Jermichael Finley’s Agent Says He’s Open to Renegotiation

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Jermichael Finley

Jermichael Finley

Jermichael Finley never falls short as a source for material. A week after saying he’d walk if the Green Bay Packers asked him to take a pay cut, Finley’s agent is quietly tiptoeing away from that statement.

Blake Baratz — yes, the same guy who said Aaron Rodgers isn’t a leader on Twitter — says if the Packers approached him about restructuring Finley’s contract, he’d listen.

“I would never just turn my nose up at anything,” Baratz said. “I will listen and hear anybody about anything and withhold judgment until I do. I can’t say today whether I would, whether I wouldn’t, whether it’s in Jermichael’s best interest, his worst interest.

“There’d have to be a reason why he would have to take a pay cut. Maybe he would. Maybe he wouldn’t. It’s all hypothetical until the numbers are there. Is it a one-year deal like it is now? Are we adding years? Are we adding dollars? Are we moving dollars?”

We’ve documented this problem numerous times and frankly, it’s getting exhausting. Finley will make $8.25 million in this, the final year of his deal. He’s not worth that, but the Packers have pretty much zero other options at tight end right now, which makes it real hard to cut Finley.

So obviously, it would make a lot of sense for the Packers to give Finley more years at a lower salary.

Any sort of salary cap savings would be welcomed. The Packers are currently around $21 million under the cap and they have a lot of business to do, including signing their draft picks, re-signing their restricted free agents, extending the contracts of key veterans and maybe even signing a free agent or two (but no one of note, as you well know).

Really, it would be refreshing if the Packers just made some decisions already, so we could stop talking about all of this crap.

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15 Comments on "Jermichael Finley’s Agent Says He’s Open to Renegotiation"

  1. Don Q

    If they want to save even more money, the Packers should fine him every time he does that stupid rooster dance.

    • GreenAndYellow

      c’mon, get it right, jeez…is the “shark-fin” cuz ya know, apparently someone at some point said that he plays as aggressive as a shark, or something. so who wouldn’t make up the world’s most idiotic dance(?) and do it after every 4 yd completion for not a first down

  2. Doug

    Eff him and the agent he rode in on. Let me get the door for you Jermichael. If it was just his play, it would be one thing, but he and his agent seem intent on stirring up things in the locker room, which should not be tolerated.

  3. Walfigol


    If they really want to save money, just pay him for the balls he catches.

    Great idea! Actually, he must pay money to play for Green Bay.

  4. mxz600

    Finley Finley Finley….every year the same shit…..stupid comments…average play at best. But acts like he’s the key to the teams success. 2nd highest on the Packers payroll?…Whats wrong with that picture? Tell me there are NO other tight ends out there that can catch 3.4 td passes a year (Finleys average) with Rodgers at QB at less than half the cost and 100% less brain damage……………………….I agree with the last sentence of this article 100%. But i dont want to see the Packers reward this jag off with a longer term deal to lower his salary cap #….lets redirect his salary and move on.

  5. mxz600

    On one hand, you have Finley saying if he’s asked to take less money, he’d walk….Then you have his agent saying he’s open to it possibly……What a circus these 2 are….A couple clowns, the Green Bay Packer organization…..Could survive, without.

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