Jeff Saturday Doesn’t Think Much of Pro Bowl Nod Either

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Jeff Saturday

Jeff Saturday

We told you yesterday how Green Bay Packers center Jeff Saturday was elected to the Pro Bowl, even though he’s no longer a starter. It shows just how stupid the Pro Bowl and the majority of people who vote for it are.

Well, for what it’s worth, Jeff Saturday apparently didn’t think much of his selection either.

“I am disappointed for Josh Sitton; I think he should be there,” Saturday said. “It is disappointing for me, for him. I would love to be able to pass it to him. He is a tough player and has played very well all season. I respect the heck out of the way he has played and it has been fun to play next to him.”

Sitton, the Packers right guard, is a first alternate. If one of the three guards selected for the team decides not to play, then Sitton would get the call.

As for Saturday, he’s been handling everything like you would expect him to — with class.

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5 Comments on "Jeff Saturday Doesn’t Think Much of Pro Bowl Nod Either"

  1. Jackinthebox

    Mood point anyway….the Packers can’t be 2 places at the same time and the Super Bowl is more importaint…..

  2. JtotheV

    My ‘mood points’ always come by the time halftime rolls around during the Chicago Bears games. By then I know the Pack will win, because Cutler is still the starting QB.

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