Five More Thoughts on Packers Win Over Bears

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James Jones scores

James Jones scores

I wish I could say the hangover has worn off, but here are five more thoughts on the Green Bay Packers NFC North-clinching win over the Chicago Bears anyway.

Mason Crosby will cost the Packers a playoff game
Just when we thought Crosby had put his struggles behind him, he comes out and misses both of his field goal tries. The first one wasn’t even in the general area of the field goal posts. If Crosby can’t get his head right by the time the playoffs arrive he is going to end up costing the Packers a game.

The running back by committee approach is back
Although Alex Green got the bulk of the carries (13), the Packers used four backs on Sunday. They handed the ball to Green, Ryan Grant (8 for 32), DuJuan Harris (5 for 27) and John Kuhn (2 for 5). A week after only getting one carry, Grant was a much bigger part of the offense. We’d expect this trend to continue.

Clay Mattthews’ value cannot be overstated
The Packers are a different team with him on the field. Not only did the pass rush return — four sacks, two by Matthews — but the Packers were a hell of a lot better against the run. Matt Forte finished with 69 yards on 20 carries. That’s 3.4 yards per carry and a pretty good number considering how the Packers have been getting gouged in the running game.

James Jones screwed up someone’s fantasy playoffs yesterday
Jones had five catches for 60 yards, but three of those catches were touchdown receptions. Who saw that coming? Certainly not us and certainly not the guy he hung 25 on in fantasy football.

The Packers have Jay Cutler’s number
Has Jay Cutler ever had a big game against Green Bay? Not that we can remember. Cutler was 12-of-21 for 135 yards, one touchdown and one pick on Sunday. In the first matchup this season, Cutler threw for 126 and chucked four picks. He can’t even use the excuse that he doesn’t have a good receiver anymore.

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17 Comments on "Five More Thoughts on Packers Win Over Bears"

  1. Vijay

    Matthews is the defensive MVP. Without him, there’s a huge difference in game planning to stop opposing offenses. His presence alone makes the offense respect coverage in different ways and changes their game plan depending on where he lines up. By the way, Brad Jones is not much in run defense but he’s the best LB next to Matthews we have in pass coverage.

    Alex Green is not and should not be the primary ball carrier. Ryan Grant, despite his fumble, should be the lead back or perhaps DuJuan Harris. They both avg. 4 ypc or better and Green is more around 3 ypc.

  2. TroyMonger

    I was at the game yesterday and the best thing was watching Clay Matthews give the bears sideline the “thumbs down” when they opted to not take a shot at the end of the 1st half. He is just unreal.

  3. DevilDon

    How about this for a laugh. They say Cutvaginaler doesn’t have a number two receiver.
    They could have had the WR who leads the league in receiving TDs in free agency. Fucking Viqueens could have too. Typical for those franchises.

  4. Iltarion

    When the Packers made their run in 2010, they didn’t rely on Crosby to make any important kicks. Perhaps it is too optimistic to think you can do that again. We will see.

    Look at it this way- the Packers are 10-4 WITH Crosby missing kicks.

    I think it might be getting overlooked the difference that Mike Neal makes as well. He is much stronger against the run than Jerel Worthy, and he is the Packers best inside pass rusher. On one of Matthews’ sacks, Neal chased Cutler into Matthews. Of course, on one of Neal’s sacks, Matthews chased Cutler into Neal.

    Best game of the year so far by BJ Raji as well. That guy likes playing the Bears, what can you say.

    Where was this Sam Shields last season??

    Alex Green is the best back the Packers have. He ran on beast mode yesterday. Dujuan Harris might eventually be better, but he clearly doesn’t know the playbook yet. I am glad Grant is back, but he is even less explosive than he was last year. I don’t blame him too much for the fumble. It was Cedric Tillman after all.

    • Greg

      Let’s not get too excited about the RB’s yet. Green finished with 35 yards. I just read today that the Packers haven’t had a 100 yard rusher 41 games straight.

      • Iltarion

        Green ran hard. The Bears brought a safety into the box consistently in the 2nd half and did well against the run.

        Yes, that stat goes back to Brandon Jackson’s 100 yard game against Washington in 2010. However, it ignores the postseason and Starks’ 139 yards against Philly in that playoff run.

        It also is slightly misleading because the Packers’ split carries. If all the carries went to one running back, the Packers would have had several 100 yard games this season.

    • TroyMonger

      Grant is a liability. The more he is on the sideline, the better. I think there is a reason all 32 teams passed on him for the first 13 weeks of the season…

  5. Barrack

    get rid of Mason Crosby. When he costs us a playoff game it will be to late. A blind man can see whats happening here, why cant Coach McCarthy???

    • therealChuckywasCecil

      the same Coach McCarthy that called that stupid ass punt return? The two thorns of the game, Crosby and that ridiculous punt return, then pass, then fumble with a lead. Glad we won, but you’re right, Crosby is going to cost us at some point.

      • TroyMonger

        Crosby has the worst field goal percentage in the league – 59%. That is brutal. I am all for player loyalty, but at some point, the team has to matter more than the player. Crosby has to go..

  6. brad

    No kidding about Crosby – I’m sure nine out of ten college kickers are bette than him right now…It can’t be THAT HARD to replace him!

  7. DevilDon

    I was so excited to see Mason Crosby given another couple chances. Anyone who says that he should be cut is stupid. I know the NFL. I am on NFL-like blogs all day long and think that Mason is terrific. It is just that Masthay (sp?) doesn’t know how to hold the ball on kicks. Look at the film. And another thing, why isn’t Donald Driver playing? He is so much better than Randall Cobb and is a better dancer. And also, did you see Clay Matthews tackle Urlacher yesterday, or atleast I think it was him.. Urlacher plays QB, right? My only regret is that Phil Cutler didn’t throw more interjections to Carey Hayward.

  8. Drunk on Duval Street

    It’s a long shot but if Atlanta loses @ Detroit and @ Tampa, San Francisco loses @ Seattle, and the Pack whoops the living fuck out of the Titans and Queens we would have the #1 seed. But it’s a long shot.

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