Johnny Jolly Reinstated!

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Johnny Jolly

Johnny Jolly

And will solve all the Green Bay Packers problems! C’mon, we know that’s what you were thinking. The day has finally arrived — Johnny Jolly and his Purple Drank have been reinstated by the NFL.

The move was made quietly on Monday. Where to even begin?

This is as good a place as any…

Jolly last played for the Packers in the 2009, when he turned in his finest pro season (39 tackles, 1 sack, 1 INT, 1 FF). And then… it all went to shit.

Jolly was arrested for codeine possession, arrested again for the same thing and then, finally, arrested again for drug possession and tampering with evidence. It was this final arrest that actually sent Jolly to the clink. Somewhere in there he got suspended indefinitely by the NFL.

Then the redemption tour began [cue theme from Rocky]. Jolly beat his addiction, got out of jail, applied for reinstatement to the NFL and, obviously, finally made it back.

Somehow, the Packers still hold Jolly’s rights. In 2010, they tendered him a restricted free agent offer and then he got suspended. That offer was for $2.5 million. It’s not clear how this will work out financially or if the Packers even want Jolly back (although there was a lot of talk about “support” from the coaching staff three years ago).

What we do know is Jolly will count against the Packers salary cap one way or another.

Jolly is currently 30.

This could work out, right?

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27 Comments on "Johnny Jolly Reinstated!"

  1. Chad Lundberg

    Not much to lose here. Just resign him. I think he turned a corner when he finally admitted his addiction.

    • Savage57

      Agree, and second the idea of bringing him in to at least take a look. There’s no downside.

      And seriously, folks, do you really think JJ is going to go bug shit some night and be able to roll out and find any purple drank on the mean streets of Green Bay? Did folks there even know what it was before JJ got popped for it in Texas? Hell, no.

      And for all you hard-liners that have never screwed up in life and think that giving someone another chance is somehow weak, remember to hold tight to that point of view if you ever find yourself holding the short side of life’s wishbone.

  2. Adam

    Bring him into camp, work him out. If it doesn’t work then release him and move on. I don’t think there’s any guaranteed money there anyway. Nothing to lose on our part, and honestly, I think our D Line needs some bad attitude to it.

  3. mxz600

    Chad, he is signed…That isn’t the question. The Packers own his rights under his old contract. There is nothing to lose, because i highly doubt TT wants anything to do with his drama. The Packers gave him a 2nd chance once already, so what did he do?…he went and got arrested again. He burnt his bridge, not to mention he’s been out for 3 years, and probably seriously out of shape……Why mess with him, when you can bring Cullen jenkins back, a professional, who takes his career seriously?

  4. Iltarion

    I don’t see TT spending $3-4 mil a year on a 32 year old like Jenkins.

    Otherwise, agree with max6000 here. Once an addict, ALWAYS an addict. The Packers should have broken a record for quickest release after his reinstatement.

    I would suggest Jolly go join a bowling team with Smokey Williams and J’Marcus Webb.

  5. John

    Totally agree with #4 Adam. Nothing to lose. Aside from The Claymaker, I am not sure he wouldn’t be an upgrade on the D-line. Even Raji had merely a so-so year, IMO. Give him a chance.

  6. mxz600

    I dont know if Jenkins would cost that much….The market will dictate that i guess. The thing is, I’d rather have him for 3 million vs 6.2 million were gonna pay Pickett…Plus…we’d have a net gain of 3.2 million in salary cap relief. I think ultimately Pickett might be happier that way anyway…he could spend more time filling up his fat ass up at the the Golden Corral in Green Bay.

  7. mxz600

    Pickett is the 5th highest paid Packer player and he’ll be 34 in October. I just cant stand looking at the guy, he might be a nice guy, and i understand D lineman, usually have higher body fat…But Jesus Christ…look at that guy, he’s grossly obese, for those that pay attention to the line play. They know like i do, that half the snaps he plays. he gets knocked on has ass….6.2 million?….b s…Enough already.

    • Iltarion

      Pickett is by far the best run stopper the Packers have and scored the best grade of all the Packer DL last season.

      His contract is over at the end of the season, however, and the Packers are unlikely to resign him due to his age and salary expectations. For 2013, however, Pickett is untouchable.

  8. mxz600

    Pickett is a run stuffer?…ok…Lets see. Picket had 3 solo tackles, 24 assisted tackles, 0 sacks, 0 ff’s. Thats worth 6 million?……matter of fact, Pickett has had 1 sack in 12 years in the NFL…..While Mike Neal, playing part time, had 4.5 sacks, because unlike Raji and Pickett, he can get upfield.

  9. mxz600

    Ok, lets look at Raji….who is supposedly due a big contract soon. For 4.5 million Raji had 6 solo tackles, 10 assisted tackles and 0 sacks, 0 ff’s……sorry, but it is what it is……It’s time to stop paying players for 2010….The Packers dont need over payed bodys…The Packers need playmakers

  10. JimTalkBox

    There’s no harm in bringing him into OTA’s and seeing if he’s still got anything. In reality, they don’t have to make any sort of big commitment to him until August/September.

  11. Abe Frohman

    He may be 30, but he doesn’t have a lot of mileage on his body because he’s been out of football for a while.

    TT is more than willing to give people a second chance – provided he likes them. He did so with Koren Robinson.

    This is a low risk move and one I endorse. If the guy comes back and can contribute, why wouldn’t you want him?

  12. mxz600

    Didnt they already give him a 2nd chance? The Packers kept him around and supported him after his arrest. All the while, the Courts gave him another chance by slapping him on the wrist. It would have all gone away if he didnt get in trouble again. So then what did he do?…Hung out with J’Marcus Russell, and got pulled over and arrested again for having more slurp, while driving w/out a license. Getting charged with another felony, Then he got sent to prison. Sometimes…You can’t fix stupid.

  13. Vijay

    Are you getting the same player? Doubtful. Cut bait and move on…it’s been too long. If you want to bring him in as a camp body then by all means, like Hargrove last year, see what you got. This is not a solution to our problems but if he’s in good football shape, maybe he could regain something and be on the practice squad or activated for a few games here or there. I still say look for them to make a small spash in FA.

  14. ay hombre

    Give him a shot. ARodge called out the NFL for not allowing Jolly to be with the team after his first arrest which is exactly what he needed….support from his teammates.

    He seems well liked, he’s paid his dues, and maybe he’s in reasonable shape. Without a doubt you have to give this guy a look before shipping him to the scrapheap.

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