Here’s Another Minnesota Vikings Failure

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Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace

The Minnesota Vikings were hell bent on signing a receiver this offseason and, as you know, they eventually ended up overpaying Greg Jennings. Their first target was Mike Wallace, though.

Not surprisingly, Wallace wanted nothing to do with the Vikings. Unlike Jennings, he actually took less money so he wouldn’t have to play for that stain of an organization.

“The [Vikings] had come to the point where they were telling him, ‘You don’t have to live here, just be here during the season,’ ” Wallace’s father, Mike Jr., said by phone this week. “He wanted to get out of that snow and cold weather.”

Wouldn’t being there during the season require living in that dump at least part time, geniuses?

Good pitch. You should have thrown in a lifetime supply of Hormel Chili. Maybe that would have closed the deal.

Wallace ended up signing with Miami for around $12 million per season. The Vikings then turned to Jennings and gave him about $10 million per season.

So if you’re keeping track, here’s the Vikings’ offseason track record.

  1. Second-best player on the team demands and gets a trade
  2. Vikings try to throw more money at top free agent receiver than anyone else, but he won’t take it
  3. Vikings give lesser receiver $2 million more per season than anyone else was offering

As usual, the Vikings set the standard for success.

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66 Comments on "Here’s Another Minnesota Vikings Failure"

  1. Ben

    Please use your first amendment rights more constructively. This was an expanded comment more then anything. you’re glass half gone approach is not even supported by real facts except for the fact we offered ten million to Jennings instead of 12 million to Wallace who made it a point to play In a warm state. That says nothing really of a football team who will still play in a adverse free stadium once it’s built. don’t be so quick to judge Jennings he has something to prove to a lot of people and wants to prove why he is a Super Bowl champion himself.

    • Savage57

      Holy fuck, I was going to try and read all the comments on this article, but then I read this word-vomit supplied by some retarded Queen troll and I had to either get off the site or stab my fucking eyes out with a pencil.

      That and my fucking IQ dropped 20 points just reading this garbage response from the illiterate ‘fan’ to the west . Stay on horned faggot sites where indecipherable, nonsensical shit like you’ve posted here is pretty much standard fare.

      Then I saw that the majority of comments were from Minneshitholeans and I really panicked. I said “fuck, we need these assholes trolling Packer sites like the daughter-fucking Queens need a fucking trophy room!”

      Just because your new “stadium” was designed by, will by built by and then used by the chili-swilling pig-fucks that inhabit Minneshithole, it is condemned be a fucking toilet like the last one you had.

      Go. Fuck. Yourselves.

  2. Skol

    Sounds like your butt sore because Packers players who play with the Vikings actually have success as players. Get over yourself. Oh and here is going to be a huge failure on Queen Bay’s part…..signing a (very good) quarterback for an obscene amount of money, thus hindering there future signings and possibly being a huge issue in a few years. All teams make mistakes. Should be a fun season coming up with Detroit making strides and Chicago doing the opposite. Queen Bay will win the division but by a narrow margin. Best of luck though, and Skol Vikings!

  3. Yeah you guys will pay 25 million a year to keep little cry baby Aaron happy and then not have enough money to fix that shit stain 3-4 defense that has been working so well the last couple of years…(not). But hey at least you got rid of your best corner Woodson and picked up nobody else…oh wait i guess you signed a kicker. lol. Yep good off-season for green bay. At least we got rid of a player and got 3 draft picks for him and on top of that we didn’t need him to get to the playoffs. This article is a joke and it just sounds like fear coming from fudge packer nation. Have fun loading 10 guys in the box to “slow down AP” only to have Jennings torch your worthless pathetic defense. I can’t wait to see Rodgers restructure his contract in a couple of years when the pack realize they need money to spend at every other position. It is not even worth arguing who had a better off-season because every team in the nfl did more to help their team than the fudge packers. You packer fans really know your football. (Or so you think)

  4. Hunter

    The person who made this page needs to get a life… The Vikings are doing it right and doing what they need to do retard

  5. Hunter

    Total Packers!!!! What a joke. When the packers make the superbowl this year I’ll shut up but that’s bow happening because they just lost their best receiver…GO VIKINGS

  6. Mike M.

    Nice article douche, you sound like a butt-hurt blow hard. Try to use a little more tact next time you put words on paper, you’re an embarrassment to Packer Nation.
    P.S. how dare you try to say Greg F***ing Jennings isn’t worth that type of money, and Mike Wallace is a moron for not taking the money.

