Clay Matthews as Clayface

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Clayface Matthews

Clayface Matthews

Over there at KSK, Dave Rappoccio is whipping up cartoons of NFL players as superheroes and today we got the first member of the Green Bay Packers — Clay Matthews as Clayface.

The other players in this series and their superhero personas are way more obvious. For example, Marshawn Lynch as Beast Mode = Beast from X-Men; DeMarcus Ware as DeMarcus Ware Machine = War Machine from Iron Man; and Ed Reed as Dredd Reed = Judge Dredd.

Who the hell is Clayface?

I didn’t know until today. He’s a Batman villain and not really a good Batman villain like Joker, Bane, Red Hood or probably even Killer Croc. But hey, he is a Batman villain, so that already makes him better than, say, an Aquaman villain.

Clayface has, as you probably guessed, a clay-like body and the ability to shift shapes. There have been eight incarnations of the character, so we’re not even going to get into the backstory.

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