Smokin’ Aaron Rodgers?

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Smokin' Aaron Rodgers

Smokin' Aaron Rodgers

We expect Aaron Rodgers to photobomb the Green Bay Packers team captains’ photo each week, so we kind of stopped paying attention.

We shouldn’t have.

It looks like Rodgers took a subtle jab at his Chicago Bears counterpart Jay Cutler in last Sunday’s photobomb. Rodgers appears to have something in his mouth.

That something appears to be a cigarette.

Why is this a jab at Cutler? Because Jay Cutler and his hang-dog expression was the subject of the Internet meme Smokin’ Jay Cutler earlier this year.

In it, each photo of Cutler features a cigarette dangling out of his mouth.

Before anyone assumes the Rodgers photo was anything more than joke, it should be noted that he’s supposedly good friends with Cutler.

Smokin’ Jay went to Vanderbilt, which is where Rodgers’ brother Jordan currently plays quarterback, and Rodgers has credited Cutler with helping Jordan.

Cutler has also laughed about the meme publicly and we’re sure the two quarterbacks had a chuckle about the photo after they double teamed Kristin after Sunday’s game.

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9 Comments on "Smokin’ Aaron Rodgers?"

  1. nurseratchett

    He talked about this on his radio show Tuesday; swears he NEVER saw the smokin’ Jay Cutler pics until someone showed him after the photo bomb….

    On the show Aaron says it was a thingy of smelling salts…..if you saw him on the NFL network the other day I would guess it was a doobie.

  2. nurseratchett

    Oh, re: double teamed Kristin: EWWWWW. Why in the HELL would Aaron Rodgers have any desire for Cuntler’s sloppy seconds??? Not only is his woman hot, he could get (and likely has) any woman he wanted….and at LEAST one dude from this site. Yes, I mean you, DD!!

  3. tim

    Wow…. you guys are some disgusting freaks.

    Here’s to hoping there’s more class with other Packer fans.

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