Of Course Greg Jennings Would Play for the Vikings

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Greg Jennings injured

Greg Jennings injured

Free agency doesn’t officially begin until next month, but Greg Jennings is already doing his best to line up as many johns as he can. After whoring himself during Super Bowl week, Jennings did the same on NFL Network last night.

Although Jennings still maintains he’d like to return to the Green Bay Packers, everything else he’s done says otherwise.

So, Greg, what about signing with the arch rival Minnesota Vikings? Jennings is certainly open to that!

“Honestly, it’s one of those situations where like I said, it’s a business. So it’s pretty much whatever would be the right fit for myself as well as my family as far as living accommodations, that’s where we’re going to end up…Absolutely. All other 31 teams are an option when it comes to being able to have an occupation and play the game I love to play.”

Minnesota is on the list of our top potential destinations for Jennings, although Miami is No. 1 on that list and seems to be Jennings’ first choice.

There’s no saying the Vikings won’t get to Jennings first though. Keep in mind, free agency is often about who strikes first. Players line up a bunch of visits, but the big-name free agents often end up signing on their first one.

This will be interesting to watch. The Packers haven’t had a player who will garner this much interest in free agency since Aaron Kampman.

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11 Comments on "Of Course Greg Jennings Would Play for the Vikings"

  1. the real russ letlow

    If the suck head is saying this crap about playing for the queens to distance himself from the GBP fanbase, he’s succeeding.

  2. mxz600

    I honestly think, Jennings would rather stay in Green Bay. With that said. The bottom line, is the Packers dont appear to have any interest in him, (much like the C Jenkins situation).Therefore, as far as i’m concerned, Jennings can go wherever he wants and i wouldnt give it another thought. Jennings has been nothing but a stand up guy for the Packers. This isnt like Brett Favre, in any aspect. the Packers havent appraoched him, he’s gonna shop himself and sign the best deal he can. You can’t hate him for that. I wish him all the best, no matter where he plays. ………….. side note, if you watch him catch a ball, his 1st move is a QUICK pivot move and run, thats why he gains yards after the catch, you see Randall Cobb learning that same move from him.

  3. Abe Frohman

    Jennings is smart enough to not write off anyone. If I were in his position, I wouldn’t play for the Queens, but I’d use them for leverage to drive the price higher for where I did want to play (cough Miami cough).

  4. Savage57

    I’m as tired as anyone of the Queen’s using the Packers as their farm system, but I think it’s great that the results speak for themselves.

    No matter what they do they always wind up sucking ass, and the Pack finds ways to win Super Bowls, so I’m probably less chapped about it than I should be.

    My biggest concern is for the former Packer players and their families having to go live in that glob of caca they call Minneshithole.

  5. cd4packers

    Hey, I am a Packers fan but I live in MN. I find your comment disgusting and quite frankly…garbage. I am proud to be a Packer fan…and I feel most Packer fans represent their team well. But you are an embarrassment. Does it make you feel like a big man to use profanity in you post? lol I won’t even go into why you are an idiot for thinking the Vikings are not a threat…every team is a threat and should be treated as such. I know TT and MM do not take any team for granted. For to do so would be fool hardy and would inevitably spell doom for the Pack. Know your enemy…but never underestimate them. Showing respect to other teams…gives the Packers an edge…because it means they will be prepared when ever they encounter them. You are an imbecile.

    • DevilDon

      I don’t think he enjoys the thrill of being a big man using foul language as much as I do. I relish the opportunity to throw “F” bombs and reference bodily functions and body parts.
      You know you’ve arrived as a big shot when you can use profanity as an adjective.
      Do YOU feel like a big man when you chastise people on a blog? Does it make you feel all he-man-in-charge when you tell people what to say?
      The Vikings are a threat you bet – to invade Greenland. Fuck the Vikings, fuck the threat of the Vikings and fuck you CrossDresser4Packers!

  6. Iltarion

    Jennings has had some big time catches, including Favre’s record breaker, against the Vikings, and he’s slick as shit in that dome.

    They would be morons to not pursue him hardcore. If they get Jennings, they would be Ponder being worth a shit away from being a dangerous team.

    I would have zero hard feelings for Jennings if he went there. This is NOTHING like with Brent.

  7. cd4packers

    I think the Vikings are pursuing Jennings…and I think Jennings would be happy playing there. I know he is also looking at Miami..but IMO, MN is the better team with a better chance for going farther into the playoffs. I don’t think Miami is anywhere near being a playoff team yet. If Jennings is a competitive person, and I think he is..he would want to play for the Vikings for a couple of reasons….first, he would get to continue in the same division and play against teams he is familiar with….there is always plenty of attention given to players who are going up against the team they use to play for. Not that Jennings has any animosity towards the Packers that I know of…but I am willing to bet he would enjoy the experience. I don’t think Jennings is a hard core, life long Packer like we consider Donald Driver to be. Second, he knows the Vikings players…and who wouldn’t want to play with AP? And Frazier seems like an easy going guy that just about anyone other than Percy Harvin could get along with. I personally would like to see Jennings stay in this division. But good luck to him in whatever path he chooses to take.

  8. wc666

    Hey, He’s just marketing himself. Nothing wrong with that. If the Pack realy wants him they’ll sign him. He has alot of years left and if we let him go it’s open seaon and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

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