Vikings are Really Hyping that Awesome Matt Cassel Signing

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Matt Cassel

The Minnesota Vikings signed quarterback Matt Cassel yesterday after he was released by the Chiefs, who happened to be 2-14 in 2012, and they’re pretty pumped about it.

And why not? This is a guy who threw six touchdowns and only 12 picks in 2012. He is clearly freakin’ awesome! So awesome, they’re going to let him compete with the equally awesome Christian Ponder for the PT!


Everything’s comin’ up Milhouse for the Vikings!

The official Vikings Twitter account sent out this sweet career highlights graphic for Cassel today, welcoming him to the fold.

Really. Check out those impressive nuggets!

Kansas City once acquired him via trade? Impressive!

He earned his first Pro Bowl appearance in 2010? One of many to come!

The Vikings signed him in 2013? You’ve reached the pinnacle now, Matt!

(Via Deadspin, click the image for larger version)

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54 Comments on "Vikings are Really Hyping that Awesome Matt Cassel Signing"

  1. Abe Frohman

    FUCK!!!! How can a team led by a super bowl MVP and a league MVP possibly hope to compete with that???? We are screwed! Thanks to Rick Spielman for ruining my weekend.

  2. the real jeff ircink

    but i thought Jennings wanted warmer weather??? and i thought only ex-Packers name FAVRE sign with the Vikings???

  3. tedtomato

    Only money hungry dipshits sign with that faggot team! Sure as hell isnt cuz of good qb or chance at another ring!

  4. Nacho Libre

    5 year contract, $47.5 million. Fuckin’ traitor, good luck when you come to play in Lambeau field as a visitor, you’re going to need a police escort in and out of the stadium.

  5. Adam

    LOL @ the Viqueens continuing to try becoming Green Bay West.

    Hey, AJ Hawk restructured his contract today as well. That’s the silver lining in having-to-keep-AJ-Hawk-on-the-roster rain cloud. At least he’s not costing us as much. I’m sure Minnesota will scoop him up in ~3 years when this contract is up too.

  6. HAHAHAHA!!!

    HAHAHA!!! Oh man…. I love seeing Packers fans all riled up and soiling themselves. Well another Packer has come from the darkness and is walking in the light. Favre found Jesus, Sharper found Jesus, Longwell found Jesus, now Jennings has found Jesus, and so can YOU! Don’t feel like you have to be stuck being a shnasty Packer fan….. it’s not too late! Become a Viking fan and you too will find Jesus. Oh… and…. HAHAHA!!

    P.S. HAHA! lol

  7. the real jeff ircink

    you leave for a while – then come back to check on things. the IQ level here…i thought it might’ve gone up. wrong.

    • PackerFanInFL

      Wrong answer assfuck! you show up when ever viking/packers news is juicy enough to be a troll! Let me guess you are now a “Greg Jennings” defender…get clipped!

  8. Don Q

    Dear Mr./Mrs. HAHAHAHA!!!
    So Jesus = futility then. Right? Otherwise you pretentiously came here to not prove a point. Right? Anyway, who says SKOAL like it defines their life? There’s more Germans than Scandinavians in MSP. WTF! Clearly shit-for-labotomized brains people follow the Vikings so good luck with that.

  9. Vijay

    The sad thing is with a couple key vet signings, this division would easily be ours again…ah well, I guess we’ll have to settle for mediocre and “just the possibility or making the playoffs” all over again.

    I would sign inexpensive one year deals w/ James Harrison and Bernard Pollard, as insurance policies, but that’s just me. Then we could draft someone like La’Veon Bell to tote the rock and add in a TE and some OL/DL and we’re all ready to go!

    But that’s just me…I’m not the fucking genius, Teddy is apparently.

    • Phatgzus

      You’re correct on one thing, “Teddy” is indeed a genius in terms of talent recognition and organization development and maintenance, you are not.

      Harrison is a vet, he will want a significant amount of money, and if Chuck is injury-prone then so is Harrison. Harrison also receives a LOT of personal foul penalties, something the Packers preach is not committing penalties.

