Aaron Rodgers Ironically Lobbies for Charles Woodson’s Return

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Charles Woodson

Charles Woodson

There’s been quite a bit of speculation that safety Charles Woodson and the $10 million he’s due won’t be with the Green Bay Packers in 2013. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, for one, is publicly saying he would like to see Woodson back.

Rodgers addressed the issue on his weekly radio show on WAUK-AM (540) in Milwaukee, on Tuesday.

“I know he is under contract and that he is an important part of our football team,” Rodgers said. “I think he adds a lot. He is still playing at a really high level. He’s very intelligent and sets a good example in preparation. He’s always watching film. He did a great job, especially with guys like Sam Shields and Tramon (Williams) a couple of years back. He kind of took them under his wing. Now Tramon is carrying on that tradition. . . . Having his presence around the locker room really helps, setting an example for the young guys. It helps me out, as far as being the leader.”

We’ve talked a lot about this situation recently and there are plenty pros and cons.

Pros: great leader, great mentor, still solid against the run

Cons: not so solid in coverage anymore, 36 years old, due $10 million in 2013

The glaring issue is that last one. The Packers don’t have a lot of money laying around right now and they want to extend guys like Rodgers, Clay Matthews and B.J. Raji.

Rodgers alone is going to get a $10 million bump per season — he’s currently scheduled to make $10.25 million in 2013. That number puts him at about half of what guys like Peyton Manning ($19 million) and Drew Brees ($20 million) average per season.

In a certain way, it’s ironic that Rodgers is saying he wants Woodson back. If the Packers do indeed release Woodson, they’ll be doing so primarily so they can give Rodgers more money. And we bet when he signs that fat new deal Rodgers won’t be saying, “Gee. I wish Charles Woodson were here for this.”

On the positive side for Woodson, Rodgers’ contract isn’t an immediate issue. His deal lasts for two more seasons. However, he is grossly underpaid when compared to other elite signal callers.

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12 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers Ironically Lobbies for Charles Woodson’s Return"

  1. Jason in Madison

    I’m probably going to be proven wrong, but in listening to Aaron’s weekly show, I get the impression that he doesn’t feel a strong need to have a lot more $$ than he has now. Of course, the $$ isn’t the driving factor for most of these guys, but instead being able to say ‘mine is bigger than yours’, but my man crush on Aaron has be hoping he’ll understand the more $$ they give him, the harder it is for him to get back to the Super Bowl. I’m calling it now, that he is going to ‘shock’ the pro football world and sign a contract worth significantly less than market value for the benefit of the team and in theory his ability to establish a more significant legacy of winning.

    My 2 cents,

    • GreenAndYellow

      i actually agree completely and was going to say essentially the same thing – although i also admit my judgment may be slightly clouded….but just this week on his radio show he specifically said that when people take big contracts they make it harder for the team to win when discussing woodson’s salary.

      i also think he’ll take way less than he’s worth (although i’m sure there will be an increase) because he realizes that (a) $10 million, even for one year, is all the money and more a person could ever need/use, and (b) that winning has a direct relationship with how much he gets paid.

  2. Packer Bob

    Not only is he grossly underpaid, he will probably become the highest paid QB in the NFL. I love Woodson but I just can’t see how they can bring him back for $10M and his age.

    Course, I don’t crunch the numbers either, so who knows…

  3. Iltarion

    I think the running, big quarterback is the wave of the future.. I read on ESPN that JaMarcus Russell is making a comeback..he would be cheap and then we could keep Woodson and AJ Hawk and let Rodgers go, if he is too expensive.

  4. Don Q

    I would take a few million $ paycut to have better protection and 3 more Superbowl rings. Good on Rogers.

  5. mxz600

    The list of cons failed to mention Woodson missed 9 games….Thats a pretty big factor in deciding wether you want to commit 1/12th of player payroll, to 1 player……………I did get a chuckle that Rodgers said Tramon is now taking the young players under his wing…as long as he isnt teaching them how to tackle, i’m ok with it :)

  6. MadCity Packer Fan

    Letting Rodgers go is a huge mistake for this running QB fad. Running QB’s are 50% more injury prone and like we witnessed with the Redskins damn near ending a career for RG3 leaving him in there with an obvious injury is certainly not the way to go. Pick a team apart from the pocket and reserve the run for a last resort to get a first down and not a touchdown. Sure they can score but once they leave the pocket the defense and by that I mean big linebackers that have the opportunity to deliver some big hits on the operator of your offense! They will keep Rodgers. Letting him go is complete non sense by any estimation.

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