Vikings Fans Being Vikings Fans Again

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Vikings fan gets in trouble for eating ice cream with a credit card

Ah, the Minnesota Vikings fan. A rare bread indeed.

The mouth breather above, who was enjoying the Minnesota Vikings win over the Detroit Lions this past Sunday, is being admonished by his old lady in this photo. Why? Because he’s drunk and eating ice cream with his credit card, according to The Big Lead.

We’d point out the bewildered look on his face, but that’s natural. He’s a Vikings fan. Here’s what else is interesting to note though.

He’s indoors and yet still wearing gloves and what looks like a jacket under his jersey. Oh, and he’s eating ice cream in Minnesota in November WITH HIS CREDIT CARD. How can they not have any spoons in the land of incest and Hormel Chili?

Well, the story goes on, when someone finds this guy at a bar later on in the evening…

Vikings fan credit card eater found

Vikings fan demonstrating credit card technique with bleu cheese

Skol Vikings!

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