      Pollard really isn’t that good and the Packers have a young, talented, cheap safety in M.D. Jennings.

      “I guess we’ll have to settle for mediocre and ‘just the possibility or making the playoffs[.]'”

      -That’s an astoundingly complacent attitude. Do you realize how many teams would like to be in that position perennially?

  10. Nacho Libre

    Hardcore packers fan from Los Angeles. I know I know what you guys are saying, “this guy should be a raider, charger or whiner fan (fuck the gay area forty faggers) No! Even though I’m from L.A. I will bleed cheese till the day I die. Jennings is a disloyal money hungry jerk off cock blow for going to the purple team. Fuck the queens plain and fuckin simple.

    • Savage57

      Hear, hear. This man speaks the gospel according to cheese. The nasty chili-eating douche nozzles in Minneshithole hold no account or relevance to the NFL. Hate is too kind of a word to describe the degree of contempt that humans hold for the revenant spawn living beyond the western shore of the Mississippi.

      All the in-breeds that come on here and try to rejoinder the pro-Packers commentary or promote a Minneshitholean point of view are pre-emptorily shot down. You engage in conversations and advance arguments that are flawed for no other reason than you believe them.

      Easiest people in the history of the world to hate.

  11. cd4packers

    I guess I am more concerned about Cassel going to the Vikings than I am Jennings going there. Cassel has the potential of being a very dangerous QB….Ponder, not so much. Although, maybe having Matt Cassel around to contend with will cause Ponder to step up…either he will get better and do his job or he will get intimidated and fall to the way side….in either case, we will know how tough Ponder really is…..and just how badly he wants to keep his position.

  12. MarcoBrusa

    In Cassel’s milestones they forgot the mighty run for the 1st overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft!

  13. tedtomato

    Kinda funny how our whole division has tried to emulate the pack since the superbowl win..especially our redheaded stepsister to the northwest..i hope jennings works as well as the herschel walker trade!

  14. Richard

    I have to be honest. I was wrong. I didn’t believe Nick could possibly top the arrogant stupidity of his “I told you so” comment in regards to Woodson simply visiting SF. I was mistaken. His implication that letting Jennings get overpaid by a rival will mean the end of Ted Thompson I’m Green Bay by 2015 is even more stupid, if that is possible.

    • Nick

      Ah, Dick, you still pissed because you got your shit pushed in on the last argument. Again, either your stupid or YOU CAN NOT READ!

      When did I say anything about Jennings? Please tell me. The TT 2015 post is reality if he doesn’t make a move to improve a defense that for the last 2 years has cost us, what likely could have been and should have been given the talent on offense, two more Super Bowls.

      But I would never expect you to second guess your boy toy, Teddy, or have a mind of your own. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out your defense won’t magically improve.

      • Richard

        Actually, shitbag, returning Desmond Bishop and D.J. Smith as well as a healthy D-Line probably does magically improve the defense.

        • Nick

          Oh, you mean like back in 2011. What was it again? 40 points and 450 yards to the Giants. And, because you have shown us all your profound football knowledge, why don’t you tell us all where that defense ranked.

          I’ll help you—DEAD F-ING LAST! Don’t worry, we won’t confuse you with Aristotle with that logic.

          • Richard

            Good stuff, Nick. The goal of the regular season is to make the playoffs and win as many games as possible, not worry about yardage rankings. Would you have preferred top 10 defense coupled with a 7-9 record? Shit happens, and the backbreaking play in that game was your boy helping give up a ridiculous Hail Mary. You know, the guy you criticized Ted over and over again for refusing to pay 10 million dollars to this upcoming season.

            Not many tools in the shed duller than yourself.

  15. Richard

    Curious to know….had GB offered Jennings 48 million to stay, how much would the 3 receivers ahead of him on the depth chart in 2013 command in salary?

    • Nick

      Dick, you really have no sense of reality. The backbreaking play was Grant’s fumble in GB territory that lead to the 4! yard TD pass. It was a 1 score game until that point. You know, Grant, the guy your boyfriend brought back again because he has failed to get a decent running back in this organization. But I know, TT can do no wrong in your book. You just put on your hive mind and support whatever the guy does.

