Packers Waiting for Greg Jennings’ Price to Drop, Vikings Out

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The Green Bay Packers are still in the running for receiver Greg Jennings and the Minnesota Vikings have reportedly dropped out.

The Vikings apparently found Jennings’ asking price too high and if they are indeed out of the running, the Packers have a real shot. That leaves the number of Jennings’ known suitors at one.

That brings us to this. Jason Wilde reported that the Packers previously offered Jennings $10 million per season, but that offer was made some time ago. As we’ve reported, Jennings thought he was going to get much, much more. That doesn’t appear to be the case anymore and the Packers are intent on waiting around until Jennings figures that out and takes their offer.

One problem. If Jennings makes $10 million with the Packers in 2013, he’ll have the highest base salary on the team. Wonder what Aaron Rodgers will think of that?

Another variable here is tight end Jermichael Finley and his $8.25 million salary. Tyler Dunne suggests if the Packers sign Jennings, they’ll either ask Finley to restructure, i.e. take a pay cut, or release him.

Finley has said he won’t take a pay cut, but he might not have a choice. Every team that was hot on signing a tight end — St. Louis, Chicago and Tennessee — has already thrown wads of cash at someone else.

That gives the Packers an awful lot of leverage over Finley.

If he decides not to accept a pay cut with Green Bay, Finley may find it difficult to get top dollar elsewhere.

For now, it’s wait and see. It’s certainly within the realm of possibility that an unknown team emerges and steals Jennings away, making all of this moot.

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22 Comments on "Packers Waiting for Greg Jennings’ Price to Drop, Vikings Out"

  1. Iltarion

    With 2 first round picks this draft, the Vikings can easily draft for the position instead of paying big money for it.

    On the other hand, they have over $20 million in salary cap space. So why not sign Jennings and then draft another WR for him to mentor?

    It is hard to believe that Jennings would have turned down $10 million a year from the Packers.

    • TyKoSteamboat

      This dickweed ain’t worth the $ that he wants. He should take less with all of those douchey Old Spice commercials.

      Paying a wide-reciever a ton of money is just dumb. They are all replaceable.

      I will be disappointed if we overpay him.

  2. Adam

    Is anyone else licking their chops at Bernard Pollard and his $1.5M Salary that just became available from Baltimore? Adding him to pair with Morgan would shore up that part of the backfield NICELY.

  3. Sean

    Sucks to get hurt in your free agency year.
    I bet teams think of Jennings as a system guy Just like Jones i.e. they think his numbers are a product of the system not innate talent.

    Personally I would let him walk… signing him for 10 mill a year means someone else doesn’t get signed. I would rather have Raji than Jennings. I also think I would rather have Finley and Jennings.

    I’m sick of Jennings smelf.

  4. Packer Bob

    Wow, well played TT. You take away all of Finley’s leverage and you might get Jennings for real market value. It almost appears as if Jennings had no intention of leaving the Packers, but didn’t want to “officially” take a pay cut.


  5. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey

    Doesn’t the ideal scenario here (we keep Jennings and Finley) result in two angry prima donnas who are the types to just sandbag it all year because they are butt-hurt over not getting paid a shitload? I’m genuinely curious, here.

  6. Patrick

    Is Jennings a primal donna? He has historically been a team player. He is a good player that participated in the process of free agency/ contract negotiation. Football is entertainment for us but its how he feeds his kids. If he goes somewhere else than best of luck, if he stays than I hope he is a packer for life. But damn… TT knows when to hold em and when to fold em.

  7. mxz600

    The only way i can handle the Packers signing Jennings…is for below market value (Jennings has no leverage) He overplayed his hand. And the Packers get rid of Finley….I dont want over 18 million dollars going to 2 players like Jennings and Finley….that’s completely insane.

  8. mxz600

    What does it tell you when no teams other than the Vikings even show interest in Jennings….and even then…the Vikings drop out………Tells me most teams would rather live without him.

  9. pbangy

    So, being in a commercial makes you a dickweed, exploring your options as a free agent makes you a prima donna, and we tell a guy who has given his best to our favorite team, who was a big part of winning a Superbowl, to go screw himself. Wow. Derp! How soon we forget! Yeah. Okay, so he’s been hurt. Clearly, he is paying the price for that now. He owes you nothing, you fickle clowns.

  10. Iltarion

    pbangy, agree 100%.

    It is somewhat shocking how quickly Packer fans have turned on a guy who has been a model pro since the day we drafted him. There is NO WAY we win that Super Bowl in 2010 without him.

    His only sin is believing his agent’s assessment of his value.

    His agent should be fired (except it is the same agent as for Steven Jackson).

    Imagine if we get Jennings back? Imagine the axe to grind he’ll have against all the teams that didn’t think he was worth it. Awesome.

  11. Abe Frohman

    According to PFT, GJ85 is scheduled to visit Minnesota today. I don’t see how that takes him out of the running there.

    Someone here pointed out that ARodg has not been clamoring for Jennings’ return possibly because of tweets that Jennings’ sister made. Whether it’s the tweets or what, there has not been this outcry of “oh we gotta keep him” from anyone there that I’ve heard.

    Jennings has always been classy. I have no hard feelings no matter where he ends up. I will say that he probably wouldn’t look good in purple, though.

  12. rebelgb

    “Pollard is a cancer. That’s why he is on his 4th team.”


    Oh and Jennings is a pretty cool guy. Ive met him a few times and he is very unassuming and cordial. Actually when Jennings used to come to my establishment he would never turn down an opportunity to talk to a happy fan. Rodgers on the other hand would tell my staff to not let anyone know he was there because “I dont want to be bothered.”

    Take that for what its worth.

    Id take Jennings back all day and twice on Tuesday. Do you fools really want James Jones to be a #1 receiver? The guy has Antonio Freeman written all over him. Fuck that. Come back 85!

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