Packers Bow to 49ers Again

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49ers whooped the Packers

The Green Bay Packers played the game we hoped they wouldn’t — an atrocity — and appropriately lost to the San Francisco 49ers, 45-31.

The Packers season ended because, as usual, their defense couldn’t stop the run. This time, it wasn’t getting gouged by a great running back. It was getting gouged by a quarterback running the ball.

Colin Kaepernick ran for 181 yards.

Let’s state that again — 181 yards! A quarterback! Not a running back. Not Adrian Peterson. The Niners QB ran for 181 against the Packers.

And the Packers defense wasn’t done there.

They also let an actual running back — Frank Gore — run for 119 yards.

So let’s take stock.

Overall, these jackwagons gained 579 yards. The Packers gained 352, which isn’t bad… if your defense actually shows up.

It was actually a game for a half.

Despite two first-half turnovers, the Packers were only down 24-21 at the half.

And then the wheels fell off. The Packers had no answer for the 49ers read-option in the second half.

Hell, the 49ers didn’t really even have to run the read-option to gain yards. They could could run a real NFL offense and torch the Packers.

So, we all sat around waiting for the Aaron Rodgers — who was passed over in the draft by his hometown team — to exact some vengeance. We waited for him to make them pay like he said he would… and we got nothing.

A week ago, the Packers were a Super Bowl contender.

Now, they’re no different than Kansas City. They’ll be sitting at home watching good teams play for the remainder of the season.

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87 Comments on "Packers Bow to 49ers Again"

    • Savage57

      In the wild card win against the Queens, some TV show had a revealing graphic that showed how the Packers created a single level wall with gap integrity to stop Peterson. Was waiting to see that all night against CK and the Niners, but as usual no adjustment by Capers, just more over-aggressiveness resulting in HUGE escape lanes for Kaepernick.

      Note to Dom Capers – You don’t have the level of talent here that you had in Pittsburgh so stop trying to run the same defense.

      Oh and one more thing. Kaepernick is extremely fast so if the opponents QB can outrun your DB’s, you better make damn sure he never gets to the second or third level.

  1. Kozak

    If your attitude is “Win Superbowl or you suck” you are
    going to have a lot of miserable years. Thanks to the Packers for another enjoyable year of football.

    • Vijay

      If you’re attitude is to simply settle for less, then you’re right that we should be thankful…but WE AREN’T!!!!

  2. Andy

    This was no surprise in the end really. You cant give up 40+ points and expect to win. They beat us with the same play repeatedly and made us look stupid in the proccess.
    I think its more of a credit to san fran though. Although they didnt show too much on defense, they had a game plan and it worked. After the 4th Kapernick 3rd down conversion it was apparent that we just couldn’t have got them off the field.

    Offensively, the first half was great, unfortunately after that we got classic MM run abandonment. Also they could have gone for it on 4th with 8 minutes left. But alas it wasnt even close.

    Question is what now? It seems to me that there needs to be some major house cleaning on the defence. You could maybe keep Raji and Mathews but the linebackers and d-line need overhauling. They just aren’t physical enough to make an impact. Havnt been for two years.

    • Savage57

      I thought that the Niners offensive line was the game MVP. They moved the Packers rushers whereever they wanted them.

  3. ay hombre

    Last year I feared the Giants all year long and then deluded myself into thinking we could beat them in the playoffs. I did the same thing this year. The Niners are better coached, tougher, more physical, and on and on and on and on. But somehow in this week leading up to the game I filled myself with confidence, even thinking we could kick their ass.

    Mike McCarthy’s unwavering loyalty to Mason Crosby could be a precursor to how he handles Dom Capers, but I personally think he needs to move on. I read in an article this morning that in the last three Packer playoff losses, the defense gave up an average of 44 points per game.

    Here’s the long and short.

    The Packers had about the softest route ever required to get to the Super Bowl back in 2010…even while playing on the road for all three games. That was just a weak ass bunch of soft competition. The Super Bowl was earned and a good win over Pittsburgh, but that path was weak. I mean we went on the road in the NFC title game and NO ONE thought we would lose.

    Now we’re a team that’s a cut below the elite teams in this league.

        • nurseratchett

          Interesting; as I recall, the Falcons with Ryan were undefeated at home until that game.History almost always gets a tweek when I rely on my memory, however!

