Don Q

    Many pro athletes are nothing more than man-children. They make more money than they deserve. The men and women who defend this country make average wages. If an athlete makes over a million $ a year they are making too much.

    • vijay

      In this country, however, we reward celebrities, sports stars, etc. Meanwhile back in China, India, the kids race up to the chalkboard trying to be the first to answer the question on the board (on any subject). When I look at my Facebook account it is littered with selfish stories about the achievements of kids on the field of play and rarely is it about the classroom. Dumb breeds dumb and the beat goes on. We had a great country once and we, as Americans, are clinging on to the dwindling belief that our lives and lifestyles will continue unscathed by our choices (education vs sports accolades), in the end those that hit the books instead of the clubs looking for tail will win out (big picture).

  2. Rip

    Sounds like a helluva guy. Is this McCarthy’s definition of Packer people? He needs to go or I might have to reconsider my dedication to the team.

  3. Shawn

    It wouldn’t surprise me, though I would hesitate before taking these tweets as gospel.

    It is snowing hard here in GB. No shit.

  4. GBslacker

    Don’t really give a shit about this stuff — she’ll soak him in the end, just as he soaked the Packers last season.

    At least he’ll be playing for a contract this year; don’t see how his age, talent, and risk factor will factor into long-term Packer plans — hopefully, he’ll poison some other team.

    • TyKoSteamboat

      Sounds like someone is a lil jeally that the Horns kicked the F’Aggies @$$ a couple times there before they ran like cowards to the SEC.

      Hook Em

      • therealChuckywasCecil

        Wow! A FG as time expired. Imagine how the Horns would have fared against the SEC last year. The Aggies seemed to do well “running like cowards” through Alabama and then Okie in the Cotton Bowl. Johnny someone did pretty well, also.

  5. the real russ letlow

    if the dude brings this much drama with him during the season, it will end up like last year, with him bitchin’ about chemistry and everything else….trying to take the spotlight and blame off of where it belongs….. right…on…him….YOTTO my butt…….

  6. cd4packers

    For all we know this is nothing more than gossip by an angry woman who may have had her advances to him rejected…you never know. At this point it’s all hearsay. Until it is proven to be true….I wouldn’t pay any attention to it.

    • ballz

      completely agree. I’m 50/50 on this one. Finley isn’t a quality guy, but bitches be crazy. This is probably an exaggeration of the truth.

      • DirtyAndy

        You right, Finley would never land himself in this position, he is too great of a guy.

        Really dude, I’m surprised this has not happened sooner

  7. Savage57

    Ever since the first time this developmentally delayed POS started running his fucking piehole about how AR needed to get with the program and get him the ball, I have marked this fucktard to step in shit on a regular basis. And he has not disappointed.

    NFL Network ran the Pack/Cardinals 09 playoff game Saturday – you know, FinMe’s one good game? After watching it I realized how he had so much production – The Cardinals didn’t cover him!

    The NFL’s version of Dennis Rodman, minus the entertainment value. God, I can’t wait ’til this overhyped, overpaid shitstain is embarassing another team.

  8. FITZCORE1252

    Yeah, not a fan of taking q TE @ 26, highly doubt they’ll go RB either, though. I bet Ted would have to think hard about Eifert if he was there though. #88 is just such a scrote.

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