Every Fan Who’s At the NFL Draft is An Idiot

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nfl draft

nfl draft

You know how people flock to pack into Radio City Music Hall to get a glimpse of Roger Goodell hugging guys on draft night? Well, if you don’t, fans line up in a really long line to try to get a spot in Radio City Music Hall to watch the commissioner wrap his arms around guys twice his size. Also, they’re all a bunch of idiots.

That’s what we learn in this video. Really, this should come as no surprise. I mean, why aren’t these people at their jobs like everyone else is during the day on Wednesday, when they have to line up for tickets, and Thursday? I’ll tell you — because they don’t have jobs.

Not employable. Too dumb.

Here, Football Nation asks fans about draft prospects that they’ve made up, including Curvin Johnson, Calvin’s younger brother. Like, “Hey, what do you think about Curvin Johnson?”

“Aww, he’d make a great pick. You know, if he slips that far.”

Brilliant stuff.

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  1. the real russ letlow

    unbe-freakin-lievable! everyone who knows anything about college football knows that last year Buster Hymen tore both ACLs, PCLs, MCLs and every other L he has, to include his labia L, and his bag too, against SouthWest Northeastern State in the bowl game!

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