Packers Interested in Chris Canty Again

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Chris Canty

Chris Canty

The last time Chris Canty was a free agent the Green Bay Packers tried to sign him. Then the New York Giants swooped in and grossly overpaid the defensive lineman.

Canty got axed in a salary cap move after the season ended and the Packers have again expressed interest. Mike Garafolo says the Packers have a visit with Canty scheduled after the combine ends.

They won’t be alone. Canty will also visit the Jaguars and has already received an offer from Tennessee.

There’s good reason to believe the Packers are again looking for ways to improve their defensive line. Jerel Worthy won’t be ready for the start of training camp and more importantly, the defensive line was terrible against the run in 2012.

If the Packers sign Canty, he’ll play defensive end, filling much the same role Ryan Pickett does. Although he’ll turn 31 this season, there’s reason to believe Canty has a bit left to offer.

He posted career highs in tackles (47) and sacks (4) in 2011. Although he only played nine games in 2012, Canty still recorded three sacks and 26 tackles.

Since he was released, Canty can sign before free agency begins.

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8 Comments on "Packers Interested in Chris Canty Again"

  1. Iltarion

    Same as the last time, there is no way you get into a bidding war for this guy. If you can get him for $3 mil or less a season, then fine.

    The problem is that he isn’t a run stopper either. The Giants liked to play him primarily on passing downs.

    He makes a decent DE for the 3-4 because he can get to the passer a little, but until you are willing to let Pickett walk (next year), I doubt the money is there for him.

  2. Iltarion

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    So, if you have a question, instead of waiting for Monty to ask something on this site, just email me at .

    • Iltarion

      Sweet. What is really cool is when I multiply into two different posters. That’s when I really take over shit.

      Hell, some posters have come after me by splitting into multiple log ins, figuring they could get rid of me by ganging up on me. Hahaha!! Hell, no, I now have an answer to them. There are fricking two of me!

      Sure, one of me only posts to rip on the other and basically be a troll dumb ass, but still, a bastard child is still a child. And every once in a while they are even funny!

      So, I applaud your efforts. If I was trying to dominate the comments on this site, you are making my job twice as easy. Keep up the good work!

  3. Vijay

    C’mon guys we all know the drill here. Nothing new about our team being linked to Free Agent chatter. I don’t see it happening unless Canty wants another ring, highly doubtful. He has a couple rings already, so the Championship thing is out in my opinion. That leaves money and we all know Ted likes to get value for the dollar, really like a Walmart shopper. I keep saying if they get a FA to come in, it won’t be making a splash for this position.

    I’d look for a more affordable name to come in to help by the numbers, and I don’t think we can stop there–we need to consider a DT/DE prospect in the first 2 rounds of the draft as well.

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