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38 Comments on "Here’s Greg Jennings Farewell Newspaper Ad"

  1. E. Wolf

    Ever hear the expression of how many celebrities and atheletes are smiling at you with a middle finger pointing at you underneath the table? This is exactly what this is.

  2. Tucson Packer

    Something tells me this wont be an article Packer fans will frame and hold on to. Maybe just use it to start a nice fire with.

  3. GJ85_AlwaysBeGreat_d00d

    It’s a Great Day To Be Great!!! (Trademark, Copyright etc) Thank you for the inspirational message! Good luck expanding your Be Rich er Be Great brand, Gregory! Now you’re in a slightly bigger market where your Be Great message can truly reach it’s maximum potential! God wants you to have slightly better stats than Randall Cobb this year! You can do it. God bless and don’t forget to…. BE GREAT! Wooo!

  4. Doug

    I think it’s a very nice gesture made by a classy guy. I have nothing but good things to say about GJ, with the only strike against him being that he’s going to the Vikings. But even then, he’s doing what’s best for him and his family.

    • Underpaid Contractor

      Agreed. He was so clutch in SB XLV. Jordy and J. Jones we’re dropping passes like it was there job.

      If he wants to go and try to be great elsewhere w/ more $$$ then more power to him.

  5. DirtyAndy

    Very nice gesture Greg; thanks for all those great catches too.
    I also think when he only collect 18m from the Vikqueens he will try to come back and stand next to DD at every signing event trying to get back with the Packer fans in two, maybe three years.

    • nurseratchett

      I’ve always believed its a 50/50 split between the ViQueens & Da Bores; Detroit has been so pitiful for so long that no one hates the kittens anymore; its not acceptable to pick on the retarded. I personally hate the purple trash MUCH MORE that the bores. Brent & now Craig’s defections have reinforced that for me.

    • E. Wolf

      I respect the Bears, and sort of admire of them. They have tradition, history. On the other hand, I LOATHE the Vikings.

  6. Patrick

    This isn’t a Brett Favre situation where he is playing just to rub it in everyones face. Dude just wants as many dollars as he can get. If someone were to offer me a job now that paid 2 dollars more an hour and was more secure I’d take it. And if my current job could get away with paying me less, they would. Its business. Look at it this way, we probably got his best years. And by hating him, for no reason, you’re making huge chunks of great Packer moments bitter. This guy helped win a super bowl. He caught record setting passes for two of the best quarterbacks in pack history. He belongs in the pack h.o.f just off that stuff. So, now he wants the cash, get over it.

    • Shawn


      Jennings is a champion and will always be welcome in Green Bay.

      He’ll always be a Packer as far as I’m concerned, and these days are like Montana’s seasons with the Chiefs. Forgettable.

      • PackAttack

        Hey Shawn, in case you missed it, and knowing you — you probably did.

        According to you Ted Thompson has been to two Super Bowls? Right?

        Well he was hired by Green Bay on Jan 15, 2005 and the Seahawks didn’t reach the god damn Super Bowl until Feb 5th, 2006 so how the fuck does that work?


        You take after Iltatrion well. If your going to try and prove points make sure there valid. And don’t throw some garbage out to me about how Thompson helped them do this or that — BLA BLA BLA we was VP of Football Operations and left the organization a year before they even got there.

        Take it like a man and admit your wrong.


        Do some better research next time jackass.

        • Underpaid Contractor

          If he was VP of Football Operations then doesn’t that mean he had a hand in building the Super Bowl team?

          • Abe Frohman

            TT was THE personnel guy in Seattle before coming here. Ted’s first year here is the year Seattle lost in the super bowl. He built a very strong roster through the draft, but the new guy came in and made a few key FA acquisitions and that was enough to push them over the top. Sound familiar? THAT is why all the people here are pissed that we’re doing jack shit in free agency again.

  7. Don Q

    Jennings is a Viking. Packer fans hate the Vikings. I liked the Jennings and Favre who wore a green and gold jersey. It’s that simple, I’m a Packer fan not a player fan.

  8. cd4packers

    I am glad that he took the time to remember the fans. That’s more that Favre did. Favre played the victim and made everyone involved feel bad. I am happy for Jennings and wish him the best of luck. The truth is he will probably get more playing time with the Vikings than he would with the Packers and for a lot more money, a million dollars more per year is a lot of money in by books….i wouldn’t scoff at it if someone offered it to me. lol

  9. ay hombre

    In my personal opinion, this message to the fans is coming several days late into a negative public relations episode Jennings and company are in. It’s better than nothing, but it does feel just a little bit underhanded.

    He shall be booed.

  10. Vijay

    There are no more rivalries in Pro Football. Don’t you see how lovie dovie the players are to each other now? It’s a veritable hippie love fest…and happiness makes me sick!


    Conservative talk show host.

  11. vikes are fags

    Enjoy your money asshole. Any of these athletes that can’t live on what he was offered by GB either are greedy assholes or they can’t manage money. For all the hard working Americans struggling to make aliving this is for you. Greg take your coward ass and your stupid newspaper add and go to Minnesota and retire a Viking. Sure it is a business and most of the fans say FU$% you Greg. Good riddance.

  12. Abe Frohman

    GJ85 clearly did not sign with the Vikings due to their rich history of post season success or their pro bowl level quarterback. It was all about the money. He must not have enjoyed winning the superbowl.

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