Free Agent News Packers Fans Care About: Day One

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Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace

Do we give a shit that the Cleveland Browns blew a giant load all over Paul Kruger as soon as free agency started? Not in the least. Here’s what we, as Green Bay Packers fans (and Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears and to a much lesser extent, Detroit Lions haters), care about and what it means.

The Chicago Bears struck first and signed tight end Martellus Bennett, who spent last season with the Giants and used to eat a lot of fried chicken when he played for Dallas. The Bears, who are expected to utilize the tight end a lot more under their new regime, wanted and needed to address this position. Bennett had 55 for 626 and five TDs in 2012. The Bears top tight end was Kellen Davis, who caught 19 for 229.

Are we more afraid of the Bears than we were last season? Nope!

The Miami Dolphins, as expected, threw a bunch of money (five years, $65 million) at receiver Mike Wallace. This is notable to us only because they haven’t shown any interest in Greg Jennings.

Later in the day, the Bears went and signed an offensive lineman — something they should have done two years ago. They got tackle Jermon Bushrod, formerly of the Saints. Bushrod will replace J’Marcus Webb, who’s the guy Jay Cutler shoved during the Bears first loss to the Packers last season. So, obviously an upgrade.

Are we more afraid of the Bears now? Slightly, but not a notable amount.

What did the Vikings do? Well, they tried to overpay Mike Wallace and, predictably, failed. They did, however, manage to secure three guys that played for them last season — tackle Phil Loadholdt, fullback Jerome Felton and linebacker Erin Henderson.

The Bears actually wanted Loadholdt, so, you know, the Vikings couldn’t let that happen.

These two offensive guys will allow Adrian Peterson to run for a bunch of yards again while Christian Ponder continues to be terrible. Oh, and did you hear? The Vikings traded Percy Harvin because he complained about how terrible Ponder is too many times.


Hey, what about Charles Woodson? Well, he’s finally getting some play and the good news for him is maybe he won’t ever have to face Colin Kaepernick again… except in practice. Woodson is visiting the 49ers on Wednesday.

And, in one Packers-related move we weren’t able to get to elsewhere, the team actually reduced Johnny Jolly’s salary. The recently-reinstated Jolly was counting $2.521 million against the Packers cap based on the restricted free agent tender he got way back before his suspension.

He’s now counting just $715,000. That’s a good sign the Packers are at least willing to see what he can do on a football field.

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30 Comments on "Free Agent News Packers Fans Care About: Day One"

  1. Iltarion

    The Backstreet Boys (all FIVE of them!) are hard at work on their new album, and, hot off the presses, are set to appear on “Good Morning America” on August 31 for a comeback performance that includes the recently reunited Kevin Richardson!

    In addition to that highly-anticipated performance, the fivesome are in London right now recording a brand-new album. Don’t believe us? Check out the photo (below) we got out hands on of Nick, Kevin, Howie, Brian and A.J. looking as fine as ever in the studio. They are there working with producer Martin Terefe, who has cooked up hits for the likes of Train, Mary J. Blige and Jason Mraz.

  2. Nick

    I’m not saying I told you so about Woodson, but I’m telling you I told you so:

    “#24 written by Nick
    02/16/2013 – 7:45 am


    Classic TT. Thinking he decides when players need to retire…I think, like Favre, he is one year off. Woodson is going to be a great addition and could cause us lots of problems. Bottom line I would rather play with him than against him. I can only say that for maybe 1 or 2 players on our defense.

    He is not worth 10 million but his leadership alone is worth a million. would have like to seen at least at least an offer.”

  3. Nick

    Yeah, a left tackle probably won’t help us with the read-option. Let’s get someone to help our crappy-ass defense. Somebody TT, anybody: Reed, Goldson, Asumygha.

  4. Nacho Libre

    I would have to burn my Woodson jersey if he signs with those gay area forty faggers. The last thing I need is seeing my all time favorite player, playing on the team in which I detest the most in the entire league, not to mention all the Whiner bandwagon fans.

