Here’s the Aaron Rodgers Infographic, Which Is Awesome

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Aaron Rodgers vs. Rams

So, the Green Bay Packers gave quarterback Aaron Rodgers a massive contract extension on Friday and had their usual ho-hum, company-line coverage… except for this.

They gave us the Aaron Rodgers infographic. And who doesn’t love infographics!?

Here is everything that is great about Rodgers and nothing that isn’t, all in one easily-digestible image. You don’t even have to think! You just have to love the Packers quarterback!

We didn’t even think those guys knew what infographics were, but hey, they’re hip with the trends. They’re hip with the kids. Gonna go download some 50 Cent on Napster and then me and Vic gonna head on over to FiveSix Ultra Lounge!

Anyway, this is pretty cool. Click image for larger version.

Aaron Rodgers infographic

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

11 Comments on "Here’s the Aaron Rodgers Infographic, Which Is Awesome"

  1. Stubbyduck

    Wow.. If this is not a nice Dig at Brent Favre by the Packer high command I dont know what would be… If not…. it’s a nice shot at him all the same!!

  2. therealChuckywasCecil

    I didn’t know the interceptions to the first 150 TD’s fact. 27 less than 2nd place Marino? amazing.

      • Andy

        Especially considering Favre could throw more in a game than A-rod in a season. IF you break down the Int’s he does throw that are his fault the number would be rediculously low maybe 2-3 a season

  3. DD

    Tony Romo is also in the top 5 all time for QB rating. Ben Rothilisberger joining homo Rodgers and homo Romo in the top 10. Daunte Culpepper coming in at cool 14th in all time QB rating… This weird faggot’s stats, who can’t win a game in the 4th quarter to save his life, are meaningless. Some other string bean like him will come along in a couple years and dwarf his stats as well, because this game is now regulated to favor gays who think throwing the ball on every play is how football is played.

    • A.J. Hawk's Middle finger

      typical Queens fan, “if it weren’t for the world stacked against us we’d win every game very year”

  4. DD

    O.K. guys, I have to fess up. The real reason I resent the great Aaron Rodgers is firstly because of jealousy (I’m a Vikings fan and purple is FABULOUS!) and because I knew a guy in high school named Aaron Rodgers. I hung out with this guy all summer during my junior year. I thought he liked me so I tried to kiss him. Instead of kissing me back he punched me in the face and called me a homo. So for the record guys every time I post hate speech it’s because I’m still in the closet thanks to a guy I was crushing on in highschool.

    P.S. Meet me at the rest area by Woodbury if you want to make out. Your pal DD ;-)

  5. DD

    Oh, and also I’m bi-polar and schizophrenic so next time I post that Rodgers is gay it really means that I’m gay and wish he was. Also I’ll probably repost denying this. Toodles ;-)

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