Here’s the Turd in the Purple Sombrero

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The man in the purple sombrero

The man in the purple sombrero

We told you about the idiot Minnesota Vikings fan who was arrested for knocking a guy unconscious after the Green Bay Packers win on Sunday. You know, he was wearing a purple sombrero and a Vikings poncho.

Well, here he is — Mark Swanson of Lakeland, Minn.

As the story goes, Swanson and a Green Bay man — Shawn Hrubesky — were arguing while leaving Lambeau Field. This escalated into fisticuffs and when Hrubesky’s father Paul jumped in to try to break up the fight, he got knocked the fuck out.

Court documents say after Paul Hrubesky was hit, Swanson took off, wearing what complaint says was a purple sombrero. He was arrested behind K-Mart a short time later.

Several others were also involved — the majority of them were reportedly trying to stop the fight.

Swanson was charged with battery and disorderly conduct, while Hrubesky was charged with disorderly conduct.

Swanson is due back in court on Dec. 21.

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16 Comments on "Here’s the Turd in the Purple Sombrero"

  1. Buddy

    It’s sad to see a fun time ruined because of cavemen like that. No team is worth going to jail over. Especially the trophy-less Vikings.

  2. Iltarion

    Sucker-punched some old timer and then ran. HAHAHAHA!!!!

    Officer: So what was the assailant wearing?

    Witness: A purple sombrero.

    Officer: WTF? Well, that shouldn’t be hard to find. Let’s just look behind K-Mart.

    Dudes wearing a purple sombrero should just be arrested for the hell of it.

  3. Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus


    Ha! Weak ass packer fans don’t want none!

    Damn right we don’t want none of your shit players and bad luck! Who in their shit for brains mind would want anything to do with a team wearing purple and constantly ending up at the ass end of the NFL.

  4. Pack Lethal

    If you live in Minnesota, let’s face it, you suck! Last time I remember Minnesota doing anything was when a Packer cast-off was at the helm!

  5. Savage57

    The Legend of Skol

    About a generation ago, an ass-borne mouth breathing shitpile from Minnehithole decided he wanted to be cool. So he drove his fucking horse and buggy to the big city to see a Prince concert since that was the ONLY thing in the entire fucking state that was considered cool.

    While at the concert he drank one beer. Fucked up out of his mined, he blew guts all over a black dude’s shoes. But the dude took pity on the shitpile and said ” ‘s cool “.

    So when shitpile boy got back to the hive in rural Minneshithole, he told everyone about his adventure in the big city, including all the fun he had at the Prince concert. But because the backward fucks talk like they have a mouthful of used condoms, ” ‘s cool ” came out sounding like “Skol”.

    And so, to this day, all Minneshitholeians pay homage to that day when they too have a drink, lose their fucking minds and say “Skol”.

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