Brett Favre Says He’ll Come Back to Green Bay One Day

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Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers at the NFL Honors

Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers at the NFL Honors

It doesn’t sound like Brett Favre is in any hurry to return to the Green Bay Packers.

On Friday, Favre talked about his divorce from the Packers. When it was suggested that fans wanted the situation to go away, Favre disagreed.

“I’m not so sure about that. I think some probably want to see it go away,” said Favre. “As far as coming back to Green Bay? We’ll do it one day.”

For their part, the Packers have talked about retiring Favre’s number, but have made it pretty clear that won’t be done until some mythical future date. Obviously, the Packers don’t want the guy getting booed when he’s having his number retired.

Favre would go to deny he was trying to hold the Packers hostage with his constant wavering about retirement, as many suggested.

“But I think for me it was the timing. I had played I don’t know how many games straight in ’05 at the end of the year. … If we didn’t win it at the end of the year, which 19 out of 20 we didn’t, then it was a disappointing year for me. Later on in my career, it just got more and more disapointing. Even though I might’ve had a great year. The last thing I wanted to think about was football. So when I was asked that question of playing or not playing, I could have easily said, which I probably should’ve, ‘We’ll see you in July. At this point I can’t commit to a team, I’m burned out.’ Which was true. That’s not to say that in July I wouldn’t be recharged. It’s kind of like when you go on summer break from school. You can’t wait. But then the first day of school, you’re kind of looking forward to it again. And that’s the way I was. It was just the timing of the questions and how I answered them.

“I wasn’t that type of player. Regardless of what people think. It’s just like holding out. I never held out. Bus, my agent, is here. He knows, had it ever gotten to the point — and it never did — where he said, ‘If you hold out, you’re going to get a lot of money.’ I wouldn’t have done it. He knows that. It just wasn’t my nature. I think someone said back then, I was holding the team hostage. The team was a lot more important to me than individual.”

So there you have it. No ill intent.

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20 Comments on "Brett Favre Says He’ll Come Back to Green Bay One Day"


    “The team was a lot more important to me than individual.” …… said the SOB with the Pinocchio nose.
    That statement is absolute bullshit.

  2. the real russ letlow

    I’ve not seen or heard anything that leads me to believe that Brent is ready for a reunion/reconciliation. And I think he is full of baloney on that last quoted statement, “The team was a lot more important to me than individual.” Not quite…………..GPS!

  3. Savage57

    GBP management should set up a big Favre jersey retirement/ring of honor deal, and then when the fucker shows up, TT gets to yell “psyche” over the PA system and tell Favre that he decided he wanted to wait another year until they have the ceremony.

  4. Abe Frohman

    Anytime Brent talks about “timing” he means “wait until TT and MM are gone.” Which is just another way of saying “I’m a prima donna, high maintenance Diva that only gives a shit about myself.”

    I hope we win a few more superbowls in the next couple of years for obvious reasons, but the other reason is that TT and MM will for sure be around a LOT longer if they do.

    Fuck You, Brent.

  5. Deanie

    THE NAME IS BRETT, not Brent, you mental giants who have so much to say about him!!!!
    Can’t even spell his name. He was great when he was winning games for the Pack..The true story isn’t even out about the entire fiasco.

  6. Mike R

    Yeah, he definitely didn’t want to be begged to come back every year. I am sure most players get a little burnt out later in their career, but no one in the history of the NFL made a spectacle of it like Brent did every year. He knew how to push the media’s buttons and make a story of it every offseason. I hate this guy more every time I hear him talk.

  7. lars1

    Screw Favre and his little dog, too. He’s getting more addled each year. Nobody cares, Brent, and fewer will with each passing year.

  8. icebowl

    Tears rolled down my cheek as I read this…
    …. From laughing so hard

    Dearest Deanie : If you believe anything Burt says I got a bridge to sell you !!!!!!

  9. Don Q

    No shit Deanie. We call him Brent because he played for the Vikings to spite the Packers. If your spouse divorces you and sleeps with a person you despise to spite you would’nt you dislike your spouse just a little bit.

  10. Tucson Packer

    Every time Brent threatens to return to hallowed Lambeau, I hope it continues to light fire to the effort to form a proper petition to ban this selfish child from those grounds and anything pertaining to the Packers. I say one ( mock petition) gets passed around WI, just to see where the people stand. I know where 99% of my local fellow cheese-heads stand. I wonder when the reality of banishment will finally set in for the traitor.

  11. nurseratchett@work

    I said it here before, but here I go again….

    Only 1 path to retirement as a Packer in my mind. Brent comes in to take a knee for Aaron Rodgers when we are beating the SNOT out of the Viqueens…..then make it happen…..although I really like Savage57’s idea.

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