Well, Now Greg Jennings Could Return to Packers

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Greg Jennings Lambeau Leap

Greg Jennings Lambeau Leap

Well holy hell, Batman! Greg Jennings days with the Green Bay Packers were as good as over a week ago. His house is on the market. The team didn’t franchise him. The money he wants is outrageous.

None of that matters now!

The Packers are reportedly still in the mix for Jennings and, just as we predicted, they’re in that mix with the dirtbag Minnesota Vikings, according to Alex Marvez.

Further, Rob Demovsky says if Jennings doesn’t have a deal by midnight, he could be back with the Packers. The operative word there is could.

If the Packers didn’t want to franchise Jennings — the franchise tag would have cost a little over $10 million for 2013 — they probably don’t want to pay him that much per year in a new contract. The Vikings, meanwhile, reek of desperation after trading away Percy Harvin.

Then again, the Vikings always reek of something, but that’s beside the point right now. They’re definitely more likely than the Packers to offer Jennings something in the neighborhood of the five-year, $65 million deal Mike Wallace just signed in Miami.

Would Jennings take that blood money, put a smile on his face and pretend Christian Ponder is a good quarterback? We’ll find out soon.

The Packers are probably only still in the mix because Miami chose Wallace over Jennings and because, well, Aaron Rodgers > Ponder… by a wide, wide margin.

The point is, they’re still in the mix, so that’s something.

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15 Comments on "Well, Now Greg Jennings Could Return to Packers"

  1. Reeking Viking

    I always find it funny when you packer people use phrases like, “blood money” or “trader”. Jennings is not playing football for the Packers. He is playing for money, and you guys don’t have some principles based hold on him.

  2. Vijay

    If it was me in charge of the Vikings, I’d sign Darrius Heyward-Bey and draft Tavon Austin with one of my first rounders…but that’s just me.

  3. PackAttack

    Jennings potentially being back with Green Bay is a good thing. If Thompson finds a way to structure his contract in a way that doesn’t result in blowing the bank apart then why not? I hope they do, the Pack are going to need all the fire power they can get when going up against NFC competition this year. San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, New York, New Orleans, Washington will all be better or have upgraded in some way by the end of the off-season.

    Thompson needs to find a way to get Jennings and Steven Jackson on this team — DuJuan Harris and James Starks are not the answers to the running game, I’m sorry. You look across the league and see AP, Lynch, Morris, Gore, McCoy, Martin and some UDFA who’s been released twice starting for the Pack? But it’s okay because he was moderately successful in a few late season games in 2012?


  4. ay hombre

    The Packers need to do one thing here…low ball Greg Jennings and sign him to a very sweet deal in the range of 5 million for one year, or let him walk.

    He has zero leverage. He has no prospects he’d actually want to consider at this point and in a few days when shit really dries up, Greg will be on his knees begging to be taken back.

    I still argue something happened. Something unspoken between either Jennings and the Packers or he and Rodgers. His sister mouthed off earlier in the year and I would lean heavily towards believing those comments came from something Greg said to her in confidence.

    Then does Greg do what we all think he’ll do and say how much he wants to stay and hopes something can get worked out? Fuck no. He puts his house on the market and starts acting like an asshole. “Hey Joe! Remember me?” That one still pisses me off, pimping himself out like he wanted nothing more than to get out of dodge.

    Well now little Greggie is sweating some and his ego has taken a huge fucking kick to the balls.

    Greg Jennings was a great Packer while he was here, but I would say it’s a massive longshot we bring back Jennings at any price. He wanted out in a big way and he’s going to get it or get bent over the coals.

    Hey Greg! Remember us?

  5. ay hombre

    Also, have we heard one peep out of Aaron Rodgers on how he’d like to have Jennings stay in Green Bay? Shit…Rodgers is vocal about wanting just about every guy on the roster staying and we all remember him going to bat repeatedly for James Jones.

    Has anyone heard one word from Rodgers about keeping Jennings around? I haven’t.

    • Iltarion

      Good point about A-Rodge.

      I think A-Rodge has made it clear he wants Cobb in Jennings’ place.

      That all being said, I think you are being unfair to a guy who was a great fricking Packer, on and off the field.

      You are impugning him on other people’s words and your own assumptions.

    • DevilDon

      Dude, do you watch much of daytime TV drama?
      You should write a book on this:
      Greggie takes a walk.
      Something catchy like that.

    • E. Wolf

      Sedition in our ranks. Are you one of those Berty nutlickers who was hoping number four would finally give our enemy the Lombardi?

    • Iltarion

      I’m not sure what you two are referring to.

      Wow, PackAttack, Richard and VJ are all back. What did the Packers just lose a game?

      Free agency is like that line from Braveheart-

      “This battle is bringing together the finest of people.”

  6. E. Wolf

    I was really duped by this guy. He treated Packer fans like little children on the Mike McCarthy show in the 2011 season. It was really over the top, he came in with a box on his head. BUt I was receptive to it because he was blowing sunshine up our collective asses.
    I am not sure I want this guy back. As someone else said, something happened behind the scenes. I wish there were more players like Leroy Butler who love this team as much as the fans do.
    Beyond that, he seems to be injury prone.

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