Here’s Donald Driver Getting Choked Up [Video]

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Donald Driver gets choked up

Donald Driver gets choked up

Donald Driver has a pretty good idea his Green Bay Packers career is over.

On Monday night’s Inside the Huddle — a show that airs in Green Bay on channel 11 — Driver was the guest and discussed his future. During the segment, Driver broke down and went silent for a while.

The fans responded with a rousing round of applause.

And that was pretty much that.

From the sound of it, Driver is planning on leaving the decision on his future in the hands of the organization. That doesn’t really bode well for the organization.

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7 Comments on "Here’s Donald Driver Getting Choked Up [Video]"

  1. Packer Bob

    If he wants to keep playing, more power to him. But it won’t be for the Packers next season. Needless to say he’ll deservedly be in the Packer Hall of Fame when he retires.

  2. joe

    Truly one of the greats. You cant help but love DD, Probably my second favorite packer ever only behind Reggie White

  3. DD

    He would be wise to retire and get the hell as far away from McFatfuck, Gayrod, and Ted “Buttfuck” Thompson before those faggots embarrass him any more than they already have.

    • calipackfan

      McFatfuck and Gayrod gave him a superbowl ring and gave him a chance to be with the team this year when he was already washed up I dont know how they have embarrassed him you are fucking dumb.

  4. Chris

    Bar none, one of the classiest men to ever wear a Packer jersey. Time does march on and sometimes the world closes doors before any of us are ready for those doors to be closed.
    He has undeniably etched his legacy in many of our hearts and in Packer history.
    Like Edgar Bennett, really hope he ends up with a long standing relationship with the organization and the community.

  5. Vijay

    Another Championship run next year would certainly help make us forget and move on a little easier…#justsayin

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