Clay Matthews Will Get $13 Million a Year

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Clay Matthews


The Green Bay Packers have been working on a new deal with linebacker Clay Matthews and ESPN is reporting that deal pay him $13 million per season in new money.

That should put Matthews among the highest-paid pass rushers in the league.

When you add the $3 million-plus Matthews is scheduled to make in 2013, that will drop the overall average of the contract. For example, if the Packers give Matthews five more years at $13 million per and you factor in his salary this season, Matthews’ average salary will come in a bit north of $11 million per season.

That puts him in line with the Cowboys’ DeMarcus Ware, who’s largely considered the gold standard for pass-rushing outside linebackers. Ware’s deal pays him an average of $11.1 million.

It will fall short of the $16 million per year average the Buffalo Bills doled out to defensive end Mario Williams last season, though. Of course, that deal was and is pretty idiotic, so it’s hard to use that as a benchmark.

In any case, Matthews is about to get PAID.

When the Packers extend Matthews and quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who’s also reportedly close to a new deal, they’ll have more than $30 million per season committed to two guys.

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6 Comments on "Clay Matthews Will Get $13 Million a Year"

  1. TyKoSteamboat

    That’s a big-time push on the cap.

    With pass-rushers & Quarterbacks at a high premium, we have to pay this guy.

  2. Packer Bob

    Schweet. Now we just need to lock up Rodgers. $30M is BIG chunk of change. And $13M might be a little high. But that’s the cost of doing business. And the Packers have done an excellent job of managing their cap.

  3. Shawn

    $13 million is not high, but it all depends on up front money and guarantees.

    The cap hit between these two depends on how the contracts are structured. The amount per season means nothing.

  4. Jon Mallaber

    Scout, draft, develope, secure your core personnel long term, and don’t overpay for players in the free agent market. That’s the correct way to build a team. Nice work Ted.

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