          Water under the bridge….I enjoyed that playoff run as well as the SB victory over the Steelers.

    • E. Wolf

      We had not won in Philly in 40 years until the season opener that year. Atlanta was undefeated at home. That game was close until Tramon Williams broke it open. The Bears always play us tough. Not an easy route at all. Oh, and we had to beat both the Giants and Bears during the regular season just to get in.

  4. Ivomitonvikingfans

    That sucked. Where do you fucking start? It is going to take a miracle to turn this mess around. If TT and Co. think they can just draft their way back to relevance again then this run is over. We all praise him for his drafting prowess, but other than Rodgers and Matthews, what else do they have? It’s great he can find all of these cast-offs and UDFA types to fill in the depth chart, but how about some top tier ass kickers too. The window won’t be open for long and you can’t keep waiting 3 years for these youngsters to maybe turn into something.

    Capers’ time is up. He has gotten shower raped in the playoffs 3 out of 4 times now. The 1983 Packers are even embarrassed by that fiasco last night. MM needs to fire O-Line coach and the O-Line itself. He also needs to hire someone other than an errand boy as OC. His ideas are stale and aren’t fooling anyone. I am too tired, angry, and hungover to be coherent. Fuck!!!

    • ay hombre

      I thought the o-line played pretty damn well actually. We ran the ball effectively (Harris 11-53 4.8 avg, Cobb 2-23 11.5 avg.), and other than the one play where Jeff Saturday was forced into action, they never registered a sack.

      There were a couple linebacker blitzes where Rodgers was running for his life, but I wasn’t sure that was well-disguised and Rodgers didn’t see it coming pre-snap. Either way…I think all the talk about Campen being fired and blaming the offensive line is misguided.

      The offensive line is about the only unit on the team that can hold their heads high today.

      • Ivomitonvikingfans

        You are right. The O-line wasn’t the complete disaster the rest of the team was last night, but to think this unit is anywhere near what a championship level line should be is absurd. They can’t keep throwing in low round picks and undrafted rookies to fill in the holes.

        • ay hombre

          Why can’t they be a championship line? What is so absurd about it? They more than held their own and some might say even dominated one of the most physical, dominant, Pro Bowl filled defensive lineups. This offensive line played like a Super Bowl quality one does. Our quarterback did not. Our defense did not.

          With Bulaga and Sherrod coming back, I see no reason why we need to make any moves (have depth of course) on the offensive line. I’m seriously getting tired of people somehow blaming the offensive line when it has thrived and taken care of business once we got Jeff Saturday out of there.

          I don’t understand all the badmouthing of the O-line. Is it because some people are unable to see that Aaron Rodgers had all day long to make plays and couldn’t do it?

          You don’t believe me….take McCann Award winner Bob McGinn’s word for it. He ranked the Packer offensive line a 4.5 out of 5 and Rodgers a 3 out of 5. Here’s what he had to say.

          OFFENSIVE LINE (4½)

          The Packers accomplished a rare feat in not having a single “bad” run, which is defined as a rush for 1 yard or less in non-goal line or short-yardage situations. The 49ers are excellent at blowing up plays, but there was almost no penetration, displacement or blown assignments. After a rough outing against the Vikings, Evan Dietrich-Smith finished strong. Time after time he delivered a heavy punch against the DT tandem of Justin Smith and Ray McDonald. Linemen that just try to get in the way are referred to by some scouts as “oozers.” EDS is the antithesis of that. He hits hard, works extremely hard and goes after people. He also was the only lineman who didn’t yield a pressure. Although EDS was almost always uncovered, Josh Sitton played virtually the entire game with McDonald on his nose. It was a great battle, but Sitton didn’t make a mistake in the run game and yielded just one-half pressure. When Sitton lost his cleat in the middle of a series, Jeff Saturday had to run in. On Saturday’s first play, he got shoved deep into the backfield by McDonald. It was the final reminder that the veteran’s benching had a lot to do with the rise of the run game. T.J. Lang was matched against muscular Justin Smith and held up just fine. Smith beat Lang across his face on the first running play, but DuJuan Harris made a sharp cut and the gain was 2. Later, Lang got solid surge against Smith on Harris’ 4-yard carry on third and 1 and then pancaked Bowman on Harris’ 18-yard TD run. The Smiths, Justin and Aldon, tried 20 of their feared twists against Lang and Marshall Newhouse Sept. 9. This time, they attempted only three. Newhouse allowed 3½ pressures, including 2½ to ROLB Aldon Smith. Newhouse’s maddening inconsistencies were evident on a long third-quarter drive that led to a first down at the 49ers 22 with the Packers trailing, 24-21. On first down, Cobb had a huge hole, but it closed after 4 yards when Newhouse didn’t sustain his block against Aldon Smith. On second down, he got beat inside by Aldon Smith and a hurried pass fell incomplete. On third down, he jumped offside. The Packers had to settle for a field goal when they needed a TD. Don Barclay allowed a manageable two pressures to LOLB Ahmad Brooks, another top-notch player. Barclay was much better with his hand placement this week.

