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19 Comments on "Packers-Vikings Photobomb is Easily Best Ever"

  1. Iltarion

    I hate the Vikings as much as the next guy, but this is a little embarrassing- a young couple having their picture ruined by some belligerent drunk.

  2. Landfill

    I would love to see the headline had this picture been the other way around. Something like this “Drunk Viking fan ruining couples’ trip to Lambeau.” Both sides have their fair share of morons.

  3. Doug

    Agreed with others. No need to be an asshole to visiting fans if they’re being respectful and not asking for it. I always try to go out of my way to make sure they walk away talking about how great the Lambeau experience is. Let other teams fans be assholes.

  4. Drunk on Duval Street

    As much as I dislike the Vikings I don’t think that couple deserved that treatment. I hate when fans like that make us look bad. Talk all the shit on blogs but keep it classy in person.

  5. Vikes fan in the photo

    Yeah I tell you most fans were great, just giving tasteful trash talk to one another but never crossing any lines. We were tailgating with almost all Packer fan before the game and was having a great time. While this woman did not bother me at all, the worst part about it was she had her kids with her. Just not the example I would set to my children. -Dswens

  6. David

    She blocked out Lombardi in the photo… don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing since Vikings were involved.

    Other than that… unless she was hot… this wasn’t a good play.

  7. E. Wolf

    This looks photoshopped–but it its real, it makes us look bad. Don’t like the idea of Vikings fans and Packers tailgaiting with one another.
    I hate the Vikings-and their fans. Let that hatred flow through you, Packers fans.

  8. George Costanza

    Yes, I hate the Vikings as much as the next guy, but Packers fans should take pride in the fact that we are friendly and civil to visitors. That’s what makes a game at Lambeau Field such a great experience. We don’t want to behave like Eagles fans.

  9. Ivomitonvikingfans

    In spite of my screen name, I would have to say this is a bit of a low rent move. They may be viking fans, but they look harmless enough. I am 100% sure there were plenty of of real asshole Viking fans available to fuck with. That thing in the Packer jersey looks quite scary. Is it/her flipping them off? Or trying to show them the bugger on its/her finger?

  10. Cmon people life is short. THIS PIC IS DOWNRIGHT THE FUNNIEST S**T I’VE SEEN IN A LONG TIME!! and us cheeseheads should not feel bad for a second.It goes on at the Metrodome alot more then Lambeau. People in pic should Laugh too. ITS THE NFC NORTH WHAT DO YOU EXPECT??

  11. Josh

    As a Packers fan I have to say the woman made a fool of herself. They were just a happy couple enjoying the game. Maybe she was jealous of the good looking woman.

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