  7. Name Required

    LOL real big diss. Lets diss on the weather because that is controllable!
    So Wallace didnt want to go to Minnesota because of cold weather. Pretty sure that its cold and snowy in Green Bay. Crying about the cold weather makes Wallace sound like a pussy.

    Notice how NO ONE wants to sign as a free agent and be stuck in tropical Green Bay???

  8. DevilDon

    Imagine Jennings children during this process: “Oh God Dad, it’s like the Siberia of the NFL, no rings, no trophies, no chance.”
    Greg: “Listen children, my ego is on the line. Daddy is a top flight receiver worth 12 mil. Vikings got a steal. Dad doesn’t need a ring, got one.”
    Inside Greg Jennings mind: Beeeedddddurrrrrupt Dude, gotta carry da team on my back. Gotta play for the Vikings doh. Oh no, the Packers D got me on radar doh. Dey gonna break my fuckin leg!

  9. the real russ letlow

    the chili would have been the clincher. the cheapskates should have ponyed up……………

  10. Ryan

    The Packers originally offered Jennings an average of $10 million a year, but after he refused the Packers offered him 8 million during free agency thinking they could get him at a discount. The Vikings payed 9.5 million per year. How did they overpay? The Packers have great receivers and were still willing to fork over 8-10 million to Jennings.

    If the Vikings are failures how did they come only one game behind the Packers record.

  11. Stevgie

    Funny how great Packers keep crossing the border. Could there be problems in Pack organization ? These guys keep wanting to stick it to them.

  12. Stevgie

    Rodgers signing for obscene money is gonna kill the team. Give it time they’re gonna be hurting and become insignificant again. By the way, I would think Vince Lombardi must be turning in his grave to see all those shemales on that team.

  13. Dustin

    You lost Percy harvin because you wouldn’t pay him, so you turned around and gave that money to a 30 year old wr, who’s missed numerous games over the past two seasons… This isn’t a formula for success… I promise you. Exactly how does a ViQueen fan talk about superbowls? You’ve never won one, shut your mouth until you do.

  14. Apeshit

    @shitstain fan the Packers lost their best corner from 2010 in Woodson, and 3rd best safety who played 7 games in 2012. Rodgers contract is something the Vikings will never have to deal with because your qbs perennially suck crank. The packers build through the draft, take a look. AND if you think giving shit ton of $$ to a RB is a great idea (look how far it got you) keep on being the dumbfuck you are.

    • Vike Fan

      Ponder had absolutely no receivers to throw to once Harvin got injured and still played good enough to get the team to the playoffs after a 3-13 season. And he is going into his third year which I don’t recall Rodgers even starting until he was in his 4th year so give Ponder time. Yeah no shit they build through the draft, so does every other fucking team you retarded cheese head. (take a look lol) And yeah the vikings actually can pay AP a shit ton of money because we actually have an O-line and an above average defense already in place. Not to mention 2 first round draft picks. The packers o-line is horrendous, their defense is like a walk in the park for any running back, their kicker is less accurate than a blind man trying to kick, their best running back would be a back up on any other team, and your QB will take up 1/6 of your total salary. So to put it in English for retards like you @Apeshit, the packers have way too many holes to fill with the remaining 5/6 of the salary. You my sir are the dumb fuck. (2 words by the way)

  15. Don Q

    All these Viking fans get butthurt everytime a Packer fan jokes about their team. Somebody’s overly sensitive and insecure. Stay pretentious Minnesota.

  16. Apeshit

    Forgot the best part… good point about pitting 10 in the box, you actually were correct about that. The Packers will only need to single cover Jennings because #1 he’s lost a step #2 Matt Ponder or Christian Cassel won’t be able to get him the ball. Maybe they could have joe Webb throw it at his feet a couple of times tho… Just for old times sake, that would be fun!!

  17. vikes are fags

    Thompsonis a smart guy. Jennings was hurt all year. You overpayed big time with how many games he will be sitting because he is hurt. Jennings was a product of a great system. When are you pussies going to build a real stadium. Purple pussys!

    • Vike Fan

      In 2016 our nice big, brand new stadium will make the Mayan ruins a.k.a. Lambeau Field look like…well Mayan ruins I guess. Oh and which stadium would a big name free agent rather play in? Hmmmmmm probably the brand new state of the art stadium in Minneapolis. No offense but it pays off to upgrade once every 30 years or so but I guess the pack didn’t get that memo with their shitty ass frozen field.

      • Savage57

        Oxymoron phrase – “State of the art stadium in Minneapolis”.

        Impossible, it will be a toilet like everything else in your shithole state, including the team that plays there.

        Know what else, jizzbag remnant? You’re the only fuck in the entire universe that missed the memo that Lambeau is considered the iconic stadium of the NFL.