          QUARTERBACKS (3)

          On 44 pass attempts, D-coordinator Vic Fangio rushed five only twice (4.6%). He kept his safeties deep, once again putting the onus on Rodgers to beat the 49ers on long marches. But Rodgers didn’t have the patience to pull it off despite excellent protection and a competitive ground game. He had all day on CB Tarell Brown’s interception but still threw it even though Nelson was never open. Rodgers isn’t often guilty of poor judgment, but he was there. On a third and 3 to start the game, maybe Kuhn in the flat from a slot position was the proper read. But that’s such a ridiculous play. Kuhn can’t run that route and get proper depth. Just change the call. Rodgers also missed Harris on a check-down. If Rodgers was confident in the game plan, it didn’t seem that way by his mannerisms. After watching Colin Kaepernick run all over the place, Rodgers was carrying the ball too loosely and fumbled on a side-swiping hit by Aldon Smith. Luck was with him on the recovery.

          • Ivomitonvikingfans

            Watch a Patriots game and tell me the Packers line is good to go. It is wishful thinking that Sherrod, after a catastrophic leg injury and virtually no NFL game experience, will be back next year and take over LT. Another year with Newhouse can’t wait.

  5. nurseratchett

    Can we start a fire Dom Capers facebook page?

    Yes, MM seemed to abandon the running game, again, but it didn’t matter; the defense was horrible. Once again, we see Capers’ inability to answer not just in this game, but in pretty much every game each season except 2010. The whole league figured his “scheme” out. Lets hope TT is as fed up as the fans.

    Thanks for a good run, Pack. Appreciated the fact that we kept the Bears out (by losing, interestingly enough) & at least beat the Vikings at home.


  6. E. Wolf

    It is not a problem with personnel in my opinion. Look at how our secondary and pass rush improve. Ted Thompson, the Polar Bear, is a veritable sage. The problem is wit scheming. I was once an ardent supporter of Dom Capers. No longer. This has been going on too long, and usually happens whenever we play a decent quarterback. Think back to 2009, whenever we played a top-shelf quarter (Berty, Big Ben, Kurt Warner), we were absolutely trounced. I was at that game in Pittsburgh btw, where we gave up 500 yards in passing, breaking a Steelers franchse record.
    This year we had sort of the same problems. We let Christian Ponder and Co march up and down the field, even after Rodgers and the offense tied this. And now this.
    If something does not change, we are liable to end up like the Colts under Manning or how the Saints will likely end wit Breees, and how the Favre era ended; a mere one-note wonder
    Given how fortunate we were to have two hall-of-fame caliber quarterbacks back-to-back, that is not acceptable. Something must be done. I say it starts with Dom Capers.

    • peter

      Agreed but I think the real weakness is our LB core. Specifically Middle LBs. Sorry but Hawk just doesn’t cut it as a starting LB, Look how easily Patrick Willis was able to run through our line. And when the Steelers were the Steelers they had crazy good Lbs for the 3-4. I too think Dom’s time is over. I wouldn’t mind the pack getting Rob Ryan brings that hard nosed mentality to the def

        • Packman

          No Walden is not. He hasn’t EVER made a play. He only makes plays when he’s left unblocked, which only happens occasionally cause he’s so bad the rest of the time.

          • Phatgzus

            Yup, and how many times did he bite on the read option yesterday, at least 3 by my count (Including the 50+-yarder that Jones also messed up on).

  7. Richard

    This entire team is a fluke. Be glad this lucky bunch of overrated losers got a ring in 2010 because it won’t happen again this decade.

