Aaron Rodgers is Going to Get $25 Million Per Season

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Aaron Rodgers on The Office

Aaron Rodgers on The Office

Here’s another one of those exhausting reports about how the Green Bay Packers are getting closer to a contract extension with quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Reporter: You getting any closer to a deal with Aaron Rodgers?
Packers source: Well, yeah, I guess I’d say we’re little closer than we were last week.
Reporter: Sweet! That’s a story! Roll the presses!

So yeah, you knew the Packers were working on a new deal for Rodgers and some time has gone by since you heard that, so unless time now works in reverse, logic would tell you the two sides are closer to consummating that deal than they used to be. That is, unless Rodgers is treating it like a corporate negotiation, felt slighted, threw his documents in his briefcase, closed it and walked out.

We doubt that happened though.

So is there any information in these latest reports that an idiot couldn’t figure out by simple deduction? Why yes, my dear Watson, there is.

It’s that Rodgers is going to get around $25 million per season. This is higher than the previously-reported figure of $23 million per season and it’s about $5 million more than Little Joey Flacco makes per season.

Most importantly, it will allow Rodgers to buy a shitload of RVCA t-shirts and Volcom hats. Or maybe he can even upgrade his wardrobe from that of a 17-year-old snowboarder. Who knows?

The possibilities are nearly endless.

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33 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers is Going to Get $25 Million Per Season"

  1. the real russ letlow

    the Flacco deal skewed (screwed?) the whole contract universe. AR is worth much more than Flacco, but you can’t pay a dude 30 mil per and expect to have anybody else on your team except rookies and veteran minimums. bummer……………

    • Savage57

      Couldn’t agree more. TT is all about cold heartless logic so why not just hold AR to his current contract for the next two seasons, tag his ass for 2015, suck the remaining three, best years of his career out of him for about $40MM instead of throwing (gasp) $100MM+ at this guy? I think it would start to reverse the contract lunacy that seems set on repeating the salary bloat that’s infected baseball. At worst it might make it possible for the Packers to build a more balanced team with regard to overall player quality at a much wider range of positions.

      AR’s been durable to this point, but since the OL is so fucking shitty and no one can seem to fix it, suppose AR gets splashed all over Lambeau early in the 2013 season and never plays again or returns to his present form? Say $50 to $60MM of the contract’s guaranteed. Who do the Packers turn to as QB? Matt Leinart? Who can they realistically afford with all the dead money tied to AR. Or do they go to their power running game, all sarcasm intended.

      Just seems like a huge risk exposure. Yeah there’s upside in retaining AR, but why do it at such a high cost premium when you have a much more economically attractive avenue to secure 75% of that upside for 40% of the cost?

      I suspect a lot of fans are going to go nuts about ‘screwing’ St. Aaron, but this shit is so out of control, it’s almost like the home lending bubble of 2007-2008. And, if there’s anything we’ve learned, the phrase “I want to be a Packer for life” plays really well with fans and the media until the eagle starts flying around – then it’s Green who?

      And besides, like Favre learned, the Packers are transcendental when it comes to any one player. The fans not so much, but the organization sure is.

  2. longtimepackersfanin Texas

    Why all the competition over amounts…is anyone really worth that much money? Don’t get me wrong Aaron is the “bomb”…perhaps the best since ol’ Bart but his stats are only as good as his front line and his receiving core. I know we have to pay to keep…but WOW…I’m just saying!

    • Mike R

      Agreed, Rodgers is the best in the game, but what is more important, being the highest paid, or winning super bowls. Not saying I wouldn’t do the same in his position, but yeah, Packers are fucked if that’s the case. The salary cap is staying where it’s at for a few more years. Not a whole lot left for the rest of the team.

  3. BD Swingin'

    A-Rods worth to GB is astronomical but why don’t these QB’s realize that their salary is 1/5 of the teams whole salary cap? That is crazy rediculous. A-Rod, Matthews, & Raji will cover 40-50 million combined.

  4. E. Wolf

    I really hope this is not true. I had hoped he would pull a Leroy Butler.
    Not optimisitc about securing future Lombardi Trophies, which is all that really matters. The Green Bay Packers–the Atlanta Braves of the NFL for the past 20 Years.

  5. Vijay

    No, Aaron is not worth much more than Flacco. They are both Super Bowl MVPs (though Jacoby Jones might take issue). Flacco had a superb playoff performance as well…maybe 9 or 10 TDs and no picks…so, yes, Aaron statistically is better but Flacco is certainly now good enough to be considered fringe elite as well. He has improved his game quite a bit and still throws an excellent deep ball. If you say Rodgers is better because his stats are better, consider this, Texas Tech employed a high octane offense for years and racked up points and yards, yet you wouldn’t call those QBs elite, would you? It’s not that Rodgers is not elite, because he is and he deserves about $23-25 Million per year. But to state he’s that much better? I’m not sure how you gauge that–what would Aaron’s numbers look like if he had a Running game and a defense worthy of a Championship? His numbers would likely go down a bit because he wouldn’t have to do it alone…get it?