  18. BD Swingin'

    I see the Viking trolls are out in full force. Takes some classy individuals to go to a superior, opposing teams page and make outlandish comments when they now that they aren’t as good as their record indicates. Without AP, MN would’ve won 2 games but I wouldn’t bet on a repeat performance next year.

  19. rebelgb

    LOL Vike Fan you pathetic fuck tard, are you talking about your super new stadium that the fucking NFL had to pony up to help pay for because your pathetic so called “fan base” refused to support your failure of a team? I mean really who can blame them? Pay 500 mill for a stadium for a team that has NEVER won a Super Bowl? Christ who wants to build a stadium like that when it doesnt even require a trophy case?

    When Wallace says he doesnt want to play in the cold of Minnesota, read “I dont want to play for that shit organization.”

    But then he couldnt say that now could he….

  20. 28 Adrian

    MPLS-STP is listed as one of the top ten happiest places in America. Where’s Green Bay on that list? Therfore, you have no right to call us a shit hole, fat douches.

    PS We also have better things to do with our time than bash other people’s football teams

  21. tedtomato

    Well said Rebelgb..yeah those fucktards sure are jealous of the packers. Usually when Thompson refuses to sign a 30 year old to a huge contract it works out well for the pack. Wallace didnt wanna wear that faggy purple uniform..thats why he said no. Stupid Kooks On Ludes..hows that purple pansies.

  22. tedtomato

    What success is this that you speak of? Losing an nfc championship game& never getting to a superbowl with that fag team? Thats more like failure!

  23. stevgie

    All you Packer fans don’t know what to say except talk about your old history. Well you better wise up to the NOW cuz your team is gonna be hurting for years to come when contracts for 3 players kill. You can rely on the draft but if you have one or two bad drafts your hosed. Vikings are getting younger and building for a long haul. Too bad some great Packer players are crossing the border cuz they can see whats coming.

  24. The packers have no running back that’s worth anything. You tried to pick up a big name older running back, but Thompsons butt cheeks started puckering, and he was gone. Every time we get a player from the average packers he does well and Jennings is only 29, its not like he doesn’t have 4 or 5 good years left. Packers are on the decline and the Vikes are on the way to the top. Suck it packers fans – the truth hurts.

  25. Don Q

    Green Bay won the Superbowl February 2011, apparently 2011 is old history. Lambeau was remodeled 10 years ago and looks absolutely fantastic. Last but not least MSP is not a happy place to live. It’s full of backstabbing “minnesota nice people. Stay pretentious minnesota!

  26. Vike Fan

    The vikes new stadium will cost around 975 million total which I think you meant to say is 500 million dollars more than what Lambeau cost to build. And Lambeau can get remodeled 100 times and not one viking fan will notice because it will still look like rubble compared to what our new stadium will look like. And how was Green Bay’s 2012 draft class compared to Minnesota’s 2012 draft class? Hmmm Minnesota 2 pro bowlers, Green Bay 0 pro bowlers. Now that Spielman is in charge we will be able to build through the draft AND free agency. So I’m pretty sure the vikings are sitting pretty. Have fun when Rodgers gets hurt one of these years and your 25 million a year goes to waste.

  27. Don Q

    Keep wading through shit vike fan. How many electronic pull tabs have you purchased? Every time I watch FOX 9 they tell how miserable the viking fanbase really is by the lack of pull tab purchases. You guys are full of hypothetical bullshit that it’s coming out of your ears. Keep fighting the hopeless fight you poor hapless bastard. Nobody really cares about the vikings except fickle pretentious fanbase.

  28. Nacho Libre

    New stadiums with state of the art shit doesn’t mean a damn thing, Tony Homo will tell you that.

  29. BD Swingin'

    The only reason MPLS-SP is a happy area is because of all the illegal immigrants have our jobs, welfare is handed out like free candy to children, and a governor who is a complete joke who wastes our tax dollars on a stadium that isn’t needed. That’s right, Minnesota doesn’t need a new stadium, they simply need to renovate. I know this because I live there and I know better then to cheer for anything in this shit hole state.

    • 28 Adrian

      Twin Cities, 10x the place to live than any part of Wisconsin. I’d rather have a bad governor and immigrants in my state than a bunch of low life, racist, homophobic rednecks that have nothing to do other than bash every football team that’s not the Packers.

  30. Ponder

    Ain’t that Tony Romo contract SWEET?

    Go Arod, get and take the Money, just like Brett did.

    Then Brett lost his OL. that sucked.