  8. Cuban

    It was said earlier, maybe promote greene or bring in rob ryan, but either way capers needs to go. Every fucking third down you just knew kaepernik was gonna run right up the middle and yet capers couldnt fuckin adjust to that.

    And tramOn williams, how often was he either trailing his man or getting turned around out there, crabtree may be talented but he sure as hell isnt an elite receiver but williams found a way to make him look the part

    • ay hombre

      After saying most of the year that there is no way they let go of Tramon Williams, I almost feel he’s the representation of what is wrong with our defense. Inconsistent effort, lack of physical toughness, unwillingness to make tackles in key situations, etc.

      I would have never said this at the start of the season, but we can’t have a high-priced guy on the roster with these characteristics. It’s time to get rid of all the softies on this defense and he is softie number one. His high salary and inconsistent play is a constant reminder to this defense that that type of thing is more than acceptable.

  9. pissedoff

    Def was nowhere to be found once again. Front 7 was with excepetion of Clay were non-factors. Capers schemes are predictable and even with a whole draft dedicated to def they still suck and play uninspired. We need some of that Sea physicality. We need someone to play that they want to rip someons head off. Staley was hurt for christs sake and we still couldn’t rile the qb

  10. sumi

    Haahaa fuckin loser ass packers my vikings would of beat u guys last week if we had our qb.. so happy 49ers took u ugly wisconsinites outta the playoffs now go eat a cheese omelette skol vikings!!!!!

  11. Richard

    Don’t throw your money away, Wolf. This is 98 all over again. Let that sink in. This will be a rebuilding project for years.

  12. nurseratchett

    We have talent now. We have needs, for sure, but we are not the Dolphins, the Jags, or the Chiefs.

    MM & TT have a lot of work to do on the o-line from a talent standpoint as well as from a scheme/coaching. Rodgers has been near the top if not the MOST sacked NFL quarterback for 3 seasons in the last 5. If that shit happened when Brett Favre was QB it would have been handled. Sure, Rodgers can hold on to the ball at times, but so does Brady. Brady’s got all effing day behind the line of scrimmage…Patriots O-line is a brick wall….I digress…I’m not buying into the modified zone blocking currently in place with our O-Line anymore.

    The D line needs help, true, or does it need a better scheme? It seems we are flush with defense players, both on the line & in the secondary, that show glimpses of greatness but little consistency. Is that a talent problem or a coaching issue?

    I don’t the answers, but I think I can clearly see at least some of the major problems. Let’s hope MM & TT are looking closely; I still trust their collective judgement….for the most part…..

    • E. Wolf

      The oline is not what did is in–although Rodgers was hurried, particularly what did us in. Don’t forget we lost Bulaga. I think he is a very good tackle. so we all we really need is an upgrade from Newhouse, who I think is the weak link.
      We have the talent on defense, for the most part. We just need to fortify the dline. I still think part of the problem is scheming and coaching. It is time to move on from Dom Capers. I have seen too much.

  13. Iltarion

    I think Ray Rhodes should be given a chance at being a Packer coach again. Maybe give him a shot at calling the offensive plays and let McCarthy focus on Defense?

  14. bxnooch

    Fire Dom Capers, your telling me that playing the Vikings and Joe Webb last week was going to help the defense against Kapernick and look what happens come on man…this team looked overmatched every time the niners had the ball even when the defense managed a stop. As a side note Harbaugh cries too much, change your tampon Jimmy

    • ay hombre

      I don’t think you can even put this in the category of worst adjustment. Best I could tell there wasn’t an adjustment made.

  15. Richard

    It’ll be hilarious next week when Crapernick only runs for 20 yards and we all see the true genius of Dom Capers gameplan yesterday.

  16. Everyone has valid points but to say our team is a work in progress come on now Rob Ryan would be good he atleast coaches with the players not somewhere upstairs where hes keeping warm from the cold a friggen joke to not atleast change some things up in the middle of the third quarter is a joke capers is done i cannot see this not being adressed also keep djuan harris another year under his belt i see him looking like mjd.. thoughts?????

  17. Pack Lethal

    Hey Dick (aka Richard),
    I can name a worse example of second half adjustments! It was the 1998 season NFC Campionship game!

