Things Are Looking Up For Packers

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James Starks

James Starks

The Green Bay Packers took care of business on Sunday with a workman-like 23-14 victory over the Minnesota Vikings and once again control their destiny.

That’s because the Chicago Bears lost to Seattle 23-17 in overtime. Somehow, the Seahawks are repaying the Packers for that gift earlier this season.

As for Green Bay’s win, it went about like we expected.

The Packers got killed by Adrian Peterson, who piled up 210 yards on the ground and kept the Vikings in the game. As good as Peterson was, Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder was equally as bad.

Ponder threw for just 119 yards and tossed two interceptions — both to Morgan Burnett.

On the other side, Aaron Rodgers used all of his receivers (nine different guys caught balls) and put up 286 yards. Randall Cobb and Jermichael Finley, who was way too excited, led the way with six catches each.

Surprisingly, the Packers were also able to run the ball. James Starks finished with 66 yards on 15 carries and rushed for a touchdown. Alex Green also contributed 58 on 12 rushes.

So what does this tell us about the Packers?

Not much. They were supposed to win this game. At least they managed to bounce back from last week’s embarrassment against the Giants though.

Maybe these guys do have some heart after all.

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11 Comments on "Things Are Looking Up For Packers"

  1. the real russ letlow

    the injuries are freakin unreal!!!! maybe we get a break and Barclay is decent, but come on! this is ridiculous. Hopefully Crosby gets his act together from this game on. But, hey, it feels good to beat the purple pussy crapstains no matter what the circumstances are.

  2. TyKoSteamboat

    Say what you will. But i watched the offensive line & they played great yesterday. Run & Pass blocking. Grade = A-

    Also, i LOVE our secondary…a bucha fools with dreadlocks flyen around. House, Hayward, Burnett, M.D. Jenninga & McMillan are all ball-hawken & it’s great. We will only get better when Woodson & Matthews return.


  3. jaykat

    No diggity about Finley … Hey JerMike, you’re acting like the world’s against you and that’s because you told them they are. Relax and act like a teammate.

  4. Andy

    I really think barcalay stepped up and aside from a hold looked very decent.

    My concern is the passing game, more often then not arron is dropping back and nothing is open causing him to flush out and make something himself. This has been a common theme this year and it seems that the pass attack has been figured out, and I dont see any adjustments being made.

    Overall we learn that the packers are quite balanced at the minute. The backfield by commitee situation seems to be working, although i really believe we can get more out of starks.

  5. Iltarion

    Agree. I don’t know when this coaching staff is going to figure out that Starks should be our short yardage back. The guy has the power to fight for a yard, and he’ll take it to the edge if nothing is there up the middle.

    Green and Starks are both proving to be much better tandem backs.

    Don Barclay’s performance only raises the question with more intensity- Shouldn’t we put Lang back to LG and let Barclay play RT? Or, reshuffle it altogether. Put Lang at LG, Barclay at RT, and EDS at center. Props Jeff Saturday, you are now the highest paid back up center in the league.

    For the most part, the Packer offense, and A-Rodge, looked as lost as usual against the same 2 deep zone. Essentially our game plan was the same, run at it, and this time it worked. I did see two plays though- a skinny post to Jennings and a 3rd and short slant to Finley- where our old offense made a cameo.

    The Packers won’t beat a top NFC team unless they figure this out.

    6 Holding Calls against the Packers yesterday. Zero that I recall against the Vikings. It is a toss up what has been kicking the Packers in the face worse- the injuries or the refs.

    • TyKoSteamboat

      Looking at the replay, 2 of the holding calls were bogus….the 1 against Kuhn & the 1 against Lang early on…

  6. Pack Lethal

    I see there is someone (probably a ViQueens fan living in Minnesota) on here impersonating me, using low intelligence & an occasional insult, & I would like him/her to stop & fuck off!!

  7. I agree with Andy. Watching Rodgers finding no receivers open, and then rolling, rolling, rolling to the sideline, then stepping out of bounds for a 2 yard gain or just throwing the ball away. What the hell is up with this?! We have very talented receivers; why can’t they get a little separation? Very discouraging especially if we expect to advance in the playoffs.

    • PackAttack

      It’s the play calling. Those receivers are running routes McCarthy and Clements design.

      Ilitarion is right. If GB continues to play like they did vs. MN (and as they have all season) they won’t beat a tough NFC opponent in the playoffs.

      McCarthy said it best. The offense needs to play better and score more points. You can’t score 35 points a game with that type of a running game. I don’t care how they ran vs. MN, it’ll falter in the playoffs — no doubt.

      Offense needs to be better — need to score more points.

  8. Apeshit

    I love the suggestion of Lang-lg DS-c DB-rt… If your center doesn’t hold point, there is no pocket, Rodgers has no running lanes to escape, and sacks a plenty happen. I know Wells was injured in Stl, but the lines problems begin and end with the center. Nice guy, horrible football player at this point in his career.

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