    Couple years from now, when a young QB is drafted, Aaron will pout like a child, and look worse than Favre ever did.

    dun dun dun dun go pack go

  31. Tequila

    This has to be the ultimate bottom feeder post yet. It’s amazing how ignorant Queens fans are, I honestly had to reread many of these comments just to figure out which one of the cousins they were fucking. It’s confusing being simultaneously angry, stupid, and illiterate, isn’t it?

  32. Vike Fan

    How many stupid articles do you see vikings fans writing about how much the packers suck and aren’t doing anything to improve their team? Zeeeeeeero. Only aretards from Wisconsin know how to waste their time doing stuff like that. You guys are ignorant. Why not complain about the Bears or Lions? Oh yeah they are both going downhill too, just like your Green Gay Fudge Packers. I guess if writing articles like this gives your fan base hope then you will need a lot more where that came from because your time on top of the division will disappear in a hurry once Rodgers signs that extension.

  33. stevgies

    Man, remember when Pack fans were booing and just slinging hate at Rodgers when he became the starter. You really made youselves look like dumb inbreeders.

  34. stevgies

    Yea, then he became great and your like oh this guys great well we can turn our back on Favre now, hes done. You guys sure are in your own world. No wonder nobody can talk serious about football with you guys. All you do is sling trash. Shows a LOT of ignorance. No class.

  35. Apeshit

    #47 written by stevgies
    03/31/2013 – 5:31 am

    Good luck Pack (for years to come) your gonna need it.

    #49 written by stevgies
    03/31/2013 – 5:44 am
    All you do is sling trash. Shows a LOT of ignorance. No class.

    Typical Vikes fan…. talking out of both sides of his ass.

    • tequila

      Dude, are you ok? What kind of snap pop version of meth is available in Red Wing these days? Sober up and come back when you can put together a complete thought.

  36. Don Q

    If you want to find low life, racist, homophobic rednecks look no further than the Twin Cities Suburbs and out-state. They’re not the types that make Chapelle show type racist jokes. Very stereotypical, and they treat minorities differently. How embarassing! If it weren’t for the job opportunities and diversity the twin cities would be nothing more than a white trash haven.

    • 28 Adrian

      Minnesota, great quality of life. We get out and enjoy the outdoors. It is by far one of the least racist, homophobic states. Wisconsin is one of he most. I have friends from the Twin Cities suburbs and they are definitely not racist around my minority friends. Want racist or homophobic? Go to Wisconsin, Texas, the Carolina’s or any of those places. Those are the states that are stuck in the 1920’s.

  37. Mike R

    holy shit, I can’t believe I just wasted 10 minutes of my time reading all the queen fans idiotic posts. 2 things vikings fans should never talk shit about or even mention is super bowls and stadiums. and who the fuck has time to troll websites like this? i’m glad to come here once a day to get some updates on the Packers and get a few laughs here an there, the last thing I give a shit about it going to some stupid fucking vikings website where they say the word skol every other sentence, and talk about how great it is to get old Packers players. seriously, just please stay off this website, and you can all skol my hair nuts.

  38. Don Q

    Standard Minnesotan lying and pretending. If you’re ignorant enough to believe that a state line divides behavior then your just as guilty as the biggots in the midwest. 99% of white men who I know/ work with in the twin cities have made racist comments. My boss has made racist comments about my family. Stop lying 28 Adrian, It makes you look desperate to win an argument. Since your Vikings can’t win anything of consequence I suppose low lifes like you need to resort to things of that nature. The majority of white Minesotans are racist: FACT!

  39. tedtomato

    Those morons..all they ever comment on is fat redneck packer fans..yeah we’re not all fat we’re not all rednecks and most of us have more than a kindergarten education. Unlike people from your purple pussy state. Yeah your teams gonna draft 2 more troy williamsons to go along with jennings. If the pack sucks so bad..why does your team keep signing our leftovers and keep trying to copy teds model for success.

  40. tedtomato

    The only reason we talk shit about your shit team is because you purple shit heads come on our Green Bay Packers website and start talking shit about our team. Go jerk off to your poster of the goat roping mullett!

  41. IM A TROLL

    Alright you guys, I’m a die-hard Packer fan but I lost a bet and was forced to troll packer fans on the internet. I found this article and figured it would be the easiest to troll on. My apologies, as this got extremely dirty. There haven’t been any Vikings fans on this page, just me being different names and trolling. Well, I’m done with this website now that I’ve made a total dick move on it. My apologies and this huge troll here is signing out.

    • tequila

      Idiot. Like people make bets to troll on Packers blogs. Clearly a Vikings fan who was, like all of them, dropped on their head as a baby.

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