Brandon Saine No Longer Part of Packers Mediocre Backfield

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Brandon Saine

Brandon Saine

You remember Brandon Saine, don’t you? He came up to the active roster in 2011 from the practice squad after signing with the Green Bay Packers as an undrafted rookie. Then he tore his ACL in week six last season and spent the rest of the year on injured reserve. Well, Saine won’t be playing for the Packers in 2013 either.

The team waived him on Wednesday after he failed his physical.

Saine had 69 rushing yards on 18 attempts and 10 receptions for 69 yards in 2011. Sixty nine, dude!

He didn’t carry the ball at all in 2012, playing only on special teams before the injury ended his season.

Was Saine going to make the roster in 2013 if he were healthy? Doubtful.

The Packers have plenty of mediocre running backs already — James Starks, Alex Green. Then they have one guy who looks promising in DuJuan Harris and the option to bring back veteran Cedric Benson if they want. They’ll probably draft a running back too.

It was time to trim the fat.

Starks and Green can join Saine on the street as far as we’re concerned.

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7 Comments on "Brandon Saine No Longer Part of Packers Mediocre Backfield"

  1. Iltarion

    If Starks can’t stay healthy through training camp and the preseason, then he’s cut as well.

    I think Alex Green can turn into something yet. Too early to pull the plug on him. He’s your back up to Dujuan Harris if he takes another step forward.

    I would keep Benson’s number on speed dial in case anyone gets injured during camp. I wouldn’t sign him unless someone else comes up injured.

  2. GBslacker

    and now I heard DJ Smith is gone, as well.


    There’s so much BS regarding injury information — as in when have we heard of a player “behind schedule” when it comes to recovery.

    But if you listen to players years later, they always admit that it’s at least an 18month to 2year recovery from an ACL.

    For a player like Worthy, who really didn’t show much before the injury, the Packers have already lost his first season. It’ll be the typical PUP shit, then “week-to-week” later in this coming season — so you can effectively write-off the season after the injury, as well.

    Might as well go for an injury settlement, and be done with it. Consider that you wouldn’t have drafted the guy in the 2nd round if he had an ACL, so what would he be worth after such injury? 4th or 5th round money?

    Scary shit if you’re a player. But the likes of Haynesworth, Rolando, and JaMarcus Russell mean it’s scary for the teams, too. The NFL is scary stuff, I tell you!

    • Savage57

      Worthy, Harrell, Reynolds. Oh the pain. TT break the spell and finally draft a stud DL that isn’t made of fine china.

  3. Allen

    Looking back they these old comments makes me realize how little we know about players futures. Cut Starks? 2013 he had one if the best per yard averages in the league. Perfect compliment for a Rookie of the year Lacy.

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