    • Richard

      Hardly. That’s an even matchup, total phuckups by both teams. The last 2 seasons are worse combined so phuck off. This team blows.

  18. Packer Bob

    It obviously that the voids left by Jenkins, Collins, and Bishop has been too much for our defense to overcome. Let’s hope guys like Perry and Worthy can step up and progress next year. We will always be a contender with Rodgers, we just need to solidify our defense. If that happens, you can bet we’ll get another crack at a championship.

  19. ninergoose

    You talk about the “atrocity” as if it was purely the fault of the Packers. The “jackwagons” had something to do with the way the pack played. If your players would stop wasting energy running their punk mouths and just shut up and play, they might have played better. If the packers don’t fix their “swiss cheese” defense (pun intended) you might as well get used to this happening. Glad to see clay “overrated” mathews get spun around like a top every other play too. Enjoy the rest of the playoffs from home.

  20. SA packerfan

    WTF with MM not going for it on 4th down half way through the 4th quarter. We were down 14 points! They gave up right then. SF scored again after the punt and the game was over. I don’t give a crap if they kicked it to the 6yrd line the defense was going to get scored on and we needed 7 to even stay in the game. Horrible call by MM

  21. Iltarion

    I felt even before the season started that this would not be the Packers’ year. It is just about impossible to follow a 15-1 season with another great one. Plus, you don’t go from having the worst defense (statistically) in the NFL to a championship one in one season.

    The Packers were improved on defense, but still a facade in many ways.

    With no Nick Collins, no Desmond Bishop, and a Charles Woodson unsure of what he is supposed to be doing and a step slower on top of it, the Packer defense is no where near as fast as the one in 2010. A QB runs around the right end and goes untouched for 56 yards? What is this? College? WTF was Morgan Burnett doing on that play?

    Too many blown assignments. Either Woodson doesn’t know how to play safety or he takes too many chances. Erik Walden chronically gives up the edge, and the Packer ILBs are too slow to make up for others’ mistakes.

    BTW, terrible game by Clay Matthews. The REAL damage was done by Kaepernick on scrambles on third down, and I would say about half of those happened when Matthews left a huge lane for Kap to run through. Of course, Matthews should have spent the entire 2nd half spying Kaepernick, but that would make too much sense.

    Hey, everyone got their wish with Randall Cobb off of punt returns. How did that work out for you?

    Could be some big changes for next year. If the defense takes another step forward, the Packers should be right back in this position again.

  22. Vijay

    I said it before and I will say it over and over again. We don’t draft as well as others—period, end of story, end of discussion. We got lucky on our magical Super Bowl run so one might say, I guess it’s better to be lucky than good. Not me, however, that’s because Ted’s collected enough picks over the years and had plenty of misses compared to his hits…speaking of hits, do we count AJ Hawk in that list of hits? What about Finley?

    Other teams draft better, more physical FOOTBALL players. Not delicate darlings who want to be graceful on offense. To win consistently, you need one thing PHYSICALITY. That was clearly on the side of the more gifted team tonight—49ers.

    • Mike R

      Dip shit, you don’t win a Super Bowl by being lucky!! Winning a Super Bowl is probably the hardest championship to win of all pro sports with the NFL’s salary cap structure. Once again Vijay proving that he is a fucking idiot. Winning the Super Bowl by getting lucky would be like winning the lottery 4 times in a row. It just isn’t possible. I would respond to some of your other comments, except they don’t really matter after the Super Bowl one.

      • PackAttack

        Maybe saying we got lucky winning the Super Bowl was a bit overboard — but Vijay’s first comment about not drafting as well as others is spot on.

        I’m not going to use the word “overrated” when describing Ted Thompson but it was his job to fix this defense in the off-season and he just didn’t get the job done. Period. Blame McCarthy, Capers — whoever you want to. You can’t build everything through the draft. Thompson rarely dips into free agency (except when he signs trash like Jeff Saturday) and never trades.

        There are so many problems on this team I can’t see Thompson being able to fix half of them especially with his bull strong strategy of sticking to the draft.

        Running Back – When your “new” offensive philosophy is to split run and pass 50/50 and you run 430+ times per/season. You NEED a feature back. Grant, Green, Stark and Harris are clearly not the answer for a team that failed to avg 4 yards per/carry.

