Casey Hayward Says He’s Going to Start

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Casey Hayward

Casey Hayward

And why shouldn’t he? As a rookie, Casey Hayward led the Green Bay Packers with six interceptions as a part-time player. He was the team’s nickel cornerback and primarily played the slot.

In 2013, Hayward plans to be the full-time starter on the outside.

“I want to start outside,” Hayward told “I feel like I can be an outside guy now full-time.”

“It’ll be an open competition, and I’ll be ready for it,” said Hayward, a 2012 second-round pick. “I’ll prove that I can play outside now and not just the slot.”

At the end of 2012, cornerbacks coach Joe Whitt said there will be an open competition for the Packers’ starting cornerback jobs. Hayward looks like he has as good a shot as anyone.

Sam Shields was outstanding last season, but Tramon Williams was uneven for the second season in a row. Williams claims he was still battling the shoulder injury he suffered in 2011. If anyone in the group has something to prove, it’s him.

Also in the mix will be Davon House, who was on his way to nailing down a starting spot in training camp before suffering a shoulder injury that cost him two months.

This will easily be one of the most interesting competitions of training camp at one of the Packers’ deepest positions.

Our money is on Hayward and Shields.

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9 Comments on "Casey Hayward Says He’s Going to Start"

  1. Chris

    And this is why building through the draft is the way to go.
    While Woodson is one of my favorite players of all time,,,drafting strong athletes let us avoid having to break the bank on a replacement free agent as time marches by Cwood.

    And, building through the draft sheilds us against a Derelle revis type nightmare. Next year as Sam Sheilds becomes a free agent, if things get crazy on the dollars he is being offered, you still have House and Heyward on the rise. Kinda like the ease of letting Jennings overpriced price tag walk when u have Jones, Cobb, and Nelson.

    Free Agency always seems sexy in March and April. Fools Gold.
    My 2 cents.

  2. the real russ letlow

    all good CB’s have confidence and its obvious Hayward is talented and confident. we’re going to have real good defensive backfield, and the competition will make everyone better.

  3. Iltarion

    As Lionheart once said- Wrong bet.

    You don’t tackle in practice so that won’t hurt Tramon. No one covers man-to-man like him. It is possible you put Shields back into his 2010 role of playing the outside in the nickel and letting Hayward basically play C-Wood’s role of starting outside in the base and moving to the slot in the nickel. BUT, Shields’ contract will have a lot to say about that.

    If the Packers extend him for decent money, then it is hard to believe they would pay him more and then limit his time on the field.

    This situation suggests that the Packers may very well stick Shields with his one year tender and play a wait and see approach with him. If he starts, you give him Tramon’s money and let Tramon go. If he doesn’t, you let him test free agency.

  4. Savage57

    Thank God he didn’t say “I just want to contribute to the team anyway I can”, or maybe, “when my chances come I just want to be ready to help the team anyway I can”. Puke.

    Nice to hear a guy with some confidence and bravado. It looks good on a defensive back. A little ‘tude on the back end will go along way for this unit.

  5. Vijay

    This is an example (CB) of a position like WR where Ted does a really nice job evaluating and selecting talent. Ball skillz, ball skillz, ball skillz…Ted does excel at guys who can run routes and guys who can cover and play the ball in the air.

    OL/DL lines…TBD…

    • Phatgzus

      I have to agree Ted is great at finding skill position players, but his been n o more than average at finding linemen; I think Bulaga and Raji are good players but other than that, TT has had little success, although Worthy, Daniels, and maybe even Barclay seem somewhat promising and who knows what Sherrod can do when (if ever) he regains full health.

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