Could Greg Jennings Become More Selfish? You Bet!

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Greg Jennings flattened

Greg Jennings flattened

We made the point yesterday that Greg Jennings, despite what he said previously, cared about one thing and one thing only in signing with the Minnesota Vikings — money. That alone wouldn’t make us classify a person as selfish though. Hell, we all like money.

Then Jennings went on Jim Rome on Monday and showed his true colors, criticizing the Green Bay Packers for not stepping up and for not giving him the ball enough.

First, he talked about their contract offer.

“In my opinion, was it a good strong (offer)? Absolutely not. Again, that’s what they were wanting to do, but it wasn’t, no, no, no.”

We’d beg to differ of course. Maybe Jennings wasn’t aware of this, but no one was banging down his door. The Packers and Vikings were the only teams interested in him. It was reported that the Patriots were also interested, but the Patriots have since stated they never offered Jennings anything. So the Packers’ $8 million per season offer fell $2 million per season short of the Vikings’ offer.

Frankly, the Vikings were desperate for a receiver. No receiver on their roster had more than 500 yards receiving in 2012. So they overpaid, which is what desperate teams do. Considering the much more accomplished Wes Welker got $6 million per season and the younger Danny Amendola got the same, the Vikings overpaid by about $4 million per season.

Anyone who says the Packers offer wasn’t strong is delusional, but that’s obviously something else Jennings is. It’s also been reported that Jennings asked the Packers for $15 million per. That would have made Jennings the second-highest paid receiver in the NFL, behind only Calvin Johnson. He would have outpaced Larry Fitzgerald by about $1 million per season at that rate. He also would have been the highest-paid player on the Packers by an average of about $5 million per season.

A joke is what that is.

Here’s where it gets better.

Jennings says he wanted a fresh start because… wait for it… he wasn’t getting enough balls in Green Bay!

“I understand that they have a lot of talent … and they’re going to have to showcase that talent, and we all can’t be as successful as we want to be individually with so many guys around,” said Jennings.

“You want to have individual success, you want to have overall team success, but you want to feel like you’re a part of it, and it’s hard. It would be hard for me to sit here and say, man I was in a great position, I could have thrived. And I believe this with all my heart, not one guy over there can really maximize their potential because of the depth we had.”

Translation: I don’t care about team goals, only my personal stats.

No wonder you signed with the Vikings. Certainly won’t have anyone to compete for balls with there. Certainly won’t have to worry about any team success either, but hey, pad those stats, buddy!

One day you’ll make it into the Minnesota Vikings Hall of Fame! It’s filled with trophies!

Did anyone know Jennings was a such a diva? I mean, we shouldn’t be all that surprised — he’s a wide receiver. Still, we’ve never seen any indication that Jennings was such a me, me, me guy before.

Now we know and now we can say this.

Good riddance.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

49 Comments on "Could Greg Jennings Become More Selfish? You Bet!"

    • vik-king101

      sniff sniff it smells like packer fans are worried, and just look at ponders last game against you chumps i think he did “okay” just 120 passer rating. It was a great deal.

      • Gene

        Our defense has plenty of holes. Plus they were more concerned with Peterson, so they stacked the box. But if you want to take that week 17 performance (which is pretty much an average day for Rodgers) as a sign that he is a future all-pro, be my guest. In fact, you guys ought to sign him to a lucrative 10 year deal or something. Nothing would warm my heart more than seeing the Vikings tie up a ton of cash in a QB like Ponder. Go for it.

      • Savage57

        Horned assholes fan – go fuck yourself and that worthless collection of ‘maybe next year’ asspipes you tools have supported for the last 50 years.

  1. Underpaid Contractor

    2 things Greg:

    1.) Your team will be dependent on to be 50% of the offense. You’ll take more hits and if get injured or don’t produce then AP better have a monster game. That’s what no depth does for your team.

    2.) In order for you to catch a ton of passes your QB needs to step up and deliver. Your expectations might be a couple notches too high.

    Good luck with those stats.

  2. Iltarion

    Greg Jennings played 7 years for the Pack, and I never once remember him complaining about getting the ball.

    This interview sounds to me like- I signed the big contract, and now I have to come up with reasons why.

    It is nice to be needed. Minnesota needed Jennings and made that clear to him. The Packers wanted Jennings back, but didn’t need him. Plus, the Vikings guaranteed the first two years of the contract. I doubt after two injury plagued seasons, the Packers were willing to do the same.

  3. BerryJS

    Well then, you deserve what is going to happen to you. This guy gets to spend the next two years catching passes eight games a year from an awful QB. Then he gets cut when the team is blown up. Hey, at least they got AD.

