Greg Jennings Doesn’t See Future with Packers

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Greg Jennings

Greg Jennings

Greg Jennings is in a contract year and the writing seems to be on the wall. The Green Bay Packers haven’t made much of an effort to sign him to a long-term deal.

And don’t think Greg Jennings hasn’t taken note. For the first time, Jennings publicly stated his lack of optimism that he’ll be with the Packers next season.

“My educated guess, I’m going to lean to the ‘no’ side of it. That’s my educated guess, my personal educated guess.

“If I had a choice, if it was just my decision only, absolutely I would be here in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t want to leave at all. But obviously it’s two sides. So the Packers are going to do what’s best for them and hopefully I’m what’s best. But if not, I have 31 other teams that hopefully I can show them my resume, then walk into the door and start back over.”

The problems with re-signing Jennings are numerous for the Packers. Primarily, he wants big money and they have other players they need to give big money to. Plus, the Packers have plenty of receivers to throw the ball to.

Are the chances nil that Jennings returns?

Not quite.

If the Packers do indeed move on without Jermichael Finley, they save $8 million in 2013. There’s also the chance Jennings’ injury-plagued 2012 campaign might limit his earning potential.

It’s more likely that Jennings signs elsewhere, but a perfect storm could still land him in Green Bay.

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7 Comments on "Greg Jennings Doesn’t See Future with Packers"

  1. mxz600

    Greg Jennings needs to quit talking about Greg Jennings…..NOTHING, will get done with him until AFTER the season is over….So why not….Just say to reporters….”We’ll see what happens, we have bigger team goals right now that we need to concentrate and focus on, other than my contract situation.”…………….In other words Gregory…Just stfu and play football. You’re finally back on the field…..Quit whining you dont want to be franchised tagged…..If your signing is more important than what the Green bay Packers need to be focusing on….I don’t want you on the team anyway….You aren’t Rodgers or Mathews, we dont need you that bad.

  2. mxz600

    Jennings reportedly wanted about 16 mill a year….with a big guarantee…….The problem is….Can he guarantee Ted Thompson he won’t be hurt and sit out half the season because of injurys?…..Every week Jennings has missed the last 2 seasons have cost him money for his next contract. You can be a great player, but if you cant play, you are worth nothing, each game you miss. TT isnt the kind of guy to fork over BIG guaranteed money to a part time player. (See Cullen Jenkins)

  3. mxz600

    We need 0 lineman who are actually worthy of starting in the NFL, we have enough good receivers….Rodgers is on pace to be sacked 50 times again, just like 2009. He leads the league right now with 45 sacks. there is a reason Rodgers tds are down over 20% and his sacks are up 30 %……Forget whining wide receivers…lets spend the money to protect the Packers #1 asset. because the truth of the matter is, without Rodgers, the Packers have nothing. And if he gets hit enough, the law of averages will tell you its just a matter of time before Rodgers gets hurt.

  4. nurseratchett

    I agree with mxz600; we have receivers for days & days. I won’t miss Finley a bit, & although Jennings will be missed, if he’s asking too much–see ya!

    I truly believe Jennings wants to be in a bigger market. He wants to be an actor & has already had a couple of bit parts & is rumored to be in talks about getting a role on some show called “The Game”.

  5. Apeshit

    Shut the fuck up is right… Old saying rings true.. Take care of what you can control and the rest will take care of itself… But what the fuck else do these guys have to do all week besides flap their gums?

  6. ay hombre

    Agreed. Shut the fuck up Jennings and be the team player we always thought you were. I respect him but this is a candyass way to handle his business.

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