Packers Sending Coaches to College to Study Read-Option

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Dom Capers

Dom Capers

The Green Bay Packers might actually be prepared to defend a read-option attack the next time they see one.

After getting gouged by San Francisco’s, coach Mike McCarthy decided to send his defensive staff to Texas A&M to study the attack.

The Packers gave up 579 yards to the 49ers in their divisional playoff loss, including a single-game quarterback rushing record of 181 yards to Colin Kaepernick.

“Definitely there’s a lot of conversation about the read option – rightfully so,” McCarthy said. “Five hundred seventy-nine, that’s a number that will stick in our focus as a defense throughout the offseason. We’re studying the read option, the teams that are doing it in the NFL.

“We’re even going to the college ranks, we’ll have a couple college coaches come in, spend some time with our staff. Actually, our defensive staff is going to take a trip to Texas A&M, Kevin Sumlin is someone I have great respect for and with his ability to share from both the offensive side and the defensive side his experience in the read option.

“It’s something from an education, preparation standpoint that we will grow as a staff and be better prepared for in the future.”

Sumlin coaches A&M and not only do they run a read-option attack with quarterback Johnny Manziel, but they see quite a bit of it throughout the SEC. A&M finished their season 11-2 and pounded Oklahoma 41-13 in the Cotton Bowl.

Effective strategy? That remains to be seen, but Baltimore reportedly employed it prior to the Super Bowl and we know how that turned out.

Frankly, the Packers couldn’t have used a more ineffective game plan than they did against the 49ers. So it would be really hard to be less prepared going forward.

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19 Comments on "Packers Sending Coaches to College to Study Read-Option"

  1. Iltarion

    The defense didn’t lose that game, it was Aaron Rodgers who was innefective moving the ball. And I am super gay.

  2. Ponder

    man, that packer defense is Terrible.


    Why don’t you guys cover the VIKINGS Stadium anymore? You used to show up on google news, and I would read your “unbiased analysis.”

    Now….. you don’t comment anymore? Is it because the VIKINGS soon will be playing in a State of the Art Venue while you will be sitting on a Aluminum Bench the rest of your life?

    Are you Bitter about that?

    Damn……..I mean you used to show up on Google News! You were hot. That’s the only reason I would ever come to this Crap website, because you showed up on Google News.

    Now, after running your Mouth, you won’t cover the BUILDING of the new VIKINGS STADIUM.

    you suck

    • Kozak

      What difference where the Queens play? They are still the same shitbag, looser, no rings, no class, chilli slurping,choking, wannabe, crossdressing assholes.

    • Vijay

      13 time NFL Champs to 0…your franchise has a ways to go. Good luck paying for that stadium when fans don’t even fill the seats and money doesn’t come back on that investment. I smell tax increase!!!

      • Ponder

        haha, thanks for the replies. I’m just out collecting Internet Debt, I can now cross this site off the list.

        You see, for years Pack Fans enjoyed the Vikes Stadium issue, now that it is approved, it is my duty to enjoy the approval, and punch you in the Face with it.

        You know what i like about this site? The raw Hate. Sure the posters aren’t very Bright, but the Hate is solid. Keep up the good work.

        • Savage57

          Ass scout, wanna know what the smallest room in the new SoTA Minneshithole Shitfucks stadium will be?

          The trophy room, asshat.

  3. Savage57

    MM gives you plenty of reasons to question him as a coach on Sundays, but then from Monday to Saturday the guy proves over and over again why he’s such a great HC for the Pack.

    Just wish he’d let someone else call plays because creativity isn’t a long suit for him.

  4. Packman Joe

    Play the Quarterback, you nail him two or three times, he doesn’t get up the third time. End of run option. Play football.

    • James

      Amen to that Packman.
      The Ravens assigned one guy to hit him constantly over and over again weather he had the ball or not.

  5. Vijay

    Looking at the footage, our DBs coverages were played very very well, which prompted Kaepernick to run with a huge running lane available to him. If we could play more zone and disguise some coverages, maybe we could trick him into throwing a pick. We definitely need more edge speed to, our front 7’s play speed outside of Clay is very average. Look for more help with guys who play well in space and have more side line to side line tackling capabilities. Too bad there’s not a ton of sideline to sideline guys in this draft–but there are some intriguing safeties. Other guys with elite coverage range include Dion Jordan, Alec Ogletree. We could pick up one of these guys and have them as more of a specialist on 3rd downs but then with the read-option, you never know what down the opposition will choose to run and it will probably be when the QB sees a “space guy” is off the field that he chooses to run.

  6. Don Q

    Those shitty metal bleacher seats at Lambeau sell out every game. After the new wears off you’ll see entire sections empty at Shit-dome 2. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  7. Richard

    This story is hilarious. What a bunch of morons. I’m curious to know what they gameplanned for the week before heading to SF that they were caught so off-guard.

  8. Don Q

    Ponder, really!? You wouldn’t blog here if you didn’t hate Packer fans. Besides nobody cares about your shit stadium. We respond to make sure you know how much we want you to fall into a pit filled with starved honey badgers. BTW how are those electronic pull tabs going? Fox 9 seemed concerned by that lack of pull tab sales. Way to support your team assholes.

    • Ponder

      It was a long wait for the Stadium, years before approval, and when this site kept showing up in my google news, I freely admit it pissed me off.

      So I came back. But that’s what a rival should do, piss them off. Good job by total packers.

      Fox 9? So you moved to MN to get a job like so many other thousands from WI have? Well done.

      About the pulltabs, they aren’t in enough bars yet, but will be. And the state is on the hook for their share, the source is up to them.

      BTW, go ahead and post the current MN Tix prices for seats between the 20’s compared to GB then talk smack.

      Lastly, Enjoy Free Agency.

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