Aaron Rodgers Didn’t Think Much of the Trick Play Either

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Mike McCarthy

The Green Bay Packers were up 21-10 with about eight minutes left in their game with the Chicago Bears when they called a trick play on a Bears punt. Randall Cobb tried to throw the ball across the field to Jeremy Ross. It backfired when Ross dropped the ball and the Bears recovered.

I was sitting at The Bar when this happened and pretty much the whole place started bitching. The Bears were 16 yards away from cutting the Packers lead to four.

They only got a field goal, but it was obviously a stupid call at that point in the game. Well, Aaron Rodgers didn’t think much of it either.

“I wasn’t thrilled with the call, to be honest with you,” Rodgers said Monday on the NFL Network. “At that point, I think it was 7:57 on the clock, we’re up two scores, we’ve been moving the ball pretty well. Maybe not the right call in that situation.

“Just not a very intelligent call at that point in the game.”

Coach Mike McCarthy took responsibility for the call after the game, but it’s still surprising to hear his quarterback calling him on his buffoonery.

Thankfully, in the end, it didn’t matter.

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9 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers Didn’t Think Much of the Trick Play Either"

  1. rebelgb

    HAHA!! Aaron basically called MM “stupid”. Good to hear it straight from the mans mouth. Now we know who REALLY runs this team. Fuck MM. His continued support of Crosby was my last straw….

  2. Iltarion

    I would take MM over any other coach in football.

    A-Rodge is awesome with how candid he is on the radio. ALL QBs should have radio shows.

  3. Doug

    I for one am damn happy we’ve got McCarthy. Yes, his allegiance to Crosby is surprising given that the slump now consists of almost an entire season, but by and large he’s been one hell of a coach.

  4. DevilDon

    Thought it was a great call… if it works, he is a genius. Our defense was stellar up until that point so you can take a chance there. And, I like Dudes.

  5. mxz600

    Drunk is right…if a missed field goal cost us a game in the playoffs. Then MM looks like the dumbest coach in the NFL. Funny how when people question McCarthys judgement standing behind a 58% kicker, he than ok’s a bonehead special teams play. McCarthy better start getting his head on straight.

  6. ay hombre

    McCarthy obviously has a split personality. One half with a brain…the other without. This was, without question, the worst situational call I’ve ever seen. There is simply too much downside and risk…and yes I’d be saying that if Ross (WHO?) actually caught it and Music City-Miracled that shit. Add to that McCarthy’s unwavering loyalty to a kicker who has NEVER EVER been clutch…and then consider me confused. If Crosby costs us a game, I will never support McCarthy again. What he’s doing by standing by this chump is a disservice to the entire team, staff, fanbase, etc.

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