Jermichael Finley and Packers are Getting Divorced

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Jermichael Finley

Jermichael Finley

This will come as no surprise to anyone who reads this blog regularly, but the Green Bay Packers and tight end Jermichael Finley are headed toward a divorce at season’s end, according to Bob McGinn.

Sources familiar with the Packers’ thinking say the club not only wants to get rid of Finley but has decided to do exactly that in the off-season.

It means that if the Packers cannot find a trade partner, they are prepared to release Finley because of financial, competitive and behavioral reasons.

There is no way the Packers will pick up the second half of the two-year, $14 million contract they gave Finley in late February, according to sources.

That pretty much says it all and we’ve discussed each of these factors before.

Finley is due $8 million next season. He’s put up 48 catches for 525 yards and two touchdowns so far this season. Those numbers aren’t commensurate with an $8 million payday. In fact, they’re not even commensurate with the $7 million Finley is making this season.

The Packers have a pretty easy out, though.

Finley is due a $3 million roster bonus in March. If he’s on the roster, the Packers have to pay him. If he isn’t, they don’t. The only thing that will count against the Packers salary cap next season is $500,000, which is half of Finley’s signing bonus.

Beyond not playing up to his contract, there are the well-documented off-field distractions. Finley likes to run his mouth. He’s brought up his lack of chemistry with Aaron Rodgers several times this season and there was the incident where Finley’s agent said Rodgers isn’t a leader.

That act is getting old.

So how is this going to play out?

Well, it’s hard to trade a player when everyone knows you’re going to release him. That being said, Finley certainly has some talent and teams who have no talent at tight end may certainly be willing to give up a late-round pick for him — if they can negotiate a new contract.

Arizona and Oakland come to mind.

More importantly, what will the Packers do?

Well, they’ll have four tight ends returning next season without Finley — Andrew Quarless, D.J. Williams, Tom Crabtree and Ryan Taylor. Quarless started for an injured Finley during the Packers Super Bowl run and both Williams’ and Crabtree’s playing time has increased this season.

The Packers certainly have bodies to fill the void. They also have a passing attack that doesn’t rely nearly as heavily on the tight end as they’ve done in previous years.

Finley is currently probably the fifth option on offense, behind Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings and James Jones.

For his part, Finley says he wants to remain with the Packers.

“I didn’t check it out,” Finley told ESPN of the report. “It’s a business, and I would love to be here my whole career. I’m comfortable here, and I want to be a Packer for life. That’s all I can say about that.”

It looks like the writing is pretty clearly on the wall though.

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13 Comments on "Jermichael Finley and Packers are Getting Divorced"

  1. Jerome

    Guessing this story was pretty much written by the Packers organization, and putting it out there was a smart move. Because Finley is set to make $8 mil next year, there really isn’t an incentive for him to step it up until 2013. BUT if he is set to make exactly zero and have to negotiate the best deal possible for 2013, then he has two things to play for – himself and his paycheck. As far as the Packers hurting his trade value, there are eight million reasons for all 32 teams in the league to pass on Finley next year. Actually eight million and one, if you include his mouth.

  2. the real russ letlow

    if they are planning to trade him, I’m sure TT is greasing the skids right now. He could be a big upgrade for some teams, like Oakland, and I’m sure Teddy would give Reggie McKenzie a good bargain. Never did like the media “speculating” about personnel moves, ie: Steven Jackson this year. Way off the mark there!

  3. Iltarion

    Oakland has Brandon Myers who is probably the AFC’s Pro Bowl TE this year.

    An obvious team that could use Finley is actually the Bears, and Finley notoriously plays well against them, so it would doubly make sense.

    The Packers lose a playmaker at that position by letting Finley go, but I don’t see the alternative. He isn’t worth $8 million just like Scott Wells wasn’t worth $7 million.

    • Abe Frohman

      I disagree in calling him a playmaker because he’s really done very little that’s amazing since his injury in 2010. He’s just a guy – a guy that blocks like crap, drops a lot of passes, complains to the media about his MVP quarterback, and generally runs his mouth causing a distraction. How good would we say Finley is if he had Sanchez throwing to him?

      Quarless’ knee was/is pretty messed up. It’s not a given that he’ll return to form next season. So, we’ve got Williams, Crabtree and Taylor.

  4. RodgerDat

    Fuck, god damn you finley. Shouldve been the best tight end in the nfl by now. But your god damn ego fucked everything up.

  5. Cheese

    Look at that picture. Nothing like Finley doing the “duck lips” pose while flaunting a super bowl ring he did absolutely nothing to earn.

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