    Pay da man his money…$23-35 M per year for 4-5 years with a big $50-60M guaranteed and be done with it already.

  6. PackAttack

    Let’s just start focusing in and arguing about the draft. Pay Rodgers and Matthews — who cares, Thompson isn’t ever going to spend anything in free agency anyways so who gives a shit.

    Let the arguments and criticism begin on this one — but the best player I think Thompson could draft this April is gonna be Marcus Lattimore. And I can already hear the criticism starting to roll in on that opinion.

    A buddy of mine is a pro scout for the NFL and in talking to him the other day he said the club who ends up drafting Lattimore is going to end up getting the steal of the draft. If Lattimore didn’t get hurt he’d be going top 10 and most likely be headed for Arizona.

    The haters case against Lattimore is the two knee injuries to two separate knees — I get it. But if that’s the only argument you have to go out and get this guy in the 3rd and 4th round that’s pathetic.

    The pros outweigh the cons in Lattimore’s case. He’s made a miraculous recovery, twice now. He was by far the best back in college football before getting hurt, he’s got ideal size, strength, speed, vision and makeup that the Packers covet. His work ethic obviously is above average and with everyone in the organization and fan base gushing over DuJuan Harris there’s zero reason for Green Bay to rush Lattimore back onto the field. With Green Bay set at RB they could potentially hold Lattimore out most if not all of the season and get him ready for 2014.

    What’s the problem with that? Taking a potential premier, game-changing RB (which GB has been without since the Ahman Green era) who could rival the talent of AP (if healthy) in the 3rd or 4th round???? I don’t see how Thompson wouldn’t jump at the chance to get this guy. Imagine a healthy Lattimore and Rodgers — which has the potential to be the best 1-2 punch in the NFL.

    So what if Lattimore doesn’t work out? Say he gets hurt again or doesn’t pan out. Okay — I could list a plethora of busts from Thompson’s picks that range from Brian Brohm and Patrick Lee to Brandon Jackson and Derrek Sherrod — fine the jury is still out on Sherrod how about Terrence Murphy and Abdul Hodge (all of those picks taking place in the early rounds of the draft), none of them panning out — Lattimore couldn’t be any worse of a pick is my point.

    I think you do whatever you can to draft this guy in the 3rd or 4th round or you trade up to get him — regardless this is the RB you take based on the potential he could bring to this offense.

    But drafting RB’s has not been a strong point for Ted Thompson in the past, chances are it won’t be in 2013.

    • Buster Bluth

      Thompson has a history of drafting players who were injured in college so why not one more?
      I see you had to mention D Sherrod. Has this guy gone into the witness protection program? The pack treats most of their O line as interchangeable parts, but they are living on the edge at LT.

      • PackAttack

        Any pick in any draft is a “risk”, there is no “safe pick”. I believe you draft on potential and value of the player vs injury risk. And we are talking about the possibility of taking this guy in the 3rd or 4th round — I’d say the reward vastly outweighs the risk in this case.

        Last I heard on Sherrod (according to the MSJ) was that he’s still not out of the woods in his recovery and that the Packers are skeptical if he will ever make it back. He looks like a long shot to be ready for training camp.

        But there’s the perfect example of a guy — injury risk, Thompson took him in the 1st round in 2011 and it didn’t work out. I can see the same skepticism coming from taking Lattimore but the truth is it’s two different athletes, two different work ethics, two different bodies. Sherrod wasn’t the impact player Lattimore was when he was healthy and your talking about taking that player in the mid-rounds as opposed to early.

        But I agree. Thompson needs to add depth on both of offensive and defensive lines with this draft — then I’d like to see him draft a TE and hopefully Lattimore in the later rounds.

        But he won’t.

          • PackAttack

            Don you yet again never fail to amaze me with your stupidity.

            Guy missed time as a Junior because of an injury and missed additional games as a senior. But lets read his scouting report coming out of college to further illustrate what a pile of shit he is.

            Negatives: Lacks functional lower-body strength. Does not roll off the ball flat-backed with power or generate movement in the run game. Not strong or powerful at the point of attack and relies on finesse. Lacks confidence and plays too soft-tempered with little emotion on the field. Almost plays too nice and does not seek to finish. Passive playing temperament turned off evaluators at the Senior Bowl.