  4. One game doesnt make a qb there bud. Overall ponders stats are not very impressive. Ive heard enough of these viking fans chirping about how great their team is. Championships are not won in march. We will see who has more wins come january

  5. Jeff H

    Honestly, great addition for the Vikes. Greg Jennings and Percy Harvin are a sick 1-2 combo! When Percy see’s a safety over the top all game, Greg will be wide open! I’m not sure who the Vikes No.3 WR is, but I bet she’s a nice lady. Can’t wait to see how many TD’s Ponder throws to these two studs!

    • therealChuckywasCecil

      seriously? what part of the Harvin trade did you miss? Pretty hard for Percy to be analyzing safeties in a Viking game while playing for Seattle.

  6. tedtomato

    Yeah queen-queen..youre delusional..your pussy team sucks outdoors! Hope they draft a couple more troy williamsons..jennings will be hurt by week 5.

    • vik-king101

      that is funny your own QB plays worst outside then inside. again check yourself before you wreck yourself.

      • #GetItRightRoger

        You got that a little backwards, see he plays better inside than outside. He still plays better outside than you QB does….anywhere.

  7. Ivomitonvikingfans

    Good riddance. Now the question is how bad will the NFL fuck the Packers when it comes time for a compensatory pick?

    • Vijay

      Yeah, um he’s quoting Jennings in this article and then editorializing and forming his own opinion on his own blog, which is sort of what a blog is about there chief…

      Good luck with Jennings over there, he’s already started to alienate his teammates by calling out the WR corps. When we had Greg, he was humble and a hard worker, in the last year or two (ever since the Super Bowl run) all of the commercial appearances have started to reveal that he’s a bit of a diva.

      “No disrespect to the guys he was throwing the ball to, but you could just get a sense that he needed a little bit more around him to give him some help.”

  8. SKOL_BANDIT_2000


  9. Don Q

    Viking fans like talking out of their ass as opposed to using facts. If one of those rejects actually used facts it would be a short conversation.

  10. Tucson Packer

    Hmm, maybe Greg, you didn’t catch many balls cause you were sittin on a bench this season? Cant wait for the Queens to follow their tradition of competing with the Lions for who sucks more in the NFCN (or league overall) as they once again miss out on the Playoffs. I mean c’mon, you wear purple, nobody respects that much less your SB record… which blows more hot air than you trolling DD-bags do just on this site alone.

  11. AU

    Wow. Packer fans are sooooo salty over this deal. And Jennings is a guy that can play outside and slot, also 2 years younger than Welker. MIN “overpaid” maybe a mil because they had to. Jennings made HIS DECISION that was best for him and his family. Call Greg, Brett, Longwell and Sharper traders. But the real Judas is Packer Nation – who all get butt hurt when a player leaves. Your heart is in the way…let it go.

    • Gene

      If a player leaves, so be it. But when they sign with the Vikings to spite the Packers, we have a problem with that.

  12. AU

    Look at these comments. Whose being selfish? Greg – making a personal decision for the future of his family? Or Packer Nation – “fans”…. and thats it….just fans. GET OVER IT

    • Iltarion

      I have no ill-will towards Jennings. Great player and great guy for the locker room.

      I laugh at the “future of his family” talk though. So, his family might struggle if he takes $40 million instead of $45?? Hahahaha!!!!

  13. AU

    And way to show some class. Already seen multiple comments on this site alone wishing injury on Jennings. Who’s selfish??

  14. Ben Fremont

    I get it Mr. Jennings. It is super hard to compete for balls on the Packers. With five sets of nuts slapping against Aaron Rodgers chin and another 5 slapping his butt hole, you would have to switch to the 2nd team or the defense just to get a nice pair of juicy balls for yourself.

  15. Don Q

    Being a pro athlete and being a family man are two completely different things. A family man doesn’t have a nanny take care of his kids. If you buy the whole Jennings “doing it for his family” you’re a fucking moron and pissed that Packer fans are raining on your Jennings parade. Stay futile Vikings.

  16. DevilDon

    Funny how an unselfish guy all these years in the Packers locker room suddenly makes it all about his personal goals once he’s a Purple Puke.
    It was in the news all year that the Packers would not be resigning Jennings. Packer fans aren’t bitter that he left, just that he’s a Purple Fucktard we can’t root for anymore.
    Percy Jennings!

  17. tedtomato

    Yeah purple patsies..not sure whats funnier..their showcase for all those superbowl trophies..or that gay high school cheer..skol..stupid kooks on lsd

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