Don Barclay Could Remain Starter

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Don Barclay

Don Barclay

We were quick to praise rookie Don Barclay‘s play on Sunday and it looks like the Green Bay Packers coaches took notice too.

Barclay, one of two undrafted rookie backups on the Packers offensive line, came in at right tackle after T.J. Lang went down with an injury. The Packers have already said Barclay will start if Lang can’t go this week (as if they had another choice), but he could remain the starter even if Lang is ready.

In that scenario, Lang would move back to left guard and replace Evan Dietrich-Smith. Lang, who has been filling in for Bryan Bulaga at right tackle, seems much better suited for left guard. He’s struggled mightily at times at right tackle and so has Dietrich-Smith.

Barclay, on the other hand, actually seemed to improve the right tackle play when he was inserted into the lineup on Sunday.

“I thought in the run game he was physical, that’s a trait that we really like in Don. I thought the pass protection, a lot of his things were technical. I thought he did a solid job,” Packers coach Mike McCarthy said. “When a rookie comes in for his first time in game action and you’re able to keep playing throughout your gameplan, I think that’s a big credit to him.”

Can we expect Barclay to play at Bulaga’s level? Probably not, although Bulaga’s level of play wasn’t all that high. Instead of weakening two positions — left guard and right tackle — by taking Lang away from left guard, the Packers would theoretically only be weaker at one with Barclay in the lineup.

Mike McCarthy has said he wants his five best offensive linemen on the field. Well, if Sunday was any indication, Barclay is currently one of those guys.

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10 Comments on "Don Barclay Could Remain Starter"

  1. calipackfan

    Everything is starting to get together for the packers to finish strong injured players are starting to come back the line may improve with Barclay and we may even get the second seed with the 49ers falling apart with Kapernick.

    • Andy

      I think the returning injured will help the run D, but our offensive lne sucks regardless.

      I’m not sure how the 49ers are failing because they lost one game, same how the pack wernt failing because they lost one game. People lose games it does not necessarily mean you suck

  2. Bolo Young

    If Bulaga was back…and Barclay was playing at a high level at right tackle, I wonder if putting Bulaga at left tackle (his natural position), would be a possibility.

  3. armyguy872008

    This kids got some heart, one thing that impresses me about the Packers is the replacement players, they are always ready to jump in and be a starter, got to think the practice squad coaches are pretty good and know that the starters will go down with injuries, so they prepare their players at a high level. Not sure how other teams across the NFL are depth wise but I have to think the Packers produce superb 2nd and 3rd string players for cheap to. Just think the Giants were 7-7 last year at this time and won the SB. Go Pack!!

  4. GreenAndYellow

    if any of you saw the post-game interview with rodgers on the field, he was asked about barclay and i think his response says as much as anything. i couldn’t quote him exactly but he got a huge smile on his face and was almost laughing as he said nothing but good things and that he was excited barclay got some live action. if rodgers is happy with him, i sure as hell am too.

    also, if anyone agrees with armyguy about the back-ups stepping up (which i definitely do), that credit has to go primarily to TT.

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