Greg Jennings Visiting the Vikings

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Greg Jennings injured

Greg Jennings injured

Well, if this is how it ends, Greg Jennings can go fuck himself. According to Adam Schefter, the free agent receiver is set to visit the Minnesota Vikings after drawing no interest in free agency from anyone besides the Green Bay Packers and those aforementioned losers.

With all the top-tier free agent receivers off the market — Mike Wallace, Wes Welker, Danny Amendola — Jennings is running out of options. So it appears he’s resorted to the shitbag Vikings as a way of trying to get more money out of the Packers. Hey, we got it, business is business.

Still, that doesn’t mean Jennings won’t sign with the Vikings. They were interested early, but reportedly found Jennings’ asking price too high. Obviously so has everyone else or Jennings wouldn’t be sitting around on the third day of free agency without a contract.

As Jennings watched Welker and Amendola sign deals averaging $6 million per season on day two of free agency, his market value dropped even more. You could make a pretty strong case that, based on those numbers, Jennings isn’t worth more than $7 million per season.

We doubt Jennings sees it that way, though. Of course, that’s probably why he doesn’t have a deal yet.

As for the Vikings, we’d still label them as desperate for a receiver. The only move of note they’ve made to address the position since trading Percy Harvin was to re-sign Jerome Simpson. He had 26 catches, 274 yards and one enormous forehead in 2012.

Although Jennings has said one of his priorities is to play with a top-notch quarterback, that desire has clearly been thrown out the window if he’s visiting the Vikings.

Obviously, the desire for money is overriding everything right now.

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21 Comments on "Greg Jennings Visiting the Vikings"

    • cd4packers

      Yes, it is getting old….I hope we hear something by the end of the day. I don’t think Jennings wants to be a Vikings…seriously, I am sure he still wants to play for the Packers…knowing that he would at least have more of a chance to get back to the SB…with the Vikings highly unlikely. lol

  1. Nacho Libre

    Yes I agree, this is getting old and fuckin’ annoying. Either shit or get off the goddamn crapper already.

  2. Ivomitonvikingfans

    I think this is the case of his wife having his balls in a jar and wanting out of Green Bay.

  3. PackAttack

    Why? Why? Why?

    Regardless of whether or not he signs with MN why even consider it?

    You’ve been through the whole Brett Favre thing, you’ve watched as fans from your true franchise now hate him in GB, you’d be playing with Christian Ponder arguable the worst QB in the NFL, after this year you’ll be playing in an outdoor college football stadium for 3 years in front of arguably the worst fans in pro sports. Great you get to play with AP and “might” get a few more million from MN but at what cost? You take that over playing with the best QB, the best fans, the best football atmosphere on the planet and the shot at winning Super Bowls in the next 2-3 years?

    Jennings. Learn from Favre’s mistakes and don’t be a dumbass. It took this franchise less than two years to forget about that old bastard and unlike any MN team the Pack went on to actually win something in 2009.

    Don’t be stupid.

    • Packer Bob

      It’s about the money. He gonna sign with whomever pays him the most. And that won’t be the Packers.

    • PackAttack

      ahhhhh – take that back you get to play with Matt Cassel too!!!

      Ponder and Cassel — there you go Greg. Cassel couldn’t hit Dwayne Bowe for 3 years but he should be able to hit you at TCF Bank Stadium.

      Go for it Greg. Remember it when were holding up the Lombardi and your sitting on the couch playing balls balls with Ponder and Cassel.

  4. Packer Bob

    With the exodus of Percy Harvin they’d be crazy to not sign him at this point. Such much for playing for “a great quarterback.” He must have really thought he was gonna get big money. Or rather, his agent blew sunshine up his ass.

    In the end, it’s always about the money. And when they say it’s not about the money, it’s about the money.

    Adios Jennings. You’re now the enemy.

  5. tim

    His numbers will fizzle and he’ll be hurt halfway through the season – he’ll just sit on the sidelines and count his money.

  6. rebelgb

    I have to admit I would be at little upset with the Pack if Jennings went to Minnesota. Look, they dont have a single decent fucking receiver on their team now, do we really want to give them one? Over what, a Mill a year? We can probably get Greg for $7 Mill a year now, and about HALF the signing bonus we were looking at 6 months ago. Why wouldnt we consider that?

    Im sorry but unlike the RB position where I think we can afford to search for the “diamond in the rough” , playing magical chairs with WR”s is a bad idea. AGAIN, I DO NOT want James fucking Jones as our #1 WR. All you who think he is good enough for that are delusional.

    How many long balls did JJ catch last year??

  7. tim

    Supposedly he signed with the enemy as of dinnertime here in Minneapolis. Let’s face it, he won’t have to do much or be able to do much and won’t be expected to be exceptional as there is nobody to throw the ball to him. Surprising to me that he’d want to downgrade for a little more money – to ultimately have no chance at championship play.

  8. tedtomato

    I think teddy hurt his feelings by not offering 12 million a season. Oh well go play where all former great packers dreams die.

  9. tedtomato

    This is a Packers website..he can call that faggot purple puke team a shitbag team if he wants! You dont like it go back to your own damn website!

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