Aaron Rodgers and Hayden Panettiere? You Bet!

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Hayden Panettiere and Aaron Rodgers

Hayden Panettiere and Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is a busy guy. When he isn’t slinging footballs for the Green Bay Packers, he’s a man about town. And despite supposedly being engaged, he was still hanging out with actress Hayden Panettiere recently.

The pair were spotted together and were reportedly being flirty. We don’t really know much else, except we believe the photo you’re seeing is from her Instagram account.

Panettiere has a history with NFL players. She was dating former New York Jets eighth-string receiver Scotty McKnight for a while. Maybe she’s looking to trade up?

As for Rodgers, he has a solid history as a broad wrangler, but was spotted during the season with girlfriend Destiny Newton and it looked an awful lot like she was wearing an engagement ring.

When questioned on the subject, Rodgers only grunted.

By the way, Panettiere is a 49ers fan, although we’re not sure why. She’s from New York.

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9 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers and Hayden Panettiere? You Bet!"

  1. nurseratchett@work

    the off season has begun. Oh, well, I’m sure DD will enjoy these updates on A-Rog’s allegedly penile activity…..

  2. Bob

    Wow. Is this for real? It’s just a picture! Since when does everyone automatically assume you’re dating everyone you get a picture with? I have a picture with Ryan Gosling. Does it mean I’m banging him?! (I wish!)

    Oh, and Hayden’s a 49ers fan as she was supporting a friend of hers on the team, and you are “not sure why?” Funny how you retrieved this picture off her Twitter page – the same place she tweeted WHY she was supporting the 49ers, yet you are still “not sure why”. And you didn’t get the picture from her Instagram account as it’s private. Yeah, makes perfect sense. Oh how you can manipulate one innocent picture with a load of bull****. Get a job! Oh wait…

    And since we’re on the subject of judging people, and what they’ve achieved, which you love to do, who the hell are you? Clearly if you are spending so much time manipulating just one picture of 2 friends you can’t be doing much with your life. Don’t try to compensate your dull life with a bunch of celebrities.

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