      Again, your logic fails. Yes, I would be rather be the 10th best defense and go 10-6 and win the Super Bowl. 2010? That sad fact is that, with the talent on this team on offense in 2011 and 2012, we would have been back had TT done something to improve the defense. You can’t have the league’s worst defense and expect to win in the Playoffs. Packer’s fans complacency with TT for what should have been, I’m going to say it, a dynasty run, is sickening.

    • Nick

      By the way, Dick, you forgot your quotation mark lesson already re Woodson “He is not worth 10 million but his leadership alone is worth a million. would have like to seen at least at least an offer.” You can continue to make shit up if makes you feel better.

  16. Don Q

    Just watched the local twin cities news. Jennings was trying to play the glass half full card and I’m thinking “Save it Greg, blowing smoke up everyones asses isn’t going to hide the fact that you did it for the money you dirty whore”

  17. mike r

    I hate seeing packers go and play for that joke of a team, but they appeared to be the only team willing to pay him that outrageous amount of money. Can’t blame him for going where they are willing to pay him. That being said, I think we are going to see how big of an impact Rodgers has on these receivers success. If the Vikings waste ten million a year on a receiver like Jennings, it does exactly help their chances for success, which is better for the packers and is all that really matters. So fuck the Vikings. I find it pretty hilarious how desperate of a team they are.

  18. skol

    Packer fans are always accused of having no class and talking crap way too soon. It is try that the packers have been blessed with good young talent at the wide receiver position and have a quarterback who was able to ease into the position by being Farve’s back up for many years. Remember, with all of the packers so called superior talent you claim they have the Vikes beat them once and never got blown out when they lost. If Rodgers goes down the pack truly has no concept chance. The pack only won 1 more game than the Vikes last season. The pack is hard to beat but their o line is horrible and Rogers covered for them all year. If it weren’t for Matthews blitzing every play that d line would have been really exposed. Know your opponents and be objective. Keep being classless vikes fans are used to shaking our heads at your preposterous statements.

  19. Don Q

    Skol, you said it best in the beginning of your last sentence. “Keep being classless vikes fans”

    Try using commas next time you jaded prick.

  20. mike r

    Skol, first off, skol isn’t about the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever heard, I really don’t know or care what the fuck it means, but you can skol my nutsack. Also, to say that if the packers wouldn’t have Rodgers they would suck is retarded. How would the patriots be without Brady? How would the the saints be without brees? Several wins worse all the way around. But to say the packers would suck without him makes no sense. You do remember that the packers won the thing you are not familiar with called the superbowl a couple years ago??? You don’t do that without an all around great team.

  21. Savage57

    All I know is that Jennings had better play lights out over the next five years to establish a legacy in Minneshithole, because whatever history he had in Green Bay is just that.

    Fredo, you broke my heart.

  22. icebowl

    I wish Jennings all the best in Queenietown. He had a great run in GB…..

    Nonetheless, the trees in Green Bay, Wi. will be leaning even more towards the south as the Vikings blow harder and da Bearz continue to suck…

  23. icebowl

    Oh …. And case you missed this Blockbuster news…. Not…..

    The Green Bay Packers have re-signed linebacker Robert Francois . Ted Thompson, Executive Vice President, General Manager and Director of Football Operations, announced the signing Saturday.

  24. icebowl

    “Packers still want to talk to “Grape-Drank” Jolly before they bring him back…..”

    Seriously ?????????? That’s the best TT can do ?

  25. Richard

    Sure thing Nick. That is why all 32 NFL teams have offered at least 1 million dollars to Woodson. Because he is in his prime and his leadership outweighs the fact that Father Time has caught up to him. You truly are the fucktard of all fucktards.

    I’m not even a huge Thompson fan. Your stupidity is far more mind-boggling than anything Ted has ever done.

  26. Coyote Jenkins

    you ass packer fans are douche bags. the packers werent going to pay jennings what he was worth because they have a “deep”recievers core. Deep as in rodgers can really give it to all those douches.

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