Tramon Williams’ Days in Green Bay Look Numbered

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Tramon Williams

Tramon Williams

Tramon Williams didn’t play terribly well in 2012 and cornerbacks coach Joe Whitt has said there will be an open competition for starting jobs when the Green Bay Packers return to work.

That could well mean the end of Williams’ days as a Packer.

Although he wasn’t as bad as his injury-plagued 2011 season, Williams was far from the shutdown guy he looked like in 2010. His interceptions fell for the third straight year — he had just two this season, compared with four in 2011 and a career-high six in 2010. Williams’ number of passes defended also fell — from 22 to 16 — and he was more often than not a liability against the run.

By the end of the season, Sam Shields was far and away the Packers best cornerback. Not only did he make plays in the passing game, Shields was the secondary’s best tackler. Then there’s rookie Casey Hayward, who led the team with six picks.

Shields and Hayward appear to have the inside track at the starting jobs, but the Packers also have Davon House. House was limited by injury for much of 2012, but was actually projected as the starter opposite Williams before he hurt his shoulder in the preseason.

“It’s going to be interesting to see who are going to be the guys who run out there on Day One,” Whitt said, “because right now I couldn’t tell you who’s going to do what because the way that Sam and Casey have played. And with Tramon and House there, there’s four guys that are vying for two spots. Maybe three with nickel. It will be interesting to see who gets it.”

Assuming Shields and Hayward are the starters and House is the team’s nickel back, what happens to Williams?

I’ll tell you what — he gets cut.

Williams is due a $5.9 million base salary in 2013 (and $6.9 million in 2014). The Packers can’t afford to keep him at that number if he isn’t starting.

In fact, the team might ask Williams to take a pay cut before any sort of open competition even begins. Williams has the third-highest base salary on the team in 2013, behind only Aaron Rodgers‘ $9.25 million and Charles Woodson‘s $6.5 million.

Is he the team’s third-best player?

Far from it.

Williams isn’t even the third best member of the Packers secondary.

It’s been well documented that the Packers need to extend guys like Rodgers, Clay Matthews and B.J. Raji.

It doesn’t make much sense for them to keep a highly-paid, declining player like Williams around, especially when they have more than adequate replacements already on hand. Unfortunately, it looks like the writing is on the wall for Tramon.

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32 Comments on "Tramon Williams’ Days in Green Bay Look Numbered"

  1. rebelgb

    Tramon pisses me off like no other. I dont know what the fuck happened to this guy? He was a great feel good story 3 years ago and I was a huge fan.

    I let last year slide because of the injury.

    This year has been absolutely horrible. Tramon didnt just MISS tackles, he absolutely intentionally avoided them. He had a “oh well whatever” attitude about games he played poorly (his comments to press) and he was never seen celebrating or leading his teammates on or off the field.

    The guy turned into a total fucking turd and asshat. I dont know if he had a run in with MM, TT, or Aaron and just said “fuck this team”. I dont know if he got his big money and is already thinking about life after football. I dont know if the injury told him he needed to protect his ass and forget about the rest of us….

    Whatever the case, this guy isnt worth $3mill a year whether alone 4, 5 or 6! Cut this fucking loser and let him go play for the Viquenns where being mediocre and a shitty teammate is acceptable behavior.

  2. Ryan

    I’m not a dummy when it comes to Packer football, but I think this arguement goes in the same vain as the “Does Capers still have it?”. Really?? Tramon isn’t a quality asset to the secondary? I know he had a tough year, and I love what Hayward did. But was it just a bad year for Tramon? Is Sheilds really the consistent answer? The logic in this article definitely seems to be there. But I just feel the Packers give the benefit of the doubt when it comes to situations like this. I’m betting they give Tramon one more year. Can you let Woodson and Tramon go in the same year? If anyone goes, it looks to be Woodson.

  3. derek

    couldn’t agree more with this story, he’s not worth that money anymore. we are better off without him.

  4. Vijay

    Woodson is not going anywhere. He’s a defensive leader and still productive as a safety, especially when playing near the line of scrimmage. Tramon is not a willing or good tackler but he was rarely out of position in coverage. He may have been burned a few times this year but really what corner hasn’t? Most of the time he was in good position, it’s just that NFL receivers make plays too. I think he can still be an asset to the team, but due to his unwillingness to tackle anybody, I wouldn’t cry if he was let go.

