Packers Are Not Getting Healthier, Medical Staff to Blame?

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Greg Jennings injured

Remember when the Green Bay Packers had that bye week and everyone thought they’d come out of it healthy? Well, they came out of it healthier, but still played last week without key contributors Sam Shields, Clay Matthews, Charles Woodson and Greg Jennings.

This week they should have at least a couple more guys back, right?

Nope. They’ll face the New York Giants without key contributors Sam Shields, Clay Matthews, Charles Woodson and Greg Jennings.

Matthews, the biggest loss of the bunch, is currently listed as doubtful with an injured hamstring. Unless it improves dramatically over the next two days, he’ll miss his second game in a row.

The other guys?

Jennings actually started running this week, so he might be able to return next week. Woodson’s broken collarbone is still healing. Shields’ injury is actually worse than originally thought, according to coach Mike McCarthy, which brings us to another point.

Who the hell is diagnosing and treating these guys? Dr. Nick?

Let’s go down the list of fuckups.

Shields — injury more severe than originally anticipated, will be out a couple more weeks.

Jennings — originally diagnosed with a hamstring injury, sat out several weeks. Got a second opinion and found out he had an abdominal tear, which required surgery, causing him to miss additional time.

Nick Perry — originally diagnosed with a knee injury, which he did indeed have. However, Perry also ended up getting a second opinion and found out he had a more severe wrist injury than he was originally diagnosed with. Had to have surgery and went on IR.

So, you’ve got to wonder how much the Packers injury situation has to do with “bad luck” vs. shitty treatment and diagnosis.

We don’t have stats tracking NFL injury misdiagnosis, but we’d bet the Packers were among the league leaders at this point.

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Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.

22 Comments on "Packers Are Not Getting Healthier, Medical Staff to Blame?"

  1. E. Wolf

    Fuck–not having #52 is a setback. Woodson is not as indispensible as he was.
    I also wonder about the training staff-not just in terms of this, bt also why all these injuries happen in the first place. It smacks of bad conditioning.

  2. Iltarion

    Shields injury is called “House and Hayward are playing too well and we wouldn’t know what to do with Shields if he came back.”

    I am suspecting that Jennings and Perry both had injuries that they could have played with and then had surgery after the season was over. Jennings is in a contract year and doesn’t want to be damaged goods in the offseason, and Nick Perry is young and doesn’t want to make his wrist a chronic situation. Therefore, both decided to get second opinions and then surgery.

    I am pumped about setting Moses, Walden and Zombo loose this weekend after their performance in Detroit. Let Matthews get back to 100% for the home stretch.

  3. Leon

    Wow. You’ve got no medical expertise. You’ve got no inside information from 1265. And considering that YOUR attention to detail ain’t exactly stellar — “It also makes wonder who’s treating and diagnosing these guys” — I’d be careful about slinging words like fuckup and shitty around, Doctor Monty.

    • PackAttack

      Careful Leon.

      I think all he’s trying to say is that GB has had more players in the trainers room over the past four years then they’ve had on the field — and — oh —- yeah………I looked it up and he’s right.

      The Green Bay Packers have sent more players to IR and had more players miss more games with injuries THAN ANY OTHER TEAM IN THE NFL since 2009! That’s absurd and it’s ambiguity isn’t up for question when the results are consistent with the number of guys consistently on IR every damn year.

      Something isn’t right and it starts with the medical and strength training staff.

      • Leon

        “GB has had more players in the trainers room over the past four years then they’ve had on the field…”

        Wow. The math on that statement is so blitheringly stupid that I risk losing IQ points merely debating you numbskulls.

  4. TC

    I had wondered that also. I was just thinking before I came here, that why is it McCarthy is always wrong about these injuries. He always downplays them.

    Either they know and are not telling ahead of time, or its as mentioned in this article.

  5. Josh

    I have also wondered about our training staff – injuries are a part of football, but this is unbelievable and beyond bad luck. Our Green Bay Practice Squad is 7-3. Can’t wait to see them once they get Woodson, Matthews and Benson back.

  6. SoTxPhil

    What I have wondered about for the last 2-3 yrs, is WHY GB has so many twisted ankles and hamstring injuries. Don’t the trainers know how to tape up ankles properly or warmup players properly to keep from injuring their hamstrings. Most of the other injuries sustained by GB’s players seem to be just bad luck, like knees and wrists. What do you think??

    • E. Wolf

      The legal term res ipsa loquitor comes to mind. This sort of thing does not usually happen in the absence of negligence. So unless someone can prove to me that te trainng staff is not part of the problem, I presume that they are.

      • Leon

        Hey “Eliot”, if you’re gonna pull latin legalisms out of your ass, you could at least spell ’em correctly.

          • Leon

            But as it stands, your point is still moronic.

            And since you can’t prove to me that your name is not “Eliot,” I am going to “presume” that it is.

  7. Iltarion

    This is something that the coaching staff analyzes every year. It isn’t like they don’t notice the injuries.

    As I have suggested before, I believe the “next man up” philosophy does lend itself to more injuries, or at least more players sitting out with injury.

    However, it is not true to say the Packers aren’t getting healthier. Jennings is practicing and Woodson will probably be back in a couple weeks.

  8. rebelgb

    I have had a problem with our medical staff for a long long time. Even before MM.

    Look, most of our medical staff is local. No disrespect to Green Bay but the best Dr.s in the country dont exactly flock to Green Bay to practice. Nor do they hang on to long careers at Bellin Health when they can take their talents to much more lucrative markets. Anyone who knows about WI’s difficulty keeping Engineering, Science, and other highly sought after talent knows what im talking about.

    Maybe its time for the Pack to pay the big bucks to bring in some nationally renowned medical staff…..

    • Leon

      Yeah — the Marshfield Clinic is such a career killer, and of course, nobody’s ever heard of Mayo. Yeah — there’s nobody good around Green Bay.


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