        Offensive Line – Bulaga will be back, but so what? Is EDS the new center? Is Don Barclay the answer at RT? Is Newhouse going to start? Is Sherrod going to be healthy? This line needs massive upgrades, most notably at center. You can’t run the ball 430 times a season with this line and you can’t let Rodgers take 50+ sacks.

        Defense – Whoever supports AJ Hawk on this board is delusional or has a hard on for the guy — he’s without question one of the most pathetic ILB’s in the NFL today and his salary is a bloated joke. No speed, no coverage, no pressure — he’s a joke. Bishop and Perry’s return is big but Walden, Jones and Hawk need significant consideration for returning to their roles in 2013. Thompson needs to find another defense force to go along with Matthews. What’s going to happen with Woodson? Is MD Jennings a long term solution at SS? Are Pickett, Neal, Wilson and Worthy long-terms cogs up front? There’s a lot of questions here.

        Offense – I don’t care what anyone says, losing Jennings is huge — especially when this offense lacks a solid run game. Losing Finley even hurts — who replaces him? Jones is not a #1 WR, I don’t care what numbers you throw at me, those numbers don’t add up without Jennings and Finley on the field. I’m no fan of Finley but he defenses still paid attention to him. Can Jordy Nelson stay healthy? Without Jennings this offense lacks a true #1 WR. There isn’t another TE on the roster who posses a threat in the passing game. The offense will take another hit if the offensive line and running game aren’t upgraded and vice versa.

        Again I don’t see Thompson being able to fix all these problems through the draft. I’d try and free up as much cap space as possible — release Crosby (don’t even try and defend him), Hawk, I don’t see Thompson paying Woodson $8-10 mil/year, I also don’t know what the big rush is to re-sign BJ Raji (3 sacks in 2 years?)….

        Lots of questions and problems.

        • Iltarion

          Yeah, you lose a game and now supposedly we have all these “questions and problems.”

          Whatever. The only problem we had was guys not playing their fricking assignment. Play the way they did against the Vikings in Lambeau, and they would have been fine.

          Offensive line is fine. Rodgers will always take a lot of sacks. That’s the way he plays.

          Dujuan Harris could be a big lift in the running game next year, though I wouldn’t have a problem with drafting someone as well.

          Anyone else notice that our last 3 #1 picks are all on the IR? Yeah, we need at least 2 outta 3 of those guys back and contributing. Nick Perry alone could have made a big difference in that game.

          The Packers have no money for free agency. If we did, we’d sign Jennings. So, expect more of the same.

          • PackAttack

            I’d call the defense a pretty big problem for a number of reasons. The first being they aren’t very fucking good and haven’t been for the last two years (historically bad in 2011) — and prior to 2010, they weren’t very fucking good either. This defense had problems getting off the field the whole damn year — AP ran over this D for how many yards? Kappernick and Gore just embarrassed this unit after a humiliating loss last year in the same game to the Giants? How is the defense not a major issue going forward?

            The offensive line isn’t an issue? Your right, because it only took McCarthy how many weeks to figure out Jeff Saturday sucked and Bryan Bulaga proved he’s not a long-term cog at LT (how many LT has GB tried in the last 2 years??), who on this line is Pro Bowl worthy?.

            You need to stop looking at what these guys are capable of doing and start looking at what they can do — and then compare them to the rest of the league. GB Offensive Line – ranked 25th in the NFL out of 32. Not fucking good.

            The Packers have no money for free agency because most of that money is tied up in AJ Hawk ($46.54), Woodson ($11.4), Tramon ($7.39), Crosby ($2.4), Pickett ($5.74) — Crosby made more money than Clay Matthews did this year! All jokes aside, there’s a lot of fat there to cut, and with Finley and Jennings coming off the books — there’s money to be had — you just gotta have a smart GM to work it.

            QUOTE OF THE YEAR

            “Dujuan Harris could be a big lift in the running”

            Yes! OF COURSE!!! While the rest of the league has feature backs like AP, Ray Rice, Doug Martin, Alfred Morris and Trent Richardson….the PACK can establish their ground force with DuJuan Harris after a full regular season dose of 34 carries and two catches! Forget the fact that this offensive line is completely incapable of run blocking after 430+ carries this season where GB backs averages less than 4 yards per/carry. Let’s go with the undrafted 25 year old car salesman who’s been released twice already.