  5. Packer Bob

    Anyone else notice that his decline started soon after we lost Nick Collins? Seems like he was able to mask some of his deficiencies by having a hard-hitting safety like Collins to back him up.

    • Johnny Jolly

      I believe he also signed a lucrative contract shortly before that. Loss of motivation perhaps could have also played a factor.

  6. GBslacker

    I’m APPALLED that the mealy-mouthed Packer organization could waiver in their support of any starting defensive player — especially after their stellar effort in SF.

    Perhaps this is just a chicken-shit way of indicating that TWilliams was culpable for the 56yd run for a TD — because we **know** it wasn’t Walden, as “BabyFart” Greene made clear in his presser.

    As I’ve read articles following the game, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone mention that on not one, but two occasions Twilliams could have been flagged for unsportsman-like conduct, when he tackled/threw opponents well out of bounds.

    At his age, I doubt we see a better tackler next year. Additionally, his memory of Collins injury could be a factor too: c’mon, how do you braid your hair in a halo?

    Dump him, and Hawk, and Woodson.
    (Woodson supporters: get a clue! he’s NOT the player he was three years ago, never will be. If he’s back next year, he’ll be just like Driver…)

    • Johnny Jolly

      Yes, Woodson is a step slower. That’s why he’s a safety now and not a corner.

      Remember Ronnie Lott and Rod Woodson? Both of these guys were premier corners for most of their careers. They hit their mid 30’s and then get moved to safety which allowed them to produce for a few more seasons. That is where C-Wood is at right now. Lott and R. Woodson produced very well as safeties and finished their careers on a high note.

      “he’ll be just like Driver”? M.D. Jennings and Brunett were pretty awful with tackling and I’d have to say that the old man is still better than those 2. All Charles just needs to agree to is a pay cut and all will be well.

      • GBslacker

        Charles Woodson will turn 37 on Oct 7 next season.

        R Lott retired when he was 36.
        R Woodson retired when he was 38 (last season only started 10 of 16).

        Your thought of moving CW to safety and squeezing a few more seasons is simply not valid — he’ll play ’til he’s 41?

        He’s too slow (results in grabbing… defensive holding) to cover, and can’t provide support without any closing speed. He’s broken his collarbone twice, so he’s likely a bit brittle for run support.

        If he stays, get ready to hear this next year: not a serious injury, week to week, making progress, he’s staying in shape, playing it safe, doctor hasn’t cleared him.

        While other personnel may be suspect, Woodson is not the answer.

        • PackAttack

          Excellent post.

          Woodson is 37 PEOPLE and playing a critical physical defensive position. I love how the same people on this board are telling me that Jennings is past his prime at 29 playing one of the less physical positions on the field and then those same people turn around and say Woodson has 2-3 years left in the tank playing a position like FS at 37!!! Absurd!

          Studs play FS. Athletes who are gods gift to the world. There’s no question Woodson HAS BEEN one of those players for the last 10 years, no doubt, he’s a first ballot Hall of Famer but there’s a time for every career to end and with the money Woodson is due he’s no sure bet to back. He shouldn’t be for $8-11 mil/year.

          It’s absurd.

    • Johnny Jolly

      Greene should have let Walden hang out to dry just like how Walden let the secondary hang out to dry.

      How many times did Walden crash down breaking containment. That is the definition of insanity, doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

  7. peter

    If the Packers do decide to part ways they would never cut him. It would be like the phily situation when we got Al Harris. He would be traded away for some draft picks.

    I do think Nick Collins is the major reason for the change in play. He was such a freak and force that made up for any missed or blown coverages.

  8. Bryan

    I want to blame someone for this horrendous loss, but I can’t pin point just one person or group. The offense 3 and outs contributed hugely to the defense constantly being out on the field. Everyone just got the shit beat out of them. The only players on offense and defense that came out to play were James jones and dujann Harris, everyone else should be held accountable.

    And tramon was inconsistent all fucking year. He will be demoted and shields Hayward and house will tear it together next year. Maybe tramon could learn a thing or two about tackling from jarret bush on special teams.

  9. mxz600

    Tramon a liability against the run?…..NO WAY!!!..Is this something new?…….lol…Tramons idea of a tackle is giving a guy a shoulder, in or out of bounds. The guy is soft, and just doesnt make plays. Untimely penaltys…The guy is a over played liability…..The only thing Tramon does well, is let the receiver catch the ball.