  5. Richard

    You’re an idiot if you think Woodson deserved 10 million this year. You’re not ‘telling anybody so’…not sure how a trip to SF suddenly makes any of your blithering nonsense suddenly correct.

    • Nick

      Perhaps you can’t read: “He is not worth 10 million but his leadership alone is worth a million. would have like to seen at least at least an offer.” FYI, the little marks, before and after the sentence, are called quotation marks.

  6. Richard

    ‘ and ” are actually both called quotation marks, single and double. I’d say avoid both grammar and football discussions from now on and find a new hobby.

  7. Nick

    No, Doug. Ask him to restructure his deal to reflect his market value. He wanted to stay in GB. They didn’t even make him an offer. I had no problem with the move if TT was going to go out and get another solid defender: Reed, Goldson, Asumygha, Revis etc…, but we both know that is not going to happen.

    • Nick

      Dick, I mean Richard, the post was not a grammatical lesson, but rather to point out your blatant inability to read. See above. By the way, ‘ is properly referred to as an inverted comma. Nice try, I’m sure you spent 10 minutes looking it up. That my friend, is what I call “blithering nonsense.”

    • Iltarion


      Love the C-Wood. Seriously.

      But dude can NOT play safety.

      He no longer has the cover skills to play corner, and his inability to play zone keeps him from successfully transitioning to safety.

      In short, his “value” is next to zero.

  8. Richard

    Nick, maybe if you had spent more than 10 minutes figuring out how an NFL salary cap works, this thread wouldn’t have been overloaded with your nonsense, you bloviating shitbag.

  9. Nick

    Thanks, Dick. You are full of an infinite amount of wisdom. Figure out how the NFL salary cap works? Two words dumbass, restructured contract. They have roughly 18 million in room–the most in the NFC North.

    Go “blow”viate on that.

  10. Richard

    Wow, the most in the whole NFC north? That’s incredible. What is that, like eleventeen teams? Maybe if they also trade Rodgers and Matthews now they won’t have to blow up the entire team in 2 years for the sake of signing your favorite 37 year old player

  11. nick

    Dick, I feel bad for you. I don’t think u can read. I could give 2 shits about c wood if TT would spend the money on a guy to help the d. He won’t, and u are going to watch them give up 600 yards next year. U dont free up cap space through an already pathetic d. And if u do, why not pickett and Hawk. Saves 15 million.

  12. Richard

    I feel worse for you, Nick, because no amount of fucking salary cap spending in March can save a defense in January that is down to 3rd string linebackers due to injury. Hawk only frees up 2 million this year if released because of the contract he is under. But I wouldn’t expect your stupid ass to have any actual knowledge on the subject anyways.

  13. Nick

    You sir, are a dipshit. He’s set to count $7.05 million against the cap in 2013, way too much coin for a two-down inside linebacker. Packers could save $5.45 million in cap space by simply cutting him.

    I’ll let you get back to your delusions of grandeur, underneath TT’s sheets.

  14. Richard

    If it were June 2nd you would be correct. Unfortunately, AJ is not going to voluntarily opt-out of the prorated portions of his contract through 2015. Maybe you can copy and paste a different source next time, fuckstick.

  15. Nick

    Your boyfriend, TT, is the one that cut him and then resigned him with an 8 million dollar signing bonus–not me. It would just kill TT to part ways with his horrible fifth overall pick.

    I would be happy to pay the reamining portitions of his signing bonus, over the next couple seasons, than watch him make one more tackel 14 yards down field. The first step in recovery, for you and TT, is admitting you’re dubmasses.

    • Iltarion


      TT needs advice from you like I need stock market advice from my 8 year old.

      Keeping or releasing Hawk has nothing to do with where he was picked or by whom. It has to do with whether there is anyone better to take his place.

      TT resigned Hawk a month after we won the Super Bowl with Hawk as the captain of the defense. Remember?

      The Packers finished 11th in defense last season. They were bounced from the playoffs after failing to stop a running QB. Your suggestion to fix this is to cut the two guys who weren’t even on the field during any of those plays.

      Maybe if your sink gets plugged, you should break your TV. That will do it.

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