Pondering Charles Woodson’s Future With the Packers

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Charles Woodson

Charles Woodson

The Green Bay Packers have decisions to make about a number of guys this offseason and veteran safety Charles Woodson falls into that group.

Right now, it also looks like he falls into the group of guys who will either have to take a pay cut or be released. It seems almost preposterous that the Packers would think about releasing Woodson, but he has three factors working against him.

Primary among those is the Packers will be paying Woodson $10 million in 2013 if they keep him. His base is $6.5 million, but he’s also owed $3.5 million in bonuses.

The other factors? He’s 36 and he now has an injury history after missing nine games this season.

That doesn’t necessarily mean Woodson is injury prone, but he has a lot of miles on his body. He’s going to be more susceptible to injury and let’s face it, he’s certainly not getting any faster.

Can Woodson still play?

I’d argue he can. Without him, the Packers gave up 409 yards to Adrian Peterson in two games. With Woodson, they gave up 99 and he was clearly a big part of that improvement.

Also, if you project Woodson’s numbers over 16 games they stand up fine: 86 tackles, 3 sacks, 2 interceptions, 2 forced fumbles.

Those numbers reflect an improvement over his 2011 numbers in every category except for interceptions.

Anyone who wants the Packers to move on will point to Woodson’s playoff loss to San Francisco. In that game, the Packers gave up an NFL-record 181 rushing yards to quarterback Colin Kaepernick. I’d argue that wasn’t Woodson’s fault.

If you really look at what happened, you’ll see most of Kaepernick’s yards came on scrambles, not designed running plays. In those situations, Woodson would have been in coverage rather than shadowing the quarterback or playing near the line.

You also have to consider the Packers play man pass coverage, which requires defenders to watch another player. Zone coverage, which requires defenders to watch the quarterback, may have been the better scheme against San Francisco.

That’s not to say Woodson is the All-Pro caliber guy he once was. While he’s still physical, you can see he’s lost a step in pass coverage.

How does this play out?

We know Woodson doesn’t want to go anywhere and the Packers value his leadership. It seems logical that he’s back at a reduced rate.

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18 Comments on "Pondering Charles Woodson’s Future With the Packers"

  1. rebelgb

    I love Charles. One of the greatest Packers ever, BUT, we cant afford to pay anyone that kind of money who isnt named Aaron Rodgers.

    Hope he agrees to the pay cut. Considering Charles personality, I doubt it though…

  2. icebowl

    Tough call…..
    Proven leader, certainly a future Packers legend…
    However must consider past data – keeping in mind Ronnie Lott, Rod Woodson comparisons made in a prior post and fact that these guys didn’t break collar bone at this point in their careers …..

  3. Johnny Jolly

    “Also, if you project Woodson’s numbers over 16 games they stand up fine: 86 tackles, 3 sacks, 2 interceptions, 2 forced fumbles.”

    Hmm, almost as good as his 2011 season that got him All-Pro honors and runner-up as NFL Defensive MVP. Only one season removed from that and people think he’s washed up. *rolls eyes*

  4. Adam

    Woods can still ball, and he’s also my favorite player next to Aaron. He’s the only veteran leader and voice we have in the secondary outside of Tramon, who I don’t see as stepping into that role.

  5. the real russ letlow

    bring back Chuck! dude can still play at a high level and the leadership he provides is invaluable!

  6. Packer Bob

    If we can afford to pay the other guys (e.g. Rodgers, Matthews) too, then keep him. Our defense is going to need his leadership and play making ability next year.

  7. Vijay

    How much lost revenue could he earn back in salary with that vintage red wine he’s selling? I need a glass of that right now.

  8. mxz600

    We all love Woodson…But here’s reality people…He played 7 games this season, had 1 pick 1.5 sacks….Was that worth 11.5 million?…..2 broken collar bones….He’ll be 37 next season, and doesnt like playing saftey….Woodson is due 10 million next season. Thats a lot of money for an old part time player. THINK. Casey Hayward took over the slot corner position and had 6 picks……Hayward is 23 and will make 540k next year. Do the math. Father time is undefeated….Know when to say when.

  9. mxz600

    Next up, is getting rid of Tramon Williams and his 6 million…Mr Liability who plays like he could care less…..Blatantly holds receivers, then when he gets a flag, crys and acts appalled he was penalized….OR….When he gets burned…points to team mates that its their fault….I’ve seen enough of this clown, people gave him a pass last season for his shitty play because of his shoulder…. whats the excuse this year? He is good at 1 thing these days…letting receivers catch balls…..I honestly cant remember the last time this dude made a play….DEAD WEIGHT

    • Savage57

      Suffers from a condition called “Contractitis”. Symptoms usually emerge shortly after first large contract is signed and typically include significantly lowered performance, inability to play to previous levels and general denial of any drop off in output. Typically can only be corrected by releasing the affected individual.

  10. Woodson has done all he can do… He won’t get better, he will only get worse and ware down. He can’t stay healthy, injuries keep coming and that means missing games. Its time to let him go…. The packers don’t need to pay AJ Hawk more money, if anything he needs to take a paycut. He is not a 4-5 million dollar/year LB. Hawk along with Woodson were non factors in the SF game. If Hawk don’t take a paycut he needs to go, to beat SF we need to do better than AJ. Tramon this year had a bad year, it’s only one! You can’t dump a guy for one bad year, they happen to every player. The reason for his bad year is simple, no Bishop, no Perry, with no push from the 3 DL means no qb hurries, no pressure! No DB can run with a Wr for ever, he is bound to get beat without no pressure on the QB. I will say this! The packers need to get tougher & acquire a real RB to beat SF. We don’t need an old Rb and the only one worthy of keeping is Green, Harris. Gotta get a RB from the draft, I like the kid Lacy from Alabama!

  11. flyboy7588

    Time for Woodson to hang up the cleats. We cannot afford to have a 37 yr in the defensive backfield. His age is showing.

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