Greg Jennings Wants Insane Money

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Greg Jennings injured

Greg Jennings injured

It’s little wonder the Green Bay Packers have made no effort to re-sign receiver Greg Jennings considering the insane amount of money he wants.

Tom Pelissero reported Jennings wants $14 million per season.

Really, Greg?

That number would make Jennings the third-highest paid receiver in the NFL, behind only Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald. It would also make him the highest-paid player on the Packers by a fairly sizable margin.

Jennings certainly isn’t the best player on the Packers. We wouldn’t say he’s the third-best receiver in the game either.

Jennings will be 30 this year and is coming off an injury-filled campaign where he recorded just 36 catches for 366 yards in eight games. He has three career 1,000-yard seasons, but his last one came in 2010.

In addition to missing eight games in 2012, Jennings missed three in 2011. Some might call that injury-plagued.

Some team will likely throw some big money at Jennings in free agency, but $14 million?

You’re dreaming, buddy.

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13 Comments on "Greg Jennings Wants Insane Money"

  1. peter

    Just read that teams aren’t willing to give Mike Wallace 11 mil so no way will Jennings be getting 14.

  2. Gene

    If you follow Greg on Twitter you know that he’s all about being GREAT and 14 Mill would in fact BE GREAT but it’s not gonna happen.

  3. Andy

    You cant blame the guy for wanting a bit of money on the back end. 14 mil is a stretch though. The thing is he’s a great reciever but he’s always had good Qbs throwing at him. I mean if you cant get fitzgerald the ball he’s pretty useless to. The tems reportedly interested in him dont have the means to get him the ball to ehich end he will be completley useless and overpaid. His best bet would be to re-sign with green bay, which would mean taking less than he wants

  4. mxz600

    How credible is this? Because Tom Pelissero said so? So i tried to find his source, and all i could find is, that he heard it. Heard it from who? His mailman? His neighbor? Unless i hear it from Jennings or his agent, or a credible source from an NFL team. I call B S.

  5. mxz600

    Some mention him resigning with the Packers. I wouldnt mind that, but looking at TT’s past history of letting go C Jenkins and Scott Wells without even trying to re-sign them (2 mistakes IMO) I dont see TT even discussing it, once he makes up his mind. But then again…Who am i?….Just my .02 :)

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