            Summary: A polarizing evaluation for many NFL teams, Sherrod does not fit ideally at any one position on the line. He lacks elite athletic ability for the left side and ideal power for the right, but has a nice blend of both qualities and enough to function at left tackle in the pros. Could even wind up kicking inside to guard, where some teams have graded him, and versatility is a plus. Has clear starter talent, does not get challenged much and should take over at the OLT position readily, warranting first-round attention.

  7. Tucson Packer

    Lets say we get another shining star on the team, either through draft, practice squad etc (never FA obviously) How would we be able to keep them IF Rodgers does get a contract of this size?

    • PackAttack

      Ilitarion and Packer Bob are going to start up a prostitution ring and all the profits will go to Green Bay Packer Football.

  8. TT is a butt hole

    Awesome! Now we have the highest paid QB in the league and the shittiest O-line to go along with him…and only the draft as a way to improve. Every team gets their starting O-line from a rookie draft class and practice squads, right?

    Love A-Rod, but what Brady did was a lot classier. Was hoping for something along the same lines, considering Rodgers is a good all around guy. Wrong! And I’m sure everyone will say “Anyone would do the same in that situation” which is bullshit – Tom Brady had that chance and he said that winning titles and banging supermodels is more important than a few extra bucks. Which by the way, a million dollars in Green Bay goes a fuck of a lot longer way than in Boston or any large market. So he needed $25M?? Is Bean Snappers that expensive these days?? Christ Sake, Greg Jennings lived in a friggin mansion for $400k before he sold it. You can’t even get a studio apartment in New York for that. Next time Rodgers says that winning is what’s important, you can call shenanigans on that load of crap because he single handedly hand cuffed the packers hopes of improving beyond the 4th best team in the NFC. Is there any doubt that SF, ATL, and SEA and are stronger?

    And you know it wasn’t like that tight ass TT was pushing it on Aaron Rodgers – If Ted could, he would pay for players with friggin Food Coupons to save a buck or two.

  9. Packer Bob

    Wow, a lot of negative comments.

    By locking up Rodgers for the next several years the Packers have ensured they will be contenders for every single one of them. How much is that worth? And if they extended Matthews’ contact you’ll have arguably the best offensive player and best defensive player in the game and on your team for the foreseeable future.

    I fail to see how this is a bad thing.

    • ballz

      whoa whoa whoa, matthews is not one of the best defensive players in the league… check yourself man. He’s the best on our defense for sure but compared to other elite pass rushers he is injury prone and streaky. I pray that his contract isn’t a long term one. The man is a beast but he has trouble staying healthy. He’s got debilitating shin splints like every day of the season.

  10. John Denver's Gavel

    Save big $$ by:
    2013: AR current contract
    2014: AR current contract, Draft:1st rd QB
    2015:AR franchise tag, Draft: 1st rd QB
    2016:AR franchise tag
    2017: AR (34 yr old) to free agency, start QB drafted 2014-2015
    Plus this will really piss AR off, hilarity ensues, etc

    • DevilDon

      Who’s the QB we are going to draft. Got a single guy picked out? I mean it’s easy to find franchise QBs right? Ask 28 NFL teams. They all have ’em.

  11. lars1

    No thanks. Sherrod is just the latest injury bust. How has Starks worked out? There’s no logic in ignoring the extreme risk, not to mention, he will miss the mini’s and training camp, putting him a year behind in development.

    If you can get him in R7 (Datko) or UD, then sure. Otherwise, it’s falling for into the old “value” trap on an player who’s had TWO devastaing knee injuries, runs in the 4.6’s and only averaged 4.6 YPC when healthy. Ignore the extreme hype and feel good nature of Lattimore’s story and get somebody faster, less injury-prone.

    (And, you know with that upright/tall running style Lattimore is another leg injury just waiting to happen.)

  12. DevilDon


    Don you yet again never fail to amaze me with your stupidity.
    Guy missed time as a Junior because of an injury and missed additional games as a senior. But lets read his scouting report coming out of college to further illustrate what a pile of shit he is.
    Summary: Has clear starter talent, does not get challenged much and should take over at the OLT position readily, warranting first-round attention.

    You fucking moron. You had to search long and hard to find a negative about the guy. Nobody but you thinks he was a bust when he was drafted. You’re a negative Nancy who gets your panties all bunched up when the Packers don’t win a SB.
    Even your negative review saw him as a first round pick. Where did you get this? Bleacher Report?
    Here’s the thing for you PackAttack, when so many people find your comments negative and ignorant you call people stupid. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe it’s you that’s stupid?
    I’m not one to push little sniveling bitches around but you tire me.

  13. Name Required

    Good for Rogers. Great QB and Great guy. Hope this doesn’t handcuff the Packers cap wise when they have to re-sign any of their other veteran players.

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