About Greg Jennings and the Vikings

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Greg Jennings injured

Greg Jennings injured

Yeah, we know. Greg Jennings left the Green Bay Packers for the Minnesota Vikings, becoming the latest in a long line of traitorous fucks to do so. This was not lost on us, but we happened to be out of commission this past weekend, so we’re just getting around to it now.

Forgive us.

In the end, Jennings was about exactly what we knew he was about in the beginning — money. Jennings signed with the Vikings not because of their potent offense or their Super Bowl chances, but because they threw the most money at him. In the end, playing with a great quarterback was not at all important, even though Jennings said that was one of his top criteria for a new team.

It was only about dollars and the Vikings gave him almost $10 million per season (five years, $47.5 million with $18 million guaranteed). So he did is song and dance about feeling wanted.

We’re real happy for you, dick.

The Packers actually offered Jennings $8 million per season and the Patriots reportedly offered him $6 million. Not good enough, obviously.

So Jennings got overpaid by a desperate Vikings team. He got his money and the Packers really aren’t that much worse off, at least on the field.

The team has plenty of receivers to replace Jennings, as they proved last season while he stood around for most of the year on the sidelines. What the loss really hurt was in our confidence in the Packers.

After supposedly being close to signing both Jennings and running back Steven Jackson last week, the Packers came away with nothing. It kind of makes you think they guys in the front office are doing some sort of keystone kops routine.

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31 Comments on "About Greg Jennings and the Vikings"

  1. DirtyAndy

    Let the Cassel/Jennings threat begin. lol Hope it was worth leaving the legions of loyal Packer fans for a bowl of chili, Greg.

  2. Jon Mallaber

    Thanks for 7 years and the effort in the Super Bowl Mr. Jennings. Your talent and playmaking abilities will be missed. However, you now play with a bunch of panzies who can’t play in the cold. I now hate you.

  3. PackerFanInFL

    Fuck him, he (like favre) is nothing but viking semen backwash seeping from Jeff Irncink’s asshole!

    • jeff ircink

      Hey dick, my asshole is so loose nothing “seeps” from it. Rather, semen gushes out of that cavernous ringpiece that i call an anus. That thing is stretched out like elastic on Oprah.

  4. Savage57

    Wow, a tough start to the week saved. Things have been all fucked up so far today, so I dropped by to see if there was any news of more stupid shit by the horned assholes on here to brighten my day and lo and behold…

    Really reassuring to be able to know that when things aren’t going your way, there’s a place you can go where you’ll always know that the universe remains in balance – so long as the soulless revenant fucks to the west are reviled with utter disdain and contempt by the loyal fans of the best NFL franchise in existence.


    Skol, assholes.

  5. Kreg

    I don’t fault TT for not signing either one of those dudes. Why throw good money at a 30yr old brusier who has been irrelevant for a few years? Why overpay for a banged up, older receiver who we didn’t miss last year. Clearly only the Vikes and Pack were truly interested in Jennings, why no one else? Same with Jackson.
    I just hate that Vike fans think this is a total slap in our face. Wait til Jennings gets hurt again and Peterson gets busted for steroids, (it’s obvious, no one goes from pretty damn good to out of this world good coupled with a new roid rage attitude if they are not using) then the joke will be on them. …..Just like when Brent Farve had them on cloud nine, rubbing it in our faces, until 30 secs left in the Championship game. I felt like I won the SB that day!

      • Kreg

        You must be a naive Vikings fan if you think no one is using steroids just because the NFL tests for it. It’s called RANDOM drug testing for a reason, they don’t test everyone. Lance Armstrong was tested too, wasn’t he?
        Good thing you aren’t in charge of the PED Program. That’s Performance Enhancing Drug, in case you don’t know what that means either, Buddy.

    • Packer Bob

      I don’t see how it’s a slap in the face because the only way the Vikings ever become relevant is when they sign an ex-Packer.

      What do you call a Viking with a Superbowl Ring? An ex-Packer.

      Now that is a *slap* in the face.

  6. nurseratchett@work

    Thanks for the memories, but good riddance. We all know he was going to go where he got the most cash, period. Lets see what his sister has to tweet about Ponder or Cassell……

    GO PACK GO!!

  7. tequila

    Nothing more priceless than a chili stained naive grin on those pathetic Vikings wimps stammering down the street. It’s that look they have Christmas morning right before their precious toy train breaks because your parents are cheap and drunk. The train was a hand me down and there is no Santa you simple fucks.

  8. Packer Bob

    Jennings wanted $12M. Nobody was gonna give him that. But when his price came down the Vikings became interested, and in the end he ended up getting more than what the Packers would have paid him.

