Randy Moss is Greatest Receiver Ever, According to Randy Moss

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Randy Moss on media day

Randy Moss on media day

Here’s the first instance of a player saying something otherworldly stupid at the Super Bowl. And guess who said it? None other than San Francisco 49ers receiver and Total Packers fave Randy Moss.

Moss was asked about his place in history during his media session. Of course, he holds himself in really high regard.

“I do think I’m the greatest receiver ever to play this game,” Moss said.

Ah, yes. You certainly are. Dick.

First of all, Jerry Rice is the greatest receiver of all time. Everyone knows that. We suspect even Randy Moss knows that. We’re sure Randy Moss doesn’t know Green Bay Packers legend Don Hutson is second greatest receiver of all time. Again, without question.

Why? Randy Moss is not a student of history. In fact, he’s not really a student of anything. Randy is what you might call “dumb.”

He’s never even heard the name Don Hutson and is actually unaware that anyone played the receiver position prior to 1983.

Rice was quick to comment on Moss’ proclamation.

“Put my numbers up against his numbers,” he said.

Unfortunately, Hutson is dead, so he couldn’t comment. However, if he were alive, we’re pretty sure he’d say something like this.

“Randy Moss can suck my balls,” Hutson said.

Finally, the idiots at Bleacher Report are doing one of their usual top-notch exposes on the subject. Is Randy Moss the Greatest Receiver in NFL History?

You know, because this is debatable.

Be sure to check that out if you want to get dumber.

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8 Comments on "Randy Moss is Greatest Receiver Ever, According to Randy Moss"

  1. Adam

    The “greatest receiver to ever play the game” ends up with 2 catches for 24 yards in the biggest game of his career.

  2. Packer Bob

    It’s been awhile since we’ve heard Randy Moss say anything stupid. I was beginning to think he’d turned a leaf.

    My Superbowl predictions:

    Ravens: 70
    49ers: 0

    Randy Moss drops 20 balls and Kaepernick’s left kidney explodes after Raw Lewis knocks the shit outta him on a QB option play.

  3. mxz600

    The difference between R Moss and J Rice…….Moss tells people he’s the best, but people, tell J Rice, he’s the best……Pollard should lay the wood on Moss hard enough to send him to the locker room, just for talking stupid.

  4. Savage57

    I hope somebody breaks this fucker in two on Sunday and we never have to listen to his stupid shit again.

    I can’t believe that Favre wanted to play with this asshole. Or, maybe I can.

  5. Kozak

    And there’s the reason I’m rooting for the Ravens. I’d rather see “Killer” Ray Lewis get a ring than this asshole.

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