  10. mxz600

    Fantastic post GBslacker….You hit on all the points except for 1…..Woodson is also due to pull in 10 large next season after making 11.5 million this season playing part time. …..I have 2 words for everyone…Casey Hayward….I love Charles…But just like Driver, father time is undefeated.

  11. bigbus

    woodson and twilliams need the boot. woodson hasnt covered a soul in two years. he is a great tackler but too small to last a full year. burnett was definately making good sound tackles towards the end of the year. i think this was hawks best year since we had him he actualky looked like he had a purpose. bj raji’s overrated ass need to lose 40 pound along with pickett.

  12. ay hombre

    Although I can’t help but think his shoulder HAS to be still plaguing him to some degree, it’s becoming more and more difficult to think he’ll ever come back full circle.

    In McCarthy’s last press conference he retold the story about how his first meeting ever with the team was telling them that their greatest challenge would be dealing with success.

    In this closing press conference he said something to the effect of…”When people have success you hope that leads to positive things and the desire to have more success…but it doesn’t always turn out that way.” He said it with some resignation.

    It was possibly as frustrated as I had ever seen McCarthy. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days. It was also as honest as I’ve seen him, too. Check that final press conference out if you haven’t seen it.

    We should take pause with our criticisms sometimes and just think about how we’d motivate these guys to put it all on the line…after they lock up the big dollars.

    It can’t be easy.

    • Johnny Jolly

      Exactly. AR voiced the same concerns in the last Jason Wilde interview.

      I like how people speculate that there might be a dynamic developing between Aaron and MM when the evidence says otherwise. Both are clearly on the same sheet in analyzing the reasons behind the team’s shortcomings.

  13. syd

    By far the worst db on the Pack. Afraid to tackle(peterson) or play physical. He acts like HE was the coming back from a broken collarbone,not Woodson.

  14. I think it’s rediculous to talk about not re-signing Tramon. My take is to at least give him another year. Especially since no one player can win or lose any game alone. Even Aaron Rodgers must have offense linemen to block and WRs to catch. If you get rid of or let Tramon go then you’ve got yo go thru the pains of grooming and training a new corner and that also limits your depth at the corner back position.

    Even against SF there was no one play that caused the loss. From the PAcker perspective, Ross’ muff was probably the biggest single play. It was as big as our DE consistently not performing basic high school level DE responsibilities – not squaring the corner but instead cheating in.

  15. ay hombre

    If Woodson doesn’t take a pay cut, I think he needs to go. It’s not just his age that’s a concern…it’s his total unwillingness or inability to stay in scheme.

    Granted…he was off the field for several weeks and there will be some rust, but this guy was about as poor as they come in the past two seasons when it comes to assignment-sure football.

    Big paycut…or big Adios.

  16. Packers are too soft,just like N. E,& Brady.The two toughest teams are going to the super bowl.We need some meaner players on defense & a running back from bama named Eddy lacey.

  17. Shavager

    For any Packers fans who got to see NFL network replay the FIRST game of season against the Vikings–you can hear Vikings and APeterson laughing about Tramon Williams being “SCARED” to tackle Peterson–it was evident in that game. The last game of season, “Chicken” Williams proved them to be right–he did everything but surrender with a white flag-dodging, ducking and avoiding Peterson anytime he ran in Williams’ direction. He can’t be counted on to make the difficult ONE on ONE tackle to save a game winning TD with the attitude he played with for taking on ball carriers. Either he gets his head in the game or Thompson would be better to trade him and get a REAL player who’s willing to tackle.

  18. DWil

    Anyone who follows the Packers & know anything about football should know that if you have a CB that the Defensive Coordinator decides to put on opponents #1WR every game no matter where he is on the field that his numbers is going to go down and the other DBs are going to excel almost the same way Williams numbers went up when Woodson was on most #1WRs. Jets#1CB Revis will never have high numbers in regards to INTs because he accepts that role as well to covering every team’s #1WR. Find me a CB in the league who accepts that role & averages over 5INTs a season with the way the NFL gives all leverage to offensive guys and then you have a case so otherwise its called give and take.

  19. tedtomato

    What about letting an old Reggie Wayne get over 200 yards on him. Anyone who thinks shemon is a #1 cover corner clearly hasnt watched her and her 10 yard cushions on 3rd and 6. She had 1 good season..even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

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