Here’s 1980s Jay Cutler

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'80s Jay Cutler

We’re taking a break from the NFL Draft madness to bring you this. Your favorite quarterback, the Chicago Bears Jay Cutler dressed up as 1980s Jay Cutler.


Cutler had his 30th birthday party on Saturday night and as you can see, it was ’80s themed. Not only did Cutty! pull out all the stops, he even threw in a nod to the greatest Cutler meme, Smokin’ Jay Cutler.

That’s Cutler’s future wife Kristin Cavallari taking up the other half of the photo. She tweeted the photo because, if you didn’t already know, Cutty! does not give a fuck.

'80s Jay Cutler

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7 Comments on "Here’s 1980s Jay Cutler"

  1. Johnny Jolly

    Jay read this, shrugged his shoulders, then proceeded to take a several hour nap on a windowsill while basking in the sun. Because Jay Cutler is actually a cat with prosthetic opposable thumbs and doesn’t really care about anything.

  2. E. Wolf

    Too bad there is nothing really 80s about either getup. . ..
    Concerning KC, the stock of cute white girls with perky tits is highly inflated if the entrance requirements are having to be a starter in the NFL.I guess it proves that women really are hypergamous in nature.

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