Aaron Rodgers Wants to Bring In-N-Out Burger to Wisconsin

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Aaron Rodgers puppet

Aaron Rodgers puppet
Aaron Rodgers‘ interview with Cabbie from Canadian SportsCentre aired recently and the coolest thing we learned is the Green Bay Packers quarterback is trying to bring In-N-Out Burger to Wisconsin.

Actually, maybe trying is a strong word, but at least he’s thought about it. One of the things Cabbie asked Rodgers is if he had any long-term business investments, while mentioning that Peyton Manning recently bought 21 Papa John’s stores.

Rodgers, who’s a California boy, replied that he’d like to bring the iconic West Coast hamburger chain to Wisconsin.

Let me tell you, if you’ve never had In-N-Out Burger, you want this. I had myself a Double-Double yesterday for lunch and it was delicious. Makes McDonald’s or Burger King seem like something you’d want to wipe your ass with.

Anyway, watch the video. Rodgers also gets a puppet in it.

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11 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers Wants to Bring In-N-Out Burger to Wisconsin"

  1. AZ Pack

    He is completely correct. I grew up in WI and live in AZ now. In N Out is that best burger you will ever have in your life. Double- Double Animal Style… ’nuff said!

  2. Apeshit

    We live in AZ and were thankful Culver’s came here so we didn’t have to go back to Wisconsin… Always something!!!!

  3. Pack Lethal

    I see there is someone (probably a ViQueens fan living in Minnesota) on here impersonating me, using low intelligence & an occasional insult, & I would like him/her to stop & fuck off!!

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