            Ill — why ain’t you the GM on this squad man! Imagine what this team would look like with your ass at the helm!

    • Iltarion

      Yeah, because the Patriots are SO physical.

      And another person ignoring the fact that this team won 19 games in a row.

      • Phatgzus

        When was the last time the Patriots won the Super Bowl though, Itarion? You need to be physical with physical teams, that’s all there is to it. Some more big men on both sides and a healthy LB corps would go a long way to that end.

        • Iltarion

          The Patriots won it in like 1996, I think. Everyone forgets that the Packers won 19 games in a row a few years ago, so that means we are super good now, even though our roster is completely different.

  23. the real jeff ircink

    i relish when Packer fans turn on other Packer fans. i will say your QB is definitely a lot classier than Colin Kaepernick. but class doesn’t always come out on top.

  24. Richard

    You don’t win a Super Bowl by being lucky?

    Wow, did somebody actually watch the 2010 run? Luck and health is the name of the game.

  25. Richard

    Cutler doesn’t blow his knee and Green Bay doesn’t even play the Steelers. Luckiest shit in the world, go Packers 2024 World Champs

    • Iltarion

      Luck doesn’t win you 19 straight games.

      2nd longest winning streak in NFL history, by the way.

      You only do that by being better than everyone else AND being coached well enough to be up for every game.

      • PackAttack

        Or maybe because you have the best QB in the NFL and 5 legit WR’s. I dunno — maybe.

        We know it wasn’t that TT defense which won accolades for being historically pathetic in 2011.

        Could it be the running game?? Naw. Should we pull up the running stats from those 19 wins? Nah! Why bore you.

  26. RelampagoBlanco

    Because Cutler was moving the ball oh so effectively prior to his knee injury right? Step off the ledge Richard then we all won’t have to put up with your ridiculously over critical comments.

    • Adam

      Yes, his muffed punt in the second quarter cost us a 24-all game in the 3rd quarter. [/sarcasm]

      I’ve give you the fact that his mistake swung momentum, but A-Rod took the offense 80 yards in 6 plays two drives later and tied the game. Momentum swings several times during a game.

      Ross’ mistake didn’t give Kaepernick 181 rushing yards.

  27. Travis Jervey

    I don’t care how well they play during the regular season. In our last 3 playoff losses our team has given up 45, 37 and 51 points. Hard to win when you do that.

  28. seeful2000

    The problem with the Packers D was the Packers offense. Look at time of possession. The D was on the field 63% of the time, they got tired and the 49ers jabbed it in their butt. Get a run game, take more than 2 minutes to get a touchdown on offense and the defense is going to look a hell of a lot better.

  29. flyboy7588

    Capers is not getting it done when it really counts, even when it doesn’t. He needs to go. I saw no adjustments from Capers at any time during that game. Thompson has some serious decisions to make this off season. The defense HAS TO GET BETTER, or we will be replaying this scenario over and over again year over year. This has to get fixed quickly. Rodgers is going to be 30. Packer fans deserve better than what we all witnessed on Saturday night. BTW, was Matthews even on the field. There was someone on the field wearing #52 but the guy sure didn’t look like Matthews. A one armed OL shut Matthews down the entire night. Shameful performance by Clay.

  30. Ryan

    I don’t understand how some you people expect Ted Thompson to waive his magic wand and fix everything in one off season. Our defense was the worst in the league last year… Some of you seem to be forgetting just how epically awful it was.

    This was not going to be a one year fix. But, was progress made? You better believe it. I saw a stat last night that from Pro Football Focus (I believe) that said our secondary was the 2nd most effective in the league behind Seattle. That’s (impressive) improvement.

    I think we all agree the defensive line needs serious work. We have yet to find a good complement to Matthews – although he wasn’t exactly impressive last night either. I expect TT to focus on this area of the team this off season.

    As for Capers – I am on the fence. I kind of want him to go. Saturday night was just ridiculous. But, the defense has really improved this year.

    As for TT – Again, he doesn’t have a magic wand. Nor does any GM in this league. He is constantly touted (by experts, not emotional fans) as one of the best GMs in the league.

    As for MM – I shouldn’t even have to entertain this. First he ran too much. Now he abandons the run. Give me a break.

    Last night came down to 2 things: 1) Can’t stop their QB from running and 2) the muffed punt. It destroyed momentum. We had the potential to go up 21-7.

