At Least Christian Ponder Got it Right Off the Field

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Samantha Ponder

Christian Ponder isn’t a very good quarterback. His Minnesota Vikings aren’t a very good team. At least Ponder got it right off the field though — he’s now engaged to ESPN reporter Samantha Steele.

It seems like perfect timing, really. The Vikings aren’t going anywhere, thanks largely to Ponder’s recent play. The guy has to have something to look forward too, right?

Steele, who’s 26, does college football and basketball for ESPN. Since joining ESPN in 2011, Steele has replaced Jenn Brown as sideline reporter on Thursday Night Football. She also replaced Erin Andrews on the 9 a.m. College Gameday on ESPNU.

Anyone else notice these three chicks pretty much look the same? Does ESPN have a type?

Anyway, while Steele’s career has been on the upswing, Ponder’s has been going the other way. In his past six games he’s only surpassed 200 passing yards twice. He has six touchdowns and seven picks in those games and in two of them he failed to surpass 100 yards passing.

Now, on to the important stuff.

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12 Comments on "At Least Christian Ponder Got it Right Off the Field"

  1. Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus

    The way Ponder plays he’s lucky to make a CFL roster next year. In that case I hope Minnesota hangs on to the schmuck.

  2. E. Wolf

    She looks cute in the third and maybe the sixth pic. The fake tan and copious amounts of makeup look her grotesque in the others. The American ‘aesthetic’ is disgraceful.

  3. David

    Super Fake Blonde…

    The only picture I liked was the one with the cookie dough in it. I’m going to be disappointed if those are raisins though.

  4. rebelgb

    She aint got no tits. Also her career is on the rise while his is in a death spiral. This never works out. The first time he gets jealous over her success, comes home drunk and beats her ass will be the last time.

    I give it 2 years tops…

  5. Vijay

    After a brief courtship, she married Minnesota Vikings quarterback, Christian Ponder, on December 17, 2012 in Hudson, Wisconsin. Why did they get married there??? And, what the heck…it was a very brief courtship. Thought ESPN reporters had an unwritten rule that the couldn’t date the help, er I mean athletes.

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