    When somebody says, “it’s not about the money”, it’s about the money. Good luck with that team, Greg. You’re gonna need it. :)

    Also, it sounds like Steven Jackson was never interested in signing with the Packers. I’m glad they stuck to their guns and didn’t get into a bidding war with Atlanta. At his age, Steven Jackson is not worth it.

    Remember, there’s a reasons a lot of these “star” players get cut. As more teams realize that’s it better to draft players and then sign them before they hit free agency, you’re gonna to see a lot more “over the hill” players get released. Free agency is going to become a old folks home for NFL players.

  9. Not gonna miss Jennings one bit. There always seemed to be something selfish about that guy that rubbed me the wrong way. Some said he was a reach in the second round coming from a small school but he proved his doubters wrong and helped us win a Super Bowl. I’ll always appreciate him for that but how do you spend 7 years with a guy like Donald Driver and not learn a little humility! Feeding your kids is one thing but being wealthy and a legend for life is priceless! When it’s all said and done i think he is gonna regret his decision to leave GB especially since his chances of ever sniffing another playoff game will be slim to none. Go on with your bad smelf!

  10. Vijay

    Nothing personal here. A win win for the Packers as far as I see it. Ted does have a knack for finding skill position “value”…other “need’ positions like defensive/ offensive line is still a big fat “?”.

  11. the real russ letlow

    read where we offered GJ 10 mil per year for a contract extension (before or during the 2012 season) and he turned it down. He was shooting for 14 mil at the begining of FA right? So when nobody wanted him at anywhere near that price, the queens offer 9 + and GB offers 8 mil. seems to me his greed cost him a few bucks. also sounds like Jackson was using the Pack to get Atlanta to pony up. He was quoted as saying that is where he wanted to go all along. Packer Bob says it all – these guys are free agents for a reason – age, declining skills or greed. or all of it.

  12. justin

    Man. You guys are like a bunch of little school girls. If you knew he was leaving and it doesnt matter. Then why are you guys flaming so bad. Because deep down you know the problem the vikings are a better team with jennings and you guys are weaker without him. DEAL WITH IT. vikings are rising. Packers are falling. You will kepp gutting your team to pay for rodgers big invoming deal. And we will watch as your team falls apart. Your window is closing and ours is just about to open. This draft will show how good the vikings will be

    • Kreg

      Nah uhh, the Packers are NOT falling, you weenie. You guys are the big fat fallers.
      The Packers have a record of drafting and developing. We loose role players all the time, you nincomepoop.
      You bafoons over paid Brent Farve….How’d that work?
      You tinkleheads over paid Jared Allen…How’d that work?
      You Fizzledings over paid that one receiver from the Bears..
      You Dingleberries over paid Hutchinson…
      You Poopoofaces over paid Sharper…..
      You Stinkybreathes over paid Longwell….
      Should I go on, peepeeleg? Making a move in free agency by overpaying someone doesn’t bring home the hardware. Those dudes had good seasons but ultimately they couldn’t help win the Championship.
      Soooo….Good luck “DEALING WITH IT” when Jennings also is not the magical missing link you need.
      But seriously, you had a killer draft last year and another one like that will make you hard to beat.

    • Phatgzus

      You have 5 years ’til AD retires or breaks down, by that time GJ and Allen will be in the same boat. Enjoy your next 5 years, after that it’s going to be another half century of “rebuilding”.

  13. Ben Fremont

    Traitor? He was probably just tired of fending off Aaron Rodgers homoerotic advances. No means no. Someone send Aaron a copy of the leagues sexual harassment policy before the whole wide receiver corps jump ship. Wide receiver is just a position name and it should not be such a turn on Mr. Rodgers.

  14. vikes are fags

    The Packers are falling? Really? How is the Vikings window opening? I’ll bet you ayears salary Jennings can’t play a full season without his uterus hurting. I just can’t wait til the purple fags come to lambeau this year. Retire in minnesota There Jennings. We dont want your number in our ring of honor. Good riddance oldspice greedy piece of shit.

    • EP

      “I’ll bet you ayears salary Jennings can’t play a full season without his uterus hurting.”

      I’ll take that bet. Males can’t have a uterus. Pay up.

  15. justin

    Over paying? You guys will have to rodgers a new deal in 25 mil a year range to keep him around. That is a huge portion of your cap. And you want to talk about overpaying. Good drafts. Your picks have been average at best as of late. You spend more than half your picks on defence last year and still had one of the worse defences in the leage. You are falling. Two stud wr down. 3 to go packers.

    • Phatgzus

      It’s not overpaying when he’s the best individual in his field; overpaying is giving a 41 year old QB 20 million dollars to play 13 games and at a level below the majority of the others at his position; get a dictionary.

  16. justin

    You overpaying is giving 15 million to a washed up lb and 25 mil a year to a whinning little bitch who will never escape farves shadow

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