    • ay hombre

      I bet that Pro Football Focus stat was on pass coverage which they are decent at….at times. They are pretty damn awful in knowing assignments, playing with violence, being consistent, flying to the ball, wrapping up, etc.

  31. icebowl

    “The Packers’ reign as one of the elite teams in the NFC is over. It has become clear the 49ers have overtaken the Packers by a wide margin. And Aaron Rodgers no longer is the most dangerous and feared player in the league.”- USA Today.
    Not that I subscribe to this fish-wrapper’s sports coverage, yet in a way it kind of summarizes a lot of the banter I’m reading here….
    Playing the blame game won’t do it.
    It’s not Capers, or MM, etc…..
    The game continues to evolve…. This is Generation II of West Coast Offense…
    Crapernick, RG-3, RWilson are the future of football – they are ARodg on Steroids…
    GB, as many teams will need to adjust to survive….

  32. mxz600

    Again…iltarian..put down the green and gold kool-aid for a second…..We don’t have questions and problems because we lost a game, we had questions and problems, before….we lost the game…….Itarian says the O line is fine….Really?…lol….Its so fine, it can’t run block, its so fine, it constantly gets pushed back into Rodgers…….Then iltarian, blames Rodgers for the sacks. Brady has 4 or 5 seconds to pass. If Rodgers holds the ball for 3 seconds, Morons like iltarian blame Rodgers for holding the ball too long. Newhouse and Barclay are at best, back-ups. Why do you think they always have to give them help?

  33. mxz600

    Iltarian in all his wisdom also states ” The only problem we had was guys not playing their fricking assignment. Play the way they did against the Vikings in Lambeau, and they would have been fine.”……The ONLY problem?.<——lmao……Iltarian, listen up…….Here's the problem …..The 49ers are NOT the Vikings……Joe Webb isn't Colin Kaepernick. The 49ers are a physical, tough football team…The Packers defense got an old fashion beat down, among the worst in NFL history…..Thats the bottom line. Promote Kevin Green to D C…..We need to see a pulse on defense.

  34. mxz600

    Charles Woodson was asked after the game by a reporter………..What adjustments did the defense make at 1/2 time. Charles said ” there wasn’t any adjustments”…….Therein lies the problem with Capers….get rid of him. I’ll help him pack.

  35. mxz600

    icebowl…it may seem running QB’s are the future of football, but running QB’s usually have a short shelf life. The 3 QB’s you’ve named are basically all 1st year players….Defense’s will adjust, running QB’s get hurt. I dont recall seeing running QB’s winning Super Bowls, because of Wilson, Kaepernick and RG3, running QB’s are just the flavor of the month, so to speak. I would take Rodgers over all 3 of those QB’s in a heartbeat.

  36. rebelgb

    People stand away from the ledge!

    Let me throw in my 2 cents.

    Heres the changes we need for next year, all completely doable.

    -Draft a running back ( a good one). Its time. Look I know we arent going to be a big running team while MM is coach. But as someone here already brilliantly said, one of the ways to improve our defense is to improve our TOP on offense. Also having a real threat at RB for catching swing passes and screens would be HUGE for Rodgers. Lets do this thing.

    – Get our oline healthy and draft a center.

    – Spend the rest of our draft picks on defense. Look we have some talent there but we have to find a couple of linebackers. Hawk is too slow and we need someone to rush the QB other than CMIII.

    Finally we have to sign Jennings. Let Finley go if we have to, but Jennings needs to be back. James Jones has proven his worth but he is no #1 receiver. He’s a slower Antonio Freeman and I never thought Free should be a #1 either (and I was right). Jordy cant stay healthy and honestly why should we expect that to change? I know Jennings has been hurt too, but with both Jordy and Jennings we should hopefully always have one on the field.

    As long as we have Rodgers and CMIII we are going to be competitive. I look forward to next year.

    Thanks and Peace Out Fools.

  37. icebowl

    Mx – bingo !
    QBs will transition from resource to commodity.
    Just as RBs are now only good for 4-5 years of life with clear peak at 3 yrs.
    As long as colleges keep supplying new material ( Johnny Football) this will be the way of the future.
    BTW….Constant rule changes geared towards protecting passers is only going to make this mire than the “…flavor of the month…”

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