This Guy is Clearly Going After Randall Cobb’s Junk

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You've been caught grabbing Randall Cobb's junk!

Randall Cobb launched himself into the stands twice in the Green Bay Packers victory on Sunday. As Greg Jennings explained previously, that exercise can be fraught with undesirable consequences.

Namely, people grab your junk. People like the guy in the Clay Matthews jersey and Monster hat in this photo, which I just found at the Journal Sentinel.

Clearly going for Cobb’s package. And he’s not even being sly about it. He’s looking right into the camera, saying “Look at me. I am touching Randall Cobb’s crotchal area.”

His lady friend is looking on in amusement. She’s probably yelling, “Yeah! Grab Randall’s junk!”

But beware. There’s a decent chance you could get caught on camera and be forever known as the Junk Grabber.

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10 Comments on "This Guy is Clearly Going After Randall Cobb’s Junk"

  1. nurseratchett

    ESPN’s doing a heel of the week—Junk Grabber of the Week? I like it!

    Leave off the man’s junk!

  2. Jaykat

    Swear there was a dude with yellow gloves that pulled a package check on James Jones too. What gives “Cheeseheads”? This dude definitely looks like he won the bet of the century though, that’s a shit eatin’ grin if I ever saw one. Just hope these guys don’t ruin Lambeau leaps ….

  3. chas

    someone who knows this dude needs to call him out. get a name to go with the pic. this guy has serious problems, should be a bear fan instead.

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