Packers Will Sign Loyce Means

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Loyce Means

Loyce Means

The Green Bay Packers have gone and signed a free agent — or at least they will Monday, providing he passes a physical. Unfortunately, that guy is no one you’re going to be excited about. He’s cornerback Loyce Means, a street free agent who was out of football in 2012.


During training camp, you can watch Means try to compete for the Packers fifth cornerback job and a spot on special teams. Then you can watch his NFL dream die as he gets beat out by Jarrett Bush.

Means played at Houston and was undrafted in 2011. He spent training camp with the Buffalo Bills and then played four games with the CFL’s Hamilton Tiger Cats.

It looks like the Packers signed Means because of his speed. He ran a 4.4 40 at a recent workout.

The knock on him coming out of college was his size. Means is 5’10”, but was only 177 pounds at the time. He’s since bulked up to 190. This old guy from Pro Football Weekly also says he has short arms and small hands and he’s probably not going to be able to do anything about that.

In college, Means played in 37 games, had eight picks, 13 passes broken up and two touchdowns. He also scored three touchdowns in the Eastham Energy All-Star Game following his senior year. Those came on an interception, a fumble and a blocked field goal.

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7 Comments on "Packers Will Sign Loyce Means"

  1. FITZCORE1252

    Sweet. What are all the “Ted never signs any awesome free agents” people gonna bitch about now!?!? I hope Loyce “Means” business… Haha… Get it??? Means???

    GBP 4 LIFE

  2. CB

    This is a key acquisition for the Packers!

    With the addition of Means, the Packers are able to reconfigure their entire draft board based on the impact Means will have.

    Means also likely drives the Packers defense into the preseason #1 ranked defense in the NFL!

    This deal also frees up salary cap restraints for the Packers! In the next 2 days expect the Packers to sign:
    Rodgers’ Extension
    Mathews’ Extension
    Raji’s Extension
    Re-sign Woodson
    Sign N. Asomough(spelling?)
    Trade for Derrell Revis
    Sign Ahmad Bradshaw.

    Oh,,,,by the way,
    April Fools Day!

  3. cd4packers

    The Packers have already decided who they are going to spend the big bucks on….so this guy Means is not one of them. Big deal. Now its all about getting the best bang for your buck. So go ahead a pick up a player basically off the street and see how he does in training camp. To be honest, I’m fine with this. Why? Because 9 times out of 10, you take a guy off the street who has been keeping in shape, playing the waiting game….hoping to get a break, this guy is going to play his heart out because he had to work a whole lot harder to get this chance to prove himself. Of course, we won’t know until we actually see the guy out on the field competing with the other CB on the roster. One thing TT has always been able to do….and that is detect talent….be it in the most unexpected arena at times, and he doesn’t always hit a home run…but I’d put my money on the Packers when it comes to picking rogue FA and day.

  4. David

    So is he number 19, 44 or 46 in this picture? Or is he the guy with the towel on his head?

    #44 is out of position and not likely to make the tackle… so it’s probably that guy.

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