Detroit Lions are Back to Doing What They Do Best

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Amari Spievey

Amari Spievey

Thanks Amari Spievey!

You just couldn’t put your finger on it, but you knew something was wrong this offseason. The Packers have their heads up their asses, the Vikings are pretending they’re relevant and the Bears are investing in free agents that will really get them over the hump this time… really. All of that is normal. The Detroit Lions, on the other hand, were playing against character. Well, not anymore.

The Detroit Lions are back to doing what they do best — getting arrested.

The Lions had nearly as many arrests last offseason as Calvin Johnson had catches during it. Some guys really went the extra mile and raised the bar by being arrested twice in the same offseason. Then Detroit became Bizarro World this offseason. No arrests. All quiet.

That is, until Tuesday, when Lions safety Amari Spievey was arrested in Middletown, Conn. after a row with his girlfriend over child support. Both Spievey and his girlfriend, Lisamarie Santos, were charged with third-degree assault, risk of injury to a child and disorderly conduct.

Santos told police she and Spievey, her live-in boyfriend, got into an argument about child support. She said he is the father of her 2-year-old daughter. At one point during the argument, Spievey put his hand around Santos’ neck and pushed her, she told police. Police said they observed a small red mark on the front side of her neck.

In a later statement to police, Santos said Spievey was telling her daughter “not to be like your mother.” She also told police that when she asked Spievey for money, he told her to “take him to court,” according to police.

Spievey told police Santos grabbed his throat with her right hand and he had to push her hand away. He also told police she threw a “flurry of punches at his chest.” Spievey allegedly told police he already gives Santos child support and that he will pay anything for his daughter, but he will not pay for Santos to “go shopping and pay off her student loans,” according to police.

Gotta love that last part. Amari Spievey will not pay for your shopping and student loans, woman! Ya ought recognize!

And just like that, our favorite thugs are back to their thuggish ways and everything is normal with the world.

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    • DevilDon

      Oh no, it’s fun alright. I was wondering all this time what was going on up there. You know, like, did Schwantz get a handle on his players?
      “Thanks for the snap, thanks for the daughter but hellz no, you